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Photographers for project 1 year 10

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Photographers for project 1 year 10

  1. 1. Art and Design (fine art and photography) GCSE Producing a study of an Artist
  2. 2. • For your first Photography project you need by getting some inspiration!! Looking at and studying the work of artists and photographers will help you with this. • Research one of the photographers below: • Henri Cartier Bresson • Elliot Erwitt • Robert Capa • Dorothea Lange • Irving Penn
  3. 3. Henri Cartier-Bresson
  4. 4. Charles Tunnicliffe
  5. 5. Elliot Erwitt
  6. 6. Henri Gaudier Brzeska
  7. 7. Robert Capa
  8. 8. Jason Gathorne Hardy
  9. 9. Dorothea Lange
  10. 10. Leonardo da Vinci
  11. 11. Irving Penn
  12. 12. Researching your artist: • Choose a selection of photos from your artist that interest you. Print out on good quality paper, at school you can use cartridge paper in the laser printers rather than photo paper (see Mrs Hill for this). • You will need a short biography that includes birth/death?, place of residence, career. • You need to start to look at how they have produced their photos, is there anything special about that. What are they best known for? For painters materials and techniques. • What do you like about their work? What is it like that you may have seen before? Could you recreate it? • Have a go at recreating it! Produce a selection of photos or drawing and painting that have been influenced by the artists work.
  13. 13. • Now you have created a selection of photos and artwork inspired by your chosen artist, evaluate how well you have done? • Have you used different techniques to get a similar effect. What are they? • What is different about your outcomes from the artists? • What else could you do to develop your images further?