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What production company would I use?

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This presentation is for my A Level Media Opening Sequence project. It is a response to question 3) What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

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What production company would I use?

  1. 1. What my film will be similar to institutionallyFilms that will be created and distributed similarly to“Have You Seen…” would be a film from WorkingTitle as I believe it is a company that would produceand distribute my film. An example of a film similar tomine that is produced by Working Title is a film called‘Gone’ (2007).This film is also a thriller, and it is a film that plays withyour mind, which my opening sequence also doesbecause the opening is left on a cliff-hanger to let youmind run wild thinking about what will happen.
  2. 2. Getting a film madeGetting a production company to produce your film will meanhaving to pitch your idea to them. To get their attention Iwould need to create a well thought-through script and sendit into the company. If they are interested they will ask meback to hear the film pitch. This could be very hard to get into as it will be quite time consuming to start off.I think Working Title would pick my film because they havesome, but very few films of the same genre, and it wouldmost definitely expand their target audience. My idea alsogives Working Title the chance to teach a good lesson andhelp teenagers.