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ICIC 2017: New product presentationsLighthouse IP

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ICIC 2017: New product presentationsLighthouse IP

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ICIC 2017: New product presentationsLighthouse IP

  1. 1. Lighthouse IP ICIC 2017, Heidelberg Update on Lighthouse IP Willem Geert Lagemaat
  2. 2. CONTENT – Patent coverage update – IP Data and Business Information - Cooperation with Dun and Bradstreet - DIAMOND: Global Bibliographic and Legel IP database
  3. 3. PATENT COVERAGE UPDATE Expanding patent full text coverage – 70 authorities in full text and MT new additions include a.o: • Mongolia • Ukraine • Iran • Belarus – 140 countries bibliographic data (not just DOCDB) – Sourcing gazettes directly from 80+ authorities – Expanding legal status to 100+ authorities – Access provided via partners (please visit our booth for more information)
  4. 4. IP AND BUSINESS INFORMATION Growing interest from various sides of industry to have insight into IP holdings For finance departments patents are often a black box Representing an increasingly growing part of the business Who owns what?
  5. 5. COOPERATION WITH DUN AND BRADSTREET (D&B) Dun and Bradstreet is the worlds largest business information provider Over 90% of fortune 500 companies use D&B data Introduction to the DUNS® • Unique number per company (entity) • Assigned by D&B • Required by various government bodies in US Corporate tree (ownership, structure, holdings)
  6. 6. DIAMOND Global Bibliographic and Legal IP Data Data sources today: DOCDB and INPADOC • analyzing gaps in DOCDB • completeness of countries and years • Latency/topicality/frequency of update • analyzing gaps in INPADOC • 57 countries, 25 up-to-date
  7. 7. DIAMOND Global Bibliographic and Legal IP Data Diamond 4 stages: • 1. Diamond Bibliographic PRS : DOCDB-EPO 106 countries; 47 up-dated by LHIP. • 2. Diamond Bibliographic Global : DOCDB + data of all available countries, currently 156 countries • 3. Diamond Legal Status PFS : INPADOC-EPO + enhanced by LHIP (up-to- date from gazettes) • 4. Diamond Legal Status Global : INPADOC + data of all available countries
  8. 8. Data Content and Form Analyzing the biblio and legal content of the gazettes, applications, grants, utility models, designs • Bibliographic data: WIPO ST.9 INIDs • Legal data: • WIPO ST.17 RECOMMENDATION FOR THE CODING OF HEADINGS OF ANNOUNCEMENTS MADE IN OFFICIAL GAZETTES (1990) • WIPO ST.27 • Legal Status Standardisation (June 2017)
  9. 9. QUESTIONS? Thanks for your attention Please visit our booth