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ICIC 2016: New Product Introduction Questel

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Questel offers a comprehensive suite of online services for productivity & collaboration dedicated to Intellectual Property.
Questel covers the entire innovation cycle, from idea to product including:
competitive intelligence
technology scouting
innovation capture
invention disclosure workflow
prior art searching
patent portfolio management
valuation & licensing
Questel offers a complete and unique collection of intellectual property databases that can be visualized, analyzed, shared and archived online.
For each stage of innovation, Questel also offers consulting services as well as online and onsite training.
Established in 1970, Questel is present in more than 30 countries with offices in Paris, London, Washington, Tokyo and Beijing. 3,000 companies worldwide and 50,000 users rely on Questel. Its solutions target different company actors across the business development, R&D, IP, legal, strategic, financial and licensing departments. 
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Mrs Birgitta CRUANES 
Phone: +33 (0)1 55 04 52 03 | Fax: +33 (0)1 55 04 52 01  

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ICIC 2016: New Product Introduction Questel

  1. 1. Covering Intellectual Property Needs Across The Innovation Lifecycle
  2. 2. eLearning Software Consulting Covering intellectual property needs across the innovation lifecycle. Since 1970 200 Idea Protection Asset
  3. 3. Turn insight into action eLearning Software Consulting Software Intellectual Property Business Intelligence Orbit Intelligence Powerful patent search and analysis Orbit Express Easy patent search and collaboration Orbit WebMonitor Alerts from any selected sources Intellixir Analyze from any scientific sources Orbit Invention Collaborative Invention-to-Filing Orbit Asset Business focused docketing and financial forecasting Orbit Idea Collaborative idea generation Intellectual Asset Management
  4. 4. Bring Intellectual property to the board Learning Software ConsultingConsulting eLearning Consulting eLearning Competitive Intelligence IP Strategy Prior Art Custom Training Corporate Solutions
  5. 5. Litigations Filter results & analyze: • CN - DE – FR – US litigations Standards Filter results & analyze: • ETSI Licensed & Licensable Patents Filter results & analyze: • Patents available on market places • Direct link to original market place sites Orbit Intelligence New content
  6. 6. • Who it is for? • Orbit clients who want to share relevant patent families for analysis or review • How does it work? • Spots for new families in Orbit workfiles then inform group of users to make reviews. • Next group is informed/activated when the first one has made its review. Collaborative Workflow in Orbit
  7. 7. Workspace of “Collaborative Workflow”
  8. 8. “Engineering Review” stage • First stage reviewers have their own assigned criterias. • When review is done it is forwarded to next group of reviewers.
  9. 9. “Management Review” stage • Next group makes final review with their own criteria. • Review is then closed and analysis for that family is completed.
  10. 10. Thank you! Roland Gissler rgissler@questel.com Orbit Intelligence