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10 Possibilities In a World Without Twitter [InfoGraphic + Humor]

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HubSpot gives you a view into what the world would be like without Twitter in this humorous infographic.

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10 Possibilities In a World Without Twitter [InfoGraphic + Humor]

  1. 1. Just a few years ago, Twitter never existed.Here are 10 possibilities to what the worldwould still be like without it: Without the existence of “live tweeting,” 6 using your cell phone during presentations would still seem taboo. We’d miss out on 7 all the shenanigans caused by the Bronx Zoo’s Cobra while it went missing. Wed all have one less excuse to not being 1 more productive at work. We’d never know Comcast actually cares about 2 fixing its poor customer service problem. Facebook and LinkedIn would start adding 3 new features by copying more off each other. Instead of holding a 4 #winning record on Twitter, Asking people to “follow you” will seem Charlie Sheen’s only claim 8 self-centered or creepy, or both. to fame would be making the list of “celebrities gone off the deep end.” It’s less likely more than 300,000 people 9 will know how “slizzard” you got last night. Companies wouldn’t have to worry about what MySpace might still get some recognition, only 5 employees might tweet but really shouldn’t. 10 because it would be part of the “big three.” Brought to you by:What would you add to the list? Share This: Add Your Ideas Tweet Now