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What should you look for in a Campus RPO provider?

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Looking for a campus recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider? Not sure how to start evaluating which CRPO firm is right for your organisation? This SlideShare presentation will list you the top five qualities to assess a potential Campus RPO provider in India. To gain insights into Campus RPO trends, click here: http://bit.ly/24KHb2s

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What should you look for in a Campus RPO provider?

  1. 1. Campus RPO What should you look for in a Campus RPO provider? A CareerNet Group company Presentation
  2. 2. Recruitment Drive management Assessments Interview Management Offer Management On-boarding TYPICAL PHASES OF CAMPUS RECRUITMENT
  3. 3. 4%  Automated Campus Recruitment improved utilization of resource levels by  SOURCE: HTTP://BIT.LY/2OPIHEJ
  4. 4. Campus RPO Automated Recruitment Process Outsourcing for Campus Scope and Points of Consideration
  5. 5. In a typical campus recruitment scenario, there are multiple stakeholders who manage the different phases of recruitment On & Off Campus. The RPO provider must show capabilities of bringing all these individuals together seamlessly to ensure a hassle-free service   1 MULTI-STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT
  6. 6. With Technology Assisted Campus Recruitment, it is feasible to achieve the integration as suggested above. Along with it, certain added benefits are - Online secure access to all colleges on the network Integration with various social student communities Targeted and scale campaigns using IVR, SMS, emails and online posts 2 OMNI-CHANNEL OUTREACH
  7. 7. - Ensured Quality of Hire based on pre-determined criteria - Wider Talent Outreach - Data driven informed decision making 3 ONLINE, REMOTE & PROCTORED ASSESSMENTS Conventional assessment schedules could be really daunting with multiple campuses to visit and scheduling/monitoring for compliance. This leads us to automating assessments as well. This would ensure -
  8. 8. Enhance Information exchange, Interaction and Responsiveness Reduction in waiting time  Better logistics  Reduced paperwork 4 PERSONALIZED CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE With most of the other features, what automation of campus recruitment provides for sure is Enhanced overall Experience
  9. 9. UNIFIEDCOMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT5 Communication Template Configuration Channels: Mail, SMS, IVR and Call Identification of suitable communication modes Technical Backup configuration for data archival  The Backbone of any effective process would be the communication channels and methods adopted. Automation ensures unified communication
  10. 10. THANK YOU! If you require more information on Campus Recruitment Automation solutions, get in touch with us HirePro Consulting Pvt. Ltd CareerNet Campus, Plot No. 53, Kariyammana Agrahara Road, Devarabeesanahalli (Next to Intel Junction Flyover), Outer Ring Road - Bangalore, Karnataka - 560 103 www.hirepro.in