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Authentic Storytelling Bring Your Messages to Life

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Authentic Storytelling Bring Your Messages to Life

  1. 1. Authentic Storytelling Brings Your Messages to Life
  2. 2. Throughout history, storytelling has been a fundamental part of human communication.
  3. 3. The earliest evidence of storytelling predates recorded history.
  4. 4. Cave paintings in the Lascaux Caves in France, approximately 20,000 years old, depict various rituals and hunting practices.
  5. 5. A story was being told.
  6. 6. Aesop’s fables were stories from the late to mid-6th century BCE, passed along orally to both entertain and teach.
  7. 7. It’s a fact: Good stories make you laugh…
  8. 8. or cry…
  9. 9. or think…
  10. 10. or buy…
  11. 11. • We become part of the story • We experience the story versus just consume it • And we relay the story to others Good stories create an emotional connection
  12. 12. We normally associate stories with books or movies. (We don’t normally associate stories with companies, brands or executives.)
  13. 13. Yet storytelling is one of the most powerful persuasion tools available
  14. 14. We are 22 times more likely to remember a fact when it has been wrapped in a story.¹ 1 Work by cognitive psychologist Prof. Jerome Bruner DID YOU KNOW?
  15. 15. Research from The Ohio State University shows that when we’re immersed in a story, we embrace the beliefs and worldviews the story presents.2 2 Melanie Green and Timothy Brock, “The Role of Transportation in the Persuasiveness of Public Narratives”
  16. 16. More executives than ever are trying to get the story behind facts or figures. In essence…
  17. 17. What story does the data tell us?
  18. 18. Storytelling is more memorable, and helps listeners adopt the perspective of the storyteller. It makes the complex approachable and enables decision-making.
  19. 19. But aren’t some stories just stories?
  20. 20. How can storytelling be a serious business tool if “telling a story” means either lying or exaggerating the truth to many people?
  21. 21. That’s why you need authentic storytelling
  22. 22. (Content that is based on the company’s experience and history, made relevant for today and tomorrow.) Authentic storytelling is rooted in the authentic content that every company has.
  23. 23. But how does authentic storytelling help different functions or departments in an organization? Let’s start with marketing…
  24. 24. • Higher brand awareness and customer engagement • Better content to customers and stakeholders • Improved metrics (e.g. customer acquisition and retention rates) • Greater appreciation of the value of marketing internally Authentic storytelling helps marketing deliver…
  25. 25. It can help sales too… • Build relationships • Create faster trust with customers and prospects • Stand out from competing salespeople • Accelerate the sales cycle • Increase close rates
  26. 26. In fact, every executive or leader can benefit from more effective storytelling: • Increase success in delivering information so it’s memorable and motivating to a wide variety of audiences • Persuade more effectively • Higher memorability of your messages
  27. 27. So how does someone create and tell an authentic story?
  28. 28. There are five steps.
  29. 29. 1. Find and develop authentic Content • Look inside your company and its history • Find golden nuggets that authenticate your messages for today and tomorrow • Build authentic content repositories that can be used and their content repurposed Photo credit: Tony Oliver
  30. 30. 2. Create engagement • Create interest and intrigue • Sometimes use conflict to draw in the audience • On occasion, shock your audience… or at least give them an “aha” moment • Build listener’s trust early through something personal, humorous or insightful (hopefully like this slideshow!)
  31. 31. 3. Align with your audience • Know who you’re talking to and what style of story makes sense • Purposely plan how you want your listeners to feel, think and act differently after they’ve heard your story • Ensure the story can deliver on this plan, adjust if needed
  32. 32. 4. Inspire • Use proven models, methodologies or processes to take your authentic content and create concise, memorable stories • If delivering the story in person, • Practice • Practice • Practice • And practice some more!
  33. 33. 5. Impact • Create a plan to actively incorporate authentic storytelling into your everyday communications • Have a reserve of “ready to go stories” to deal with common situations • And refresh that reserve frequently, so you avoid repetition or story fatigue
  34. 34. • Authentic content research and development programs • Custom training on authentic storytelling for marketing, sales, and executive management. www.historyfactory.com History Factory offers… (703) 227-9576 info@historyfactory.com Need Help?
  35. 35. Because who doesn’t love a good story… especially when it’s authentic?