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FW Green Memorial Prize series

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FW Green Memorial Prize series

  1. 1. o0 This is to certify that O ft) CD O rn x o 2. o" 3 o CD has been awarded the FW Green Memorial Prize The prize was established in 1962 by the former Swinburne College of Technology as a perpetual memorial to Mr FW (Fred) Green, the former Director of Swinburne College of Technology from 1928-1950. This prize is in recognition of the highest achieving student in their final year in Engineering in 2015. Professor John Wilson Executive Dean Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology 22 June 2016 SWiN BUR *NE* SWINBURNE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY
  2. 2. I 03 CD O O-i—• CO CO CDJE. •+-• ~o i03 CD 0 CO 0 o! o E 0 0 0 e> •o 0 Ul LU O CD.fc JZO) oc co-5z *-CD WCD CDC g»- D)^ 8^0)= .E-s CD.C CO"D h-"to o O £ "O co O) ^c o3 cu ^c c UJ CD.£ Q)O QCO o¥ 3±i ^O3 O<"U CXCD Q.LULL CO o CM 0) CM CM CertificateofExcellence
  3. 3. THE INSTITUTION OF CIVIL ENGINEERS FRED GREEN MEMORIAL PRIZE awarded to Xuan Hoang for undergraduate academic achievement at SWINBURNE UNIVERSITY Chairman Secretary Victorian LocalAssociation