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Gatchina Palace

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Beautiful Gatchina Palace and Estate Museum located 45 km to the south-west of St.Petersburg.

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Gatchina Palace

  1. 1. The Great Gatchina Palace St Petersburg - Russia The Great Gatchina Palace was built in 1766–1781 in Gatchina town (Russia) by Antonio Rinaldi for Count Grigori Grigoryevich Orlov who was a favourite of Ekaterina II Among other displays of interest housed in the Grand Palace, the Exhibition of Weaponry has over 1000 items of ceremonial arms and armour that once belonged to the Imperial family. Like many of the other suburban palaces, Gatchina also displays several fine 18th and 19th century works from the renowned Imperial Porcelain Factory.
  2. 2. Nicholas II, the last Russian tsar, spent his youth in the Gatchina Palace. His mother, Empress Maria Feodorovna, widow of Alexander III, was the patron of the city of Gatchina and Gatchina Palace and parks
  3. 3. Gatchina Palace and Estate Museum is located 45 km to the south-west of St.Petersburg. Valuable collections of painting, furniture, porcelain, antique weapon as well as Gobelin tapestries, embroideries and Italian sculpture give the visitor a vivid impression of the royal court life.
  4. 4. Alexandra Pavlov Romanov Russian folk music