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Ski trip final

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Ski Trip Information

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Ski trip final

  1. 1. Ski Trip 2019
  2. 2. Draft Itinerary - Travel Friday 15th March PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 1 .00 pm  1.00: Meet at Hinckley Football Club, Leicester Road, Hinckley(children will be boarded in their group order – Mr Armstrong to supervise boarding)  14.00: Leave from Hinckley venue  16:00: Arrive at services approx 3 hours  Approx. 17:30 – 18:30: Arrive at Dover.  20:15: Depart from Dover by Ferry. Saturday 16th March  7:00: Breakfast stop.  Approx. 12:00: Arrive at the resort Thursday 21st  Approx. 19:00: Depart from Austria after dinner. Friday 22nd  Approx. 10:00: Arrive at Calais (French Time).  14:30 – 17:30: Return to Hinckley (venue to be decided)- pupils will contact parents with ETA We will ask the students to phone from a service station stop on the way home to give an estimated time of arrival. It will also be posted on parentmail. Please ensure someone is available to take the phone call from 13:00 onwards. Pupils will need a contact number.
  3. 3. What Else You Will Need (for the journey)  Hand Luggage on the Coach (in a rucksack which will fit by your feet or overhead).  Water, (bottle (330ml to fit in pocket - can be refilled and used throughout the week)  Snacks, sweets, etc. for the journey – NO GUM OR FIZZY DRINKS.  Money for service station/ ferry or packed lunch.  Face wipes – toothbrush and paste (in a wash bag).  Pillow and fleece blanket.  Book/ magazine/ cards/ entertainment. You will also need:  Warm coat  Hat  Gloves  An appropriate trainers for wet/ snowy conditions.  A watch (essential)
  4. 4. Ski Hire & Clothing Requirements  Ski Clothing/ Items  Hat, gloves, goggles, ski socks, sunglasses, face/lip sun screen protection (at least factor 30), leggings/thermal underwear (top and bottom), refillable bottle.  Hiring your clothes. (Do not buy a helmet or hire one in UK – we do not have the room to transport them).  www.snowunion.co.uk  Ski hoodie (provided by school) – to be worn for travelling - not skiing!
  5. 5. Medicines  Unless required for the journey, all medicines including hayfever tablets need to be handed in on Wednesday morning 13th March before we leave to Miss Williams/Mrs King at Reception from 8am – 9:40am.  Please see Miss Williams/Mrs King before we leave on the day of departure if your child is carrying any medication for the journey.  Please ensure your child has taken any necessary travel medication as directed before travelling.  If your child uses inhalers they will also need to carry these at all times.
  6. 6. Kit List  Ski Clothing (jacket and snow trousers can be hired from www.Snowunion.co.uk )  Hat, gloves, goggles, ski socks, sunglasses, face/lip sun screen protection (at least factor 30) aftersun cream, leggings/thermal underwear, refillable bottle.  Casual Clothing (for evenings - black bag for dirty washing!)  Toilet Bag  Towel (for hotel and swimming)  Swimwear (suitable for a flume)  Footwear (for snowy conditions to and from lifts/ evening footwear)  Socks (4/5 pairs of ski socks – ‘tube’ variety without a seam, NO football socks!)  Underwear and nightwear.  WRISTWATCH  European Plug Adapter
  7. 7. Personal First Aid Kit  It is useful if children have a small first aid kit which contains:-  Plasters, crepe bandage, throat lozenges etc. The air on the mountains can be quite dry and children are liable to get a sore throat.
  8. 8. Luggage  Holdall (wheeled if possible)  Rucksack/Backpack for coach  Pupils will be given labels that they will need to attach to each piece of luggage.
  9. 9. …And What You Won’t Need.  Expensive personal items – there will be nowhere to store them and you may not be insured.
  10. 10. Devices Items which are Wi-Fi enabled and/or can take photos/videos will be collected in by Hastings Staff on arrival including Mobile phones. They will be handed back for the return journey.  Please ensure you child has a chargeable battery pack if they wish to use their phone/devices on the return journey. These can be kept and charged in their room.  A European adapter will be required for any mains electric devices.
  11. 11. Grouping  Groups of approx. 10-12 before we leave.  Designated group leader, responsible for counting you in and out – giving instructions etc. – administrative purposes only.  These groups will be different to your skiing groups which are based on ability!  Hotel Rooms – Pupils will be given their rooms on arrival. We will make sure they are with at least one of their chosen friends.
  12. 12. Hotel Ennstalherhof
  13. 13. On The Slopes  Who’s the Daddy? Your instructor is in charge. They are all qualified professionals who have spent many years teaching children and adults how to ski.  Groups may change daily. Instructors will place you in your ski groups based on your ability, which is subject to change daily depending on how you perform on the slopes.  You WILL probably ache…. You will be using muscles you’ve never used before and you are likely to ache after the first day – this is normal. Taking part is NOT optional unless you are either ill or injured!
  14. 14. Where we ski…..
  15. 15. Nursery Slope
  16. 16. A typical day…….  7am Rise and Shine?  7.30 am Breakfast  8.30 am Collect skis and boots from Hotel storage  8.45 am Depart for the slopes  9.30 am Meet instructor  10am – 12 pm Ski/Board  12pm Lunch  1pm – 3pm Ski/Board  3.30pm Return to Hotel to wash and change. Possibly go into village before dinner.  6 pm Dinner  7.30pm Evening Activities  All times approximate and subject to change
  17. 17. Itinerary - Activities  Evening activities could include any of the following:  Swimming/Flumes/Spa  Snow Tubing  Karaoke  Quiz Night  Pizza Evening  Disco Night  Shopping  Rap Night
  18. 18.  There will be time when it is appropriate for our pupils to be unaccompanied.  This will only involve browsing or shopping in the local villages in groups of no less than 3.  At all times pupils will be given clear instructions as to where they may go, what they must do and where and when they must return to an appropriate point.  They will also be told where they must NOT go under any circumstances.  At all times the pupils will be aware of where their teacher or group leader is. FREE TIME
  19. 19. What if I get it wrong or things go wrong?  Pupils who fail to follow rules or instructions of Hastings staff or instructors on the mountain may be withdrawn from ski or après activities.  PLEASE NOTE: Behaviour that severely compromises the Health and Safety of any person, adult or pupil could result in that pupil being sent home. Parents will then be required to collect their child from resort. This will the decision of the trip leaders in consultation with the head teacher.  If you are not feeling well or are unhappy with anything please tell a member of staff or your ski instructor. We want everyone to really enjoy this experience so please tell us if anything or anyone is bothering you. Don’t wait till you get home!
  20. 20. Contact Details  Hastings High School 01455 239414  Mrs A. Roberts 07470 268310 This is the emergency ski trip number, if the issue is not an emergency please contact the school and they will contact the staff on the trip if necessary.  Hotel details - Hotel Ennstalherhof  Address:  Familie Scharfetter A-5541 Altenmarkt Lackengasse 33  Please do not contact the hotel directly
  21. 21. Webcams  Alpendorf  http://www.alpendorf.com/en/summer/alpendorfgondola/w etter-webcams.html  Wagrain  http://www.skiamade.com/en/winter/news/webcams/salzbu rger-sportwelt/wagrain/3716  Flachau  http://www.skiingaustria.co.uk/flachau/flachau- webcam.html