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II-SDV 2015, 20 - 21 April, in Nice

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II-SDV 2015, 20 - 21 April, in Nice

  1. 1. Data-driven Content Solutions Licensing & Document Delivery Content Workflow & Analytics Text & Data Mining II SDV 2015 Marco Castellan Sales Manager mcastellan@rightsdirect.com
  2. 2. 4/22/20152 About RightsDirect Creating global licensing and content solutions that make copyright work for everyone
  3. 3. Rightsholders & Publishers • Document Delivery • Content Workflow & Analytics • Text & Data Mining • Licensing Solutions • Rights Management • Copyright Education 600+ million rights from: • Publishers • Authors • Agents • Creators The world’s largest pay-per-view selection of scientific, technical and medical (STM) content #1 document delivery provider - 1.5M documents annually • 35,000 companies • Workers worldwide • 1,200 colleges and universities • Publishers and Authors About RightsDirect Content Users
  4. 4. Making copyright work for everyone Licensing SoftwareServices 4/22/20154
  5. 5. One License. Millions of Publications. The Multinational Copyright License 5 • An overarching agreement providing usage rights your company needs o Secondary re-use rights, not content o Generally not included in your subscriptions • Simplifies process of using and sharing copyrighted content across borders • Guarantees a consistent set of rights from thousands of publishers • Complements, but does not replace, publisher subscriptions
  6. 6. Multinational Copyright License Coverage: Filling the Gaps 6 Rights and terms often vary with publisher “direct” licenses. License Coverage Publisher 1 Publisher 2 Publisher 3 Publisher 4 Photocopy from printed content Save to hard/network drive Store articles in databases Scan printed works if needed Print out digital content on paper Print out digital content on slides Share digital or printed content Share digital content via collaboration applications Share photocopied content Use published content in slide presentations or CD-ROM’s Provide single, responsive copy of an article to third party Submit copies of articles for regulatory filings PersonalUseCo-WorkersExternal The Multinational Copyright License includes millions of titles with a consistent set of rights and terms. COVERED COVERED COVERED
  7. 7. Benefits The Multinational Copyright License: • Helps manage copyright efficiently • Speeds the flow of information/eliminates delays • Allows for storage of electronic articles in a publications database • Eliminates administrative burden and cost • Provides a predictable expense for budget purposes • Supports corporate governance and code of conduct policies • Demonstrates respect for intellectual property rights 7
  8. 8. 8 Included with RightsDirect License • RightFind™ Content Workflow and Document Delivery • Copyright Education – Downloads, staff training and educational webinars Additional Options • The Collaboration License • Secure Document Sharing & Collaboration • Content Decision Support Services • Information Management Staffing Services • XML for Mining
  9. 9. RightFind™ The fastest way to find, share and manage content. 9 Rights Look-up by Publication Title Included with RightsDirect license Secure Document Sharing Content Analytics Article-level Rights & Content Purchase Rights API Agreement Manager Document Delivery Tool Included with RightsDirect license XML for Text & Data Mining
  10. 10. Document Delivery Anytime, anywhere access to corporate licensed and pay-per-view content Access to more than 60 million citations, aggregated from libraries and publishers around the world • NRC-CISTI Canadian National Science Library Collection • STM Library of managed print collections High-quality documents delivered cost-effectively and quickly - most in five minutes or less 10
  11. 11. Text Mining Today • Mining limited to abstracts • High cost to obtain full text content and permission from multiple publishers • Contending with multiple file formats from publishers is time- intensive • Researchers can’t mine content to which they are not subscribed
  12. 12. Introducing our XML for Mining solution Easily build a collection of full-text articles in XML format for mining
  13. 13. Thank you! Marco Castellan Tel: +44 7788 271 542 mcastellan@rightsdirect.com