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Improvements to Font Handling in LibreOffice

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Improvements to Font Handling in LibreOffice

  1. 1. Improvements to Font Handling Heiko Tietze 2018
  2. 2. What‘s all the fuss about? Large number of issues (yellow/red) and enhancement requests (green) regarding fonts tdf#102985: [META] Font bugs and enhancements https://www.wordclouds.com/
  3. 3. 1. Font substitution Helvetica DejaVu Sans Samples taken from http://www.identifont.com
  4. 4. Current solution Not working in the character dialog
  5. 5. Information 1/3 ● Benjamin wants to get the text as close as possible to the original (and don’t cares about substitution). ● Eve wants to clearly see if the current selection has been substituted to understand possible differences (tdf#61134, tdf#94327). ● Eve wants to understand what fonts are substituted in the current document to make the decision if installing makes sense, for example (tdf#78186).
  6. 6. Information 2/3
  7. 7. Information 3/3
  8. 8. Substitution 1/2 ● Eve wants to make the current substitution permanent to use only open formats in future (tdf#104667) but restrict to used only (tdf#95062).
  9. 9. Substitution 2/2 ● Eve wants to manage the font substitution table to learn how fonts are replaced and to manipulate the association (tdf#64509, tdf#94327).
  10. 10. 2. Font selection
  11. 11. Listing 1/3 ● Benjamin wants to select one from the installed fonts without getting bothered by too many style variations (tdf#35538, tdf#66792).
  12. 12. Listing 2/3 ● Benjamin wants to hide fonts that are disabled in the system (tdf#77878) or not relevant in the context of LibreOffice (tdf#88416) in order to have a smaller fonts list (tdf#91130). Some could be interesting temporarily
  13. 13. Listing 3/3 ● Benjamin wants to filter the fonts list acc. all/used/favorite (tdf#101748), highlight used fonts (tdf#90161) as well as locale (Chinese for instance) (tdf#114764). Textmaker Scribus
  14. 14. Configuration 1/2
  15. 15. Installation ● Adrian wants to install fonts to the system directory to reduce maintanance effort (tdf#103140). https://design.blog.documentfoundation.org/2016/11/11/additions-to-libreoffice/
  16. 16. Configuration 2/2
  17. 17. Listing Ole Tange on tdf#91130
  18. 18. Summary ● Improve font substitution (infobar, substitution table, dropdown, preview) ● Provide means to hide and to highlight fonts (options dialog, font selection, dropdown) ● Make fonts extendible (don‘t bundle any font, enhance extensions and integrate with system)
  19. 19. Some basics about typeface ● Serifs (with/without) ● Height (ascender/descender), Width (spacing/tracking) ● Proportional/monospaced ● Weight/thickness (thin, light, bold, heavy…) ● Slope/slant (italic or oblique) ● Width (compressed, condensed, expanded...) ● Kerning (e.g. AV), Rotation, ... https://medium.com/@tiro/https-medium-com-tiro-intro