Digitale Transformation

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What is Digital Transformation? This presentation shows the main topics of Digital Transformation:
- The Technologies of Digital Transformation like Robots, AI, Internet of Things, Virtual/Augmented Reality
- The new forms of Competition, where Industry Boundaries are redefined und new Competitors enter your market because traditional entry barriers aren't barriers any more.
- The new Business Models like Platforms
- The new Organization for digital Companies
- The new Work in an Industrie 4.0.

Die Präsentation beschäftigt sich mit den zentralen Fragen der digitalen Transformation eines Unternehmens: Welche Technologien sind zu beachten, wie funktioniert Wettbewerb in einer digitalen Welt, welche digitalen Geschäftsmodelle sind sinnvoll, wie sollte ein Unternehmen organisiert sein und wie verändert sich Arbeit in einer digitalen Welt.

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  • Thank you for this very informative and well summarized presentation. Would you be ok to share a digital copy of it? Thank you.
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  • Hallo, ich finde Ihre PPT sehr interessant zu den Themen Digitale Transformation, Arbeiten mit I4.0, Kommunikation I4.0 und Die Techs kommen, da ich mir ein Bild von I4.0 machen möchte. Würden Sie mir die PPT bitte zukommen lassen? Vielen Dank! r.b-s@t-online
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Digitale Transformation

  1. 1. Digital Transformation • Digital Technologies • Digital Competition • Digital Business Models • Digital Organizations • Digital Work Dr. Holger Schmidt FOCUS Magazine – Chief Correspondent Digital Economy February 2016
  2. 2. The Digital Evolution Source: MIT Center for Digital Business Web 1.0 1995 Mobile/App s 2010 Social Media 2005 Digital Products and Services 2020 Internet of Things 2015 User 2000 Online- Retail All Companies! Time Dr. Holger Schmidt Ι Ι 11/02/16
  3. 3. Digital Technologies
  4. 4. Robotics + 3D Printer Mobile (5G-Networks 2020: >100 MB/s) Software (Machine Learning, AI, „Big Data“) Sensors (10 Years: Price  100X) Accelerated, reinforcing Technical Progress Dr. Holger Schmidt Ι Ι 11/02/16
  5. 5. Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
  6. 6. Robots
  7. 7. Operational Stock of Industrial Robots In 100000 Source: International Federation of Robotics 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 2013 2014 2015 2018 China US / Canada Japan South Korea Germany Italy France Spain UK Dr. Holger Schmidt Ι Ι 11/02/16
  8. 8. IOT: The Array of Things in Chicago
  9. 9. Potential Economic Impact of IOT in 2025 Mrd. Dollar Source: McKinsey: Internet of Things: Mapping the Value beyond the Hype Dr. Holger Schmidt Ι Ι 11/02/16
  10. 10. Digital Competition
  11. 11. The Tech Approach to disrupt Incumbents Software-Innovation Convenience Save Money Save Time 1994 2010 Better Products: • Convenient • Save Money • Save Time • Better Design Hardware- Innovation + Customer Benefits Tech Approach Dr. Holger Schmidt Ι Ι 11/02/16
  12. 12. Ecosystem Redefining Industry Boundaries + ServiceProduct • Increasing Competition (New entry points for Competitors) • Lower Price Competition – more Competition on Features and Services Dr. Holger Schmidt Ι Ι 11/02/16
  13. 13. The Train that never arrives too late Velaro (Barcelona - Madrid) • 2,5 h for 625 Kilometer • 15 Min Delay: Passengers get back full ticket price • Combination of Sensors and Big Data Analytics (Teradata) allows replacement of Parts before they break (Predictive Maintenance) • Result: No passenger got his money back Dr. Holger Schmidt Ι Ι 11/02/16
  14. 14. 4985 4990 6142 7721 8146 9292 21934 26566 Porsche Panamera Audi A8 Mercedes CLS Audi A7 BMW 6 BMW 7 Mercedes S-Klasse Tesla S Disruption: Sales of „Large Luxury Cars“ USA 2015 Dr. Holger Schmidt Ι Ι 11/02/16
  15. 15. Disruption: Growth of „Large Luxury Cars“ US Change 2015/2014 in Percent -15.5 -13.2 -13.2 -11.9 -5.8 -5.1 -4.6 43.76 Audi A8 Porsche Panamera Mercedes S-Klasse Mercedes CLS BMW 6 Audi A7 BMW 7 Tesla S • Coolness • New Features / Maintenance via OTA Update • Automated Production / Giga Factory • Price doesn‘t matter Dr. Holger Schmidt Ι Ι 11/02/16
  16. 16. Digitalization of Industries Source: Deloitte Short Fuse, Big Bang Insurance Education Chemistry, Mining, Oil, Gas Manufactoring Health Transportation Energy Retail Banks Real Estate Telco, Media Long Fuse, Quiet BangShort Fuse, Quiet Bang Long Fuse, Big Bang Time Business Impact Dr. Holger Schmidt Ι Ι 11/02/16
  17. 17. Digital Business Models
  18. 18. The Path of Digitalization: Germany starts at the wrong end Customer needs (Current needs/Future needs) ✔ Digitalization of Products / Services ✔ Digitalization of Production ✔ Business Model? no nono Industry 4.0 Dr. Holger Schmidt Ι Ι 11/02/16
  19. 19. Customer Company/Provider Platform Economy 10 of the 20 most valuable listed Companies in the World are Platforms Dr. Holger Schmidt Ι Ι 11/02/16
  20. 20. Platform Companies by Type Bubble Size represents Market Cap December 1, 2015 Source: Global Platform Survey. The Center for Global Enterprise Dr. Holger Schmidt Ι Ι 11/02/16
  21. 21. Tech-Giants at the Stock Exchange The 10 most valuable listed Companies of the World ($B) Source: Yahoo Finance 68 69 69 70 71 87 90 104 107 136 Royal Dutch Merck Industrial Bank Japan Roche Philip Morris Toyota Coca-Cola Exxon GE Nippon Telegraph 1995 182 184 230 235 241 250 274 288 357 401 Wal-Mart Pfizer Royal Dutch Shell Citigroup Time Warner BP Microsoft Johnson & J. GE ExxonMobil 2005 283 283 298 306 316 332 338 431 516 657 Johnson & J. Wells Fargo Facebook GE Amazon Berkshire ExxonMobil Microsoft Google Apple 2015 Tech-Share Of Top 10 O% 1O% 58% Dr. Holger Schmidt Ι Ι 11/02/16
  22. 22. Digital Organizations
  23. 23. Business Segments in the Digital Age CEO IT R&D Production Marketing Sales Service Finance HR Over the Air-/Predictive Maintenance Find the adjusted Risk Model Building oder operating an Infrastructure for a lifelong Monitoring of Products Finding an Model beyond „Buy me“ Continuous Product Improvements Continuous Development of Products using the Data Key Role in the Development of data-driven Digital Products Find the IT-/Data Specialists Digital Board? Dr. Holger Schmidt Ι Ι 11/02/16
  24. 24. The new Organization for the Digital Age CEO IT R&D Production Marketing Sales Service Finance HR Data Analytics Design- Collaboration Online- Maintenance Customer Success Management Source: Michel E. Porter / Jim Heppelmann Dr. Holger Schmidt Ι Ι 11/02/16
  25. 25. Digital Transformation works only Top-Down CEO Dr. Holger Schmidt Ι Ι 11/02/16
  26. 26. Digital Work
  27. 27. The End of Routine Tasks • Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) will replace many Routine Jobs, first time in the offices. (Accountants, Controller, IT-Admins, Analysts, Lawyers) • 45 Percents of all Tasks can be fully automated • Large increase of Labour Productivity • Germany: 5 Million Jobs can be fully automated Dr. Holger Schmidt Ι Ι 11/02/16
  28. 28. Impact of Industry 4.0 on Jobs in Germany Changes in Manufacturing in 2025 in Percent Source: IAB Forschungsbericht 8 / 2015 -12.79 -4.77 -2.98 -2.46 -1.00 -0.78 -0.69 -0.17 -0.01 0.31 0.51 0.94 0.91 1.10 1.06 1.51 1.85 1.89 3.00 3.78 -14.00 -12.00 -10.00 -8.00 -6.00 -4.00 -2.00 0.00 2.00 4.00 6.00 Machine and Plant Control Metal Construction, Electrical Repair Assistants Technical Jobs Raw Materials Gastronomy Traffic / Logistics Office / Commercial Jobs Health Professionals Social Professions Security Guard Services Cleaning Disposal Retail Merchants Teacher, Professor Merchants Construction, Plastic Media, Humanities, Arts Lawyers, Management Jobs IT and Science Jobs - 490 000 Jobs + 430 000 Jobs Dr. Holger Schmidt Ι Ι 11/02/16
  29. 29. „You go to Bed as an Industry Company – and you wake up as a Software Company“ Jeffrey Immelt / GE Dr. Holger Schmidt Ι Ι 11/02/16
  30. 30. Questions? Dr. Holger Schmidt FOCUS Magazin – Chief Correspondent Digital Economy Blog: Kontakt: Twitter: @HolgerSchmidt / @DigitalTrans_HS Linkedin: Facebook: