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Beyond Scrum - Advanced Enterprise Scrum Patterns

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Scrum is the hottest product development framework today. Learn how to transcend your limitations by adopting Advanced Enterprise Scrum Patterns and transform your organization to multiply productivity and ROI. This goes beyond the known Scrum wisdom and enables you to take the next leap regarding organizational maturity. Learn more on http://www.beyond-scrum.de

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  • Oh dear author can I kindly ask for any possibility to download this slides or ask you to just sent em to me to sphinxbox [at] gmail ?
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  • Opening up the Scrum of Scrums is a good thing and I updated that slide. However, removing impediments does not necessarily requires classical line managers from my point of view ,-)
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  • I like the presentation and agree with most of the content.

    Although the 'Set up a Scrum of Scrum with all Scrum Masters.' on slide 31 is a bit outdated view - the community has shifted to view the Scrum of Scrum as a meeting where team members of Scrum teams meet to coordinate whatever needs attention.

    And I would question the 'No surplus managers' slide. You need some people to deal with impediments. Every ScrumMaster needs a supporting organization.


    Dr. Jürgen Hoffmann
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Beyond Scrum - Advanced Enterprise Scrum Patterns

  1. 1. Productivity THE promise of Scrum by transforming your organization
  2. 2. Here is the presentation´s audio track & knowledge... A presentation by Andreas Heilwagen, PMP www.beyond-scrum.de
  3. 3. Organizational Patterns for enterprise transformation Why Scrum boosts ROI
  4. 4. Risks when introducing Scrum
  5. 5. Change Scrum comes with a price tag attached
  6. 6. Transparency Scrum exposes dysfunctions in the enterprise
  7. 7. Fear leads to childish behaviour Success requires a new leadership culture!
  8. 8. 12 years of failure! Insanity is thinking that you’ll get different results doing the same things over and over again. (Elena Benitoruiz)
  9. 9. Scrum is a major cultural shift! Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” (Henry Ford)„
  10. 10. Scrum works! ...and here‘s why...
  11. 11. transparency You always know where you are.
  12. 12. complexity peopletechnology Scrum transforms complexity into ...
  13. 13. done increments
  14. 14. inspect & adapt as requirements are moving targets...
  15. 15. self managing teams
  16. 16. Scrum will lead! 11% Scrum 25% other agile 30% no process 21% iterative 13% Waterfall Forrester Q3/2009, 1.298 IT professionals
  17. 17. Embrace change Boost your ROI Maximize the value of the done work!
  18. 18. Patterns generalized success factors –
  19. 19. Patterns to turn complexity into productivity!
  20. 20. The Core Scrum Pattern Language
  21. 21. Team cohesion low? Productivity suboptimal?
  22. 22. Coordination required for dependencies?
  23. 23. Need more team buy-in? Master schedule needs planning?
  24. 24. Low-quality documentation? Analysts work not accepted by the team?
  25. 25. Deficiences in design? Team unsure about next user stories?
  26. 26. Big problems solved only by a few? Too many concurrent open tasks?
  27. 27. The Core Scrum Pattern Language
  28. 28. The Enterprise Scrum Pattern Language
  29. 29. Dependencies need communication?
  30. 30. Fast creation of teams required?
  31. 31. Dedicated PO per team? Enough teams to assign functions?
  32. 32. Teams need infrastructure, tests & architecture? A hierarchy of teams is required?
  33. 33. No real contest of ideas? Line manager fighting for ressources?
  34. 34. Risks due to lack of communication? Coffee machine misplaced?
  35. 35. Want to transfer know-how between teams? Improve the methodology?
  36. 36. The Enterprise Scrum Pattern Language
  37. 37. Advanced Enterprise Scrum Patterns
  38. 38. „Responsibility for contribution, rather than rank or title or command over people, defines the manager.“ (Peter F. Drucker)
  39. 39. Project management is redundant? No more need for ScrumBut?
  40. 40. Motivation going down? Team morale needs a boost?
  41. 41. Team-fit decides about hiring?
  42. 42. Developer not accepted anymore? Team member fit for the job?
  43. 43. More empowerment? Employees work only for the money?
  44. 44. Employee committment low?
  45. 45. What are you waiting for?
  46. 46. Improve maturity!
  47. 47. Assess, Plan, Act!  
  48. 48. Get in touch – www.beyond-scrum.de
  49. 49. next–the3x3organization
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