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How To Defend Your Website From Negative SEO?

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Learn what is negative SEO and what are the types. Watch the PPT to know how you can defend your website from Negative SEO.

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How To Defend Your Website From Negative SEO?

  1. 1. How To Defend Your Website From Negative SEO?
  2. 2. Since the time Google unveiled the Penguin revise back in April 2012, the actual SEO community discussed the actual influence regarding black hat SEO, a new process by which competitor can point thousands or perhaps a great act of bad backlinks, links at the site using the purpose regarding causing trouble for natural and organic search engine rankings or perhaps entirely getting rid of a site by Google’s list (Search Engine). 1
  3. 3. Negative SEO means when someone try to play with the wrong techniques or unnatural process to attempted to harm your website. It works as a villain of your site that play malicious action in order to lose competitor or another site’s ranking. Negative SEO attacks in different ways: • Hacking your website • Copying your content and distributing it all over the internet • By Creating fake social profiles • By Building Crappy links • Irrelevant Keywords in Google Analytics • Fake Reviews - Fake reviews can damage the reputation. So you should keep an eye on the reviews • Comments in low quality blogs The Theory Of Negative SEO 2
  4. 4. Effects of Negative SEO seem very rare. We have seen some high ranking clients those are affected by negative SEO. In most of the cases, they did not get any major impact or changes in their overall ranking, but if any particular keywords are targeted by negative SEO then it creates problem and pull down ranking and traffic. 3 Does Negative SEO Really work?
  5. 5. 4 1. Backlink Profiles 2. Keywords Positions How You analyze that your site is hunting to Negative SEO When you come under the effect of negative SEO then you lose your ranking. In the beginning you really started getting out of their way to have problems and it delivered some interesting effects, none of which were a monumental fall in rankings. There is a no. of spammers those who are working on negative SEO, pointing hundreds of malicious links to your blog or website. There are some different ways to analyze negative SEO:
  6. 6. 5 Should You Use Negative SEO? By the end of the day, your time and effort forced to deterioration other people’s ranking may far better be reproduced for marketing your sites. So many people wants to know that Negative SEO is legal or illegal. There are so many different views, but during the last couple of years, the notability of negative SEO has increased by many folds. If you are using Negative SEO then you should follow this condition: • You can lower down the ranking of other competitor to increase yours but you must have permission of the site owner • Try not to disobey the Google’s guidelines. • You mustn’t purchase this services regarding black hat SEO Professionals. • Never try to harm the website content. • You mustn’t perform any activity by which website or server will damage.
  7. 7. 6 1. Setup Google Webmaster Tool (Email Alerts) Preventing from Negative SEO attack or any manual penalty you should use Google Webmaster Email Alerts. Google can send emails when your website is: How to Defend your Site from Negative SEO Attack • Attacked by Malware or virus • Occur any server connecting error • Got any manual penalty • WebPages are not indexed
  8. 8. 7 2. Keep an Eye of Your Backlinks A very common negative SEO activity is to make thousand of spammy links or redirects no. of low quality links to a competitor’s website. That’s why monitoring of your websites backlinks is necessary, for which you can also use Google Webmaster Tool – Search traffic. You can use no. of free tools like Ahref, Open Site Explorer and Monitor Backlinks or you can use no. of paid option as well. Keep an eye of your backlinks If there is present any signs to gains or losses backlinks or If someone attempts to bring down your website or penalize in the Search Engine, then you will receive a notification by GWT or any tool which is you used. How to Defend your Site from Negative SEO Attack
  9. 9. 8 3. Keep Safe Your Best Links Often, Spammers will try to destroy your best backlinks. They can easily achieved by creating a fake mail, using your name and request to the webmaster to remove the backlinks. To avoiding this type of activity you can do two things: How to Defend your Site from Negative SEO Attack • To communicating Webmaster, always try to use your domain related email instead of using Gmail or Yahoo Id’s • Keep an eye of your website’s best backlinks.
  10. 10. 9 4. Check Your Content & Social Media Mentions How to Defend your Site from Negative SEO Attack • Duplicate Content - It’s a common technique which is used by spammers, they copy your website content and post it to thousands of low quality and spammy site’s. If Google finds your website content is duplicate, this will increase the possibilities to penalizing your website or lose your keywords ranking. You can check your website content by using Copyscape.com. • Duplicate Content - Social Media Mentions – Sometimes spammers will create fake accounts on Social Media Sites using your Brand name or company name. To prevent this you should be active on Social Media Platform & delete those fake accounts/profiles by reporting them as spam. To finding this type of fake account you can use Mention.net or Google Alerts.
  11. 11. 10 5. Build Strong Brand Authority How to Defend your Site from Negative SEO Attack Most efficient ways to build your Brand Authority to combat against potential attempts. • Building high authority & quality sites • Focusing on the end user experience instead of ranking • Post unique, informative & quality content • Developing an good & informative blog • Conduct industry research & Release podcast • Developing a strong social networking profiles • Continuously assists conversions • Of course, these are the some different ways that your business can build its brand authority.
  12. 12. Negative SEO is a potentially dangerous threat that can lay waste to your rankings. While Google has already made huge strides to protect against spam, then also deliberate sabotage is still uncontrolled for competitive industries. We should take preemptive action against Negative SEO. Website security and search engine impressions are extremely important for any website that wants to succeed. Contact our Internet Marketing Experts today for a detailed assessment of your website. A Brief Summary 11
  13. 13. Thank You