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ICIC 2013 New Product Introductions Dolcera

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ICIC 2013 New Product Introductions Dolcera

  1. 1. Your Knowledge Partner Trend spotting Dolcera Knowledge Services Presented by: Sumair Riyaz
  2. 2. About Dolcera Dolcera is a Knowledge Services company based out of Silicon Valley, USA and Hyderabad, India Dolcera’s clients include dozens of Fortune 500 companies across US, Europe and Asia, that use Dolcera’s bespoke research reports Dolcera also has a library of reports/databases that can be purchased off-the-shelf Current team strength of about 90 employees with experts in engineering, chemistry, packaging, food technology, biotechnology, biochemistry etc. Dolcera’s Offerings include • Value added research services in IP, technology and Market Research • World-class Web 2.0 technology platform used by world’s largest companies
  3. 3. Objective Finding out the trends in the ingredient use • IP in the area • Leading indicators of the technology • Patent intelligence: informed decision making • Products available • Product mapping framework
  4. 4. Agenda • Trend spotting • Natural colors for beverages • Patent to product framework for new ingredients • Claimed ingredients in new compositions(Anti-fading) • Nano-emulsions in foods • Frequently used ingredients • Recent claims and future outlook
  5. 5. Natural colors for beverages Patent to product mapping • San-Ei Gen F.F.I., Inc.
  6. 6. Methodology for patent to product mapping A comprehensive patent search was conducted for Natural colors for beverages. Patents assigned to San-Ei-Gen were segregated. (21 patents) Ingredients mentioned in the patents were identified. A product search was conducted and ingredients mentioned were mapped to the patents All the un-mapped patents since year 2004 were studied and new ingredients were identified
  7. 7. Patent Information • San-Ei-Gen patents in the area of “Natural colors for beverages” (21 patents) Patents: San Ei Gen US7815958B2 JP8113723A US20030215550A1 JP04258618B2 JP8023919A US6379729B1 US20090324787A2 JP7126544A JP2002233330A JP2009201449A JP03882106B2 JP2002012785A JP04296429B2 JP2004033106A JP10327800A JP04206923B2 JP2004208595A JP9154532A JP2008131888A US5122381A JP9084566A
  8. 8. Patent to product framework Sweet potato (Anthocyanins) US20090324787A2 • Purple sweet potato • Propylene glycol • Citric acid (Crystal) • Dextrin Claimed ingredients JP7126544A • Purple sweet potato • Citric acid (crystal) • Dextrin JP8023919A • Purple sweet potato • Citric acid (crystal) • Ethanol Products SAN RED YM-EX POWDERED SAN RED YM SAN RED YM-DS
  9. 9. Patent to product framework Tomato (Lycopene) Claimed ingredients JP8113723A • Tomato lycopene • Gum Arabic • Propylene Glycol • L-Ascorbic Acid • Phosphoric Acid • Ethyl Alcohol • Water Product LYCOPENE BASE NO. 35100
  10. 10. Patent to product framework Carrot (carotene system) Claimed ingredients JP9084566A • Oil-soluble carotenoid system • Emulsifier • Thickening stabilizer Product CARROT COLOR BASE SAN-1624
  11. 11. Patent to product framework Cochineal (Carmine) Claimed ingredients JP04208595 • Carmine • Emulsifier • Thickening stabilizer Product KANIKAMA BASE EX-SGY-1887
  12. 12. Un-mapped Patents Un-mapped Patents US7815958B2 JP2004033106A JP04258618B2 US20030215550A1 JP2009201449A US6379729B1 JP04296429B2 JP2002233330A JP04206923B2 JP2002012785A JP2008131888A JP10327800A JP03882106B2 JP9154532A US5122381A
  13. 13. Recent un-mapped patents Un-mapped patents since 2004 US7815958B2 JP04206923B2 JP04258618B2 JP2008131888A JP04296429B2 JP03882106B2 JP2009201449A JP2004033106A US7815958B2
  14. 14. Trends from un-mapped patents Trends from un-mapped patents New color ingredients Anti-fading compositions
  15. 15. New color ingredients US7815958B2 Use of Marigold as a stable color source
  16. 16. Ingredient mapping- color stability Prevention of color fading Case: carotenoids
  17. 17. Color stability: carotenoids Carotenoids application Color stabilization and fading inhibitors Natural colors for beverages 411 patents 54 patents 25 patents
  18. 18. Prevention of color fading: carotenoids • Addition of color/pigment stabilizers • Optical methods • Spectral transmittance - US20100204523A1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Miscellaneous Flavonone glycosides Vitamins & derivatives Terpenes/terpenoids Plant extracts Saccharides Patent Count
  19. 19. Individual ingredients used category wise • Saccharides • Terpenes & terpenoids • Plant extract • Flavanone glycosides • Vitamins & derivatives • Miscellaneous • 1,5-D-anhydro fructose • Gum acacia • Sugar-alcohol system • Maltooligosaccharide • Phenyl-propanoide glycoside (acteoside, poliumoside) • Starch derivative(Starch sodium octenyl succinate) • Pinene, Borneol (Rosemary) • Geraniol, Linalool, Nerol, Citral (Verbena Lemon) • Carvone, Limonene, Camphene (Umbelliferae) • Beans: mung bean, an adzuki bean, kidney bean, lentil • Hamamelis Virginiana • Nandina domestica • Coffee bean extract • Luteolin 7- Glu • Hesperidin • Eriocitrin • Alpha tocopherol • Apocarotenal • Ascorbic acid • Poly phosphate compounds • Tannic and Gallic acid • Resveratrol • Flavonol
  20. 20. Organized information that is easily accessible leads to a competitive edge! Contact us: Info@dolcera.com www.dolcera.com +1 678 367 0492
  21. 21. Nano-emulsions in foods Ingredient mapping Trends in actives
  22. 22. Different actives emulsified 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 Vitamins Plant extracts Flavor components Antioxidants Unsaturated fatty acids Carotenoids Minerals 143 81 81 70 67 66 60 Patentcount Main actives This graphs gives us the most frequently claimed actives! Trending ??
  23. 23. Patents filings: vitaminsPatentcount Priority year A lot of patents in the recent years
  24. 24. Patents filings: Anti-oxidantsPatentcount Priority year Here the distribution is more even
  25. 25. Patents filings: MineralsPatentcount Priority year Minerals also have patents in the recent years
  26. 26. Patents filings: CarotenoidsPatentcount Priority year A lot of carotenoid patents are not so recent Vitamins and minerals seem to be trending in the coming years as there are a lot of recent patents for them
  27. 27. Organized information that is easily accessible leads to a competitive edge! Contact us: Info@dolcera.com www.dolcera.com +1 678 367 0492