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Holzwerk residential brochure

  2. Howdoyougetyourhometoreflectyoursenseofstyleand aesthetics? How do you combine the twin needs of functionality with exotic touches? At Holzwerk, we answer questionslikethisallthetime. Wehavecreatedinteriors-bothresidentialandworkplaces for a distinguished clientele since 2003. What we strive for is not just the filling up of a space with pleasing and complementary colours but to enhance the utilisation of thespacewithmaximumefficiency. Our Approach With almost a decade's presence and over 100 impressed customers later, we still maintain the outlookthatdefineduswhenwebegan-thatevery day is a fresh beginning; and every project we take on, our first. We are headed in our endeavours by a President who has over 36 years of experience in this field - and who by his insight and wisdom has steered us admirably. It goes without saying that perfection is something that we constantly strive for while not compromising upon quality and imagination. And yes, we deliver on time too. Architects, design consultants, engineers and marketing professionals of proven expertise man our ranks, and are instrumental in us providing end-to-end interior design solutions that include planning, execution, commissioning furniture and furnishingsetc.forinstitutionsandresidentsalike. About Us
  3. Homes are where you spend your most precious moments – time with the family, catching up on work or entertainment, watch your children grow and share experiences that make you feel 'at home.' This leads to fond memories that last a lifetime. It's the place where you feel completely at ease, without the need to put up any pretence, lounging in your most comfortable clothes and doingexactlyasyouplease. Interior design can contribute immensely to making spaces customised to your requirements. How can your TV room bejustthatbitmoreappealing?Howcanyousetyourstudy and workstation to inspire? Where is the best place for quiet reflection? How can your bedroom accommodate one person who reads and the other who doesn't? How can you ensure that your bathroom fittings are just right? These are not merely matters of placement but maximisingcomfort. A warm inviting place
  4. The attention we devote to every aspect of the space can only be understood in the context of the final result. Let's take just one – furniture. Within a space, how much should be occupied by furniture and how much left free? How will people enter the room or exit it? How closely should sofas be placed next to each other? If a cramped bedroom makes youwalkallthewayaroundtoputonaswitch,itcanquickly getveryfrustrating. There is another myth – that large spaces are necessary to provide creative interiors. Actually, it's a lot harder to make smallspaceslookairyandopen. Andlargespacescanseem empty and forbidding unless they are properly lit and filled. Interior design needs to understand how natural light travels in your home throughout the day and position thingsinsuchawaytoderivethemaximumadvantage. Focussing on the details
  5. Flexible and adaptable design Children grow and their needs change with time. Wardrobes need to be designed to accommodate more within the same space. Girls have very different requirements from boys. So the design of the spaces needs to allow changes to be fluid – move from bunk beds to individual beds and set out their own corners for specific activities. Holzwerk works very closely with the overall architects’ concepts to ensure that their vision is not compromised or diluted in any way. Where we add value is to visualise the space and build on what the architects have already achieved. Our understanding of materials, colours, light and design ensures that we capture what clients want but donotarticulateinactualwords. Even fitting out the kitchen needs to take into account the ways in which the space will be used. The cuisine that is likely to be the staple has a bearing on what spaces need to be created and modified. What is used most often needs to be within easy reach to make a daily activity less stressful fortheladyofthehouse.
  6. Holzwerk has a team of designers who understand how spaces create lasting impressions both for the members of the household. So we visualise how the space will be used. How the ebb and flow of daily activities will dictate design dynamics. Which are the places where functionality is supreme? Where will the family gather to spend time together? Following on from here, we manage the execution with a set of experienced, competent consultants covering various fields like air conditioning, lighting, acoustics, networking,securitysystems,kitchensystemsandmore. Holzwerk executes projects with a well-developed network of civil, electrical, plumbing contractors, carpenters, metal fabricators and various vendors for clients with different interiorneeds. Complete Home Solutions
  7. Doing things right and doing the right things Holzwerk has sound corporate governance and total accountability at every level. We are a full- fledged organisation with a lot of depth in senior management, both on the business front and in terms of execution. The team comprises of marketing professionals, architects, designers, site engineers and a customer support division. We are known for timely delivery, impeccable finishes, excellent team co-ordination and exceptional client service,evenunderchangingmarketconditions.
  8. One finds oneself in his home. Memories, little pleasures and poignant moments all go into making a home much morethanamerestructureerectedwithbrickandmortar.It is a place that you come to associate with yourself. It is your retreat that shelters you from the world outside. The relationshipyousharewithyourhomeishencesacred. Which is why we seek to enrich it, involving all our knowledge and expertise in bringing to life a vibrant living space. After all, it's much more than just tracing the trajectory of light through a room or trying to fill nooks. It's about designing a space for a family to experience its own versionofhappiness. Home is where the heart is
  9. Our range of services includes but is not restricted to: u u u u u u u u u u u Interiorfitoutsolutions. Turnkeyinteriorexecution. Furnishings. Renovationsincludingcivilalterations. SitePreparationandMarking. Civil work like addition/alteration in existing structures,flooring,sanitaryandplumbingetc. Electrical works (lighting, network cabling, wiring forsecuritysystems). On the site constructions like panelling, partitions, doors,insulation,designerfalseceilings. Coordinating with air-conditioning and other agenciesasrequiredforeachsite. Furniture including modular furniture, semi- modular kitchen, cots, wardrobes, sofas and chairs,tables,wallunitsandstorage. Wall décor painting, wallpaper, texture painting, designer stone cladding and finishing touch-ups toallareas.
  10. What our customers say Holzwerk has been fortunate in getting our clients to be our best ambassadors. They are the ones who entrusted us with their dream projects and when we delivered, they ensured that we kept getting moreworkfromtheirnetworkofassociates. We take total responsibility for the complete execution of the project providing the best quality and service. It is this goodwill that has kept us going andgrowing. If we ever have to outsource interiors in future... without any second thought we would choose Holzwerk. Mr. Shreehari Desikan & Mrs. Devi Mail Security Consultant, Good Mail System, California USA Since we live in the US, we had most of the communication through phone calls and emails, and I'm very impressed with their communication and follow-ups. They worked creatively and diligently with us until we were satisfied. We want to thank Holzwerk for creating our dream home with a "magic touch". Mr. Kailas Raman, Bettendorf, IA, USA. Thanks to you and your team for making my home a dream home. Initially I was reluctant to engage an expert, though this was proved incorrect after my engagement with you. Design phase was the most important and pleasurable experience that we enjoyed and got educated. P. L. K. Ravi Chandar Vice President Global Voice Operations Citicorp Services India Ltd. I found Holzwerk to be very responsive to our ideas and suggestions. The quality of work is excellent and it has been much appreciated by all the guests. I can confidently recommend Holzwerk as reliable interior design specialists to anyone who is looking for quality work. Mr. Gopikrishnan Raman Manager - CRM Technologies, GE Consumer Finance I wanted to write a note of appreciation for the work done by your Holzwerk team on my Adyar apartment. I found Holzwerk in April through a Google search. Right from that moment Mr. Pillai and his team have been very professional and responsive to all my requests. They have done an outstanding job in understanding my needs, finding vendors in India to meet those needs, and most importantly in design implementation. In three months time (Sep-Nov), they finished most of the interior design work and made the apartment ready for our visit in December. Mr. Bhaskar Swaminathan Consultant, 771 Judson Avenue, Highland Park, IL 60035 USA I would like to put on record that it has been an absolute pleasure working with you. The level of professionalism, flexibility and originality in terms of design exhibited by you is truly unparalleled. It also ensures that I will come back to do business withyou again and again!!Supriya RajanThe World Back Group,Chennai 600002 Want to take this chance to thank and show their gratitude to Mr. Pillai and his team, Holzwerk Interiors Private Limited, for helping them raise a splendid home and giving a cherishing dimension and outlook in “Villa Espana”. Mr. Bharath Ramamurthy Consultant, Syntel (India) Ltd, Chennai. We are very pleased with the interior work done by Mr. Pillai and his team in our apartments. We appreciate the personal care and interest shown by this team in ensuring excellent results. Holzwerk team is one of the highly responsive vendor teams we have worked with that provides proactive suggestions as well as takes customer inputs in finalising designs and in executions. Mrs. Rajashree Sairamkumar & Mr. Sairamkumar Vice President Global Voice Operations Citicorp Services India Ltd.
  11. Holzwerk Interior Pvt. Ltd. 18, South Mada Street, Srinagar Colony, Saidapet, Chennai, India, PIN Code - 600015. Phone: +91 44-43123223, 43123239 Hand Phone: +91 9841744235, 9941923939 Website: / Email: There’s always room for imagination! Contact us today for free lay-outs and design solutions.