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  2. 1. BRAINSTORMI NG Brainstorming is a technique to generate ideas within a group or individual setting. It provides a quick means for tapping the ideas and concepts of an individual or of a group then helps establish patterns and develop relationship among these concepts.
  3. IDEA LIST - Start by listing down broad topics then go on by identifying related, narrower topics. CONCEPT MAP - Begin by writing the main concept at the middle and then adding more branches for its subtopics. Explore more topics by adding more branches.
  4. Outlines serve as a road map or blueprint when writing. It helps organize the ideas as it shows the hierarchical relationship or logical ordering of information.
  5. a. Topic outline – uses words or phrases as headings, without punctuation b. Sentence outline – uses full sentences
  6. a. Parallelism – putting the words in the same grammatical order (parallel grammatical structure) b. Coordination – arranging ideas according to their value or importance; ideas of the of the same relevance or value are labeled in the same way; c. Subordination – arranging ideas in levels of significance: major and minor d. Division – separating the kinds of points you are making by using a consistent basis of division and distinction
  7. Graphic organizers are visual and graphic displays that show the relationships among concepts or ideas. There are many different kinds of graphic organizers depending on the type of information being organized.
  9. As a writer, it is important to arrange your ideas in a text according to your purpose in writing. Are you narrating an event, showing cause and effect, defining a term or comparing or contrasting items? Your purpose suggests a method of organization or logical arrangement known as the pattern of development. It could be a way of logically organizing the whole text or a just an individual paragraph.
  10. Narration – This refers to a sequential telling of a story or recounting of a series of events Definition - Explains an idea, term or phrase using distinguishing characteristics or synonyms. It is used to set working generalizations that help control the meaning and scope of important terms or ideas. Description – similar with narration for having many specific details, description “emphasizes the senses by painting a picture of how something looks, sounds, smells, tastes, or feels. Description is often used to establish a mood or atmosphere” (Bedford, Freeman and Worth, 2019, p.2). Comparison and contrast – compares two things to highlight their subtle similarities and differences. The author's intent is to describe a connection between two things by showing their distinguishing and shared attributes (Bohaty, 2015).
  11. 5. Sequence – describes steps, events, processes, or procedures. There are three types of Sequence: steps, timeline, and cycle. Regardless of the type, the author is putting information in an order (Bohaty, 2015, p. 40). 6. Cause and effect – shows the linkage of causation – how events are influenced or caused by another. “The author's intent is to tell us how an event always leads to an outcome. The event is the cause and the outcome is the result. The relationship is between the cause and the effect” (Bohaty, 2015, p. 40). 7. Problem and solution - divides information into two main sections, one that describes a problem and one that describes a solution. Here, the author’s intent is to discuss or propose a solution to a problem. The relationship between the problem and the solution is explored (Bohaty, 2015).
  12. NARRATION It was a Saturday afternoon when Allie decided it was time to paint the brick fireplace white. As we crawled closer to the dirty old firepit, we pulled out the petrified wood and noticed a teeny, tiny treasure box. We looked at each other in wonder and excitement.
  13. DEFINITIO N Bravery is the mindset one takes when facing a challenge that could be dangerous or difficult. The task could be objectively dangerous, such as engaging in battle or driving in adverse conditions. A person could also perceive a seemingly harmless situation as challenging, such as climbing a flight of stairs or talking to someone they’d like to date. A brave act requires one to face and embrace the task rather than withdraw from it.
  14. DESCRIPTI ON A swamp, a bog, a quagmire, whatever you might call it, my swamp is the only place I would ever consider home. The climate ranges with the season, and the mud pits offer a surprising level of insulation from the weather, never too hot or too cold. Nights are filled with the sounds of crickets, toads, and the wayward donkey, the soft sounds of the angry village in the distance.
  15. COMPARISO N AND CONTRAST BMX bikes and mountain bikes are built in different ways. BMX bikes are great for tricks because they have a low, light frame and short tires. Mountain bikes have a high, heavy frame and thick tires. This makes them great for off-road riding on bumpy surfaces. Another way the two types of bikes differ is the number of gears. Mountain bikes have many different gears, but BMX bikes normally have just one gear. The number of gears relates to the main difference between the two bikes. BMX bikes are built in a way that lets riders do tricks, while mountain bikes are built for off- road riding, including up and down hills.
  16. SEQUENCE The life cycle of tulips is interesting. The tulip bulbs are planted from mid-September to mid-November. During this period the soil is moist. This fosters the growth of the bulb under the ground. In the first cycle of growth, the roots start growing from the bulb to form a strong root system. If you have planted the bulbs in the month of October, you can expect a strong root system by December.
  17. CAUSE AND EFFECT A lack of free or affordable housing could be considered an obvious cause of homelessness. On a purely practical level, if a city can provide enough homeless shelters and other forms of affordable housing, the people who would otherwise sleep on the streets can sleep far more safely with a consistent roof over their heads. Social support services, whether they are funded publicly or privately, would be able to tackle many of the immediate and long-term challenges that face people experiencing homelessness.
  18. PROBLEM AND SOLUTION Consumption of processed and convenience foods and our dependence on the car have led to an increase in obesity and reduction in the fitness level of the adult population. In some countries, especially industrialized ones, the number of obese people can amount to one third of the population. This is significant as obesity and poor fitness lead to a decrease in life expectancy, and it is therefore important for individuals and governments to work together to tackle this issue and improve their citizens' diet and fitness.
  19. Lesson 2: Write a minimum of 2 paragraphs employing each of the text structures or patterns of development. Be guided by the following prompts a. Narration – narrate an encounter that taught you a lesson in life b. Definition – Define what is trust and the roles it plays in our life c. Description – Write about a description of your dream house d. Comparison and Contrast – note the similarities and differences of e-books and textbooks e. Sequence – explain how to effectively avoid procrastination f. Cause and Effect – write possible reasons behind the downgrade of moral values in modern society g. Problem and Solution – What are some health issues the Filipinos are now facing and propose for possible solutions.