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  1. 1. Address : P.O.Box 24449 Doha-Qatar Mobile :+97455475749-55399060 E-mail : Hassan_zeyada@hotmail.com Objectives  I am an Engineer who is ready to take any challenging job and willing to constantly enrich and enhance my skills which I’d like to effectively implement it to efficiently contribute to the organisation’s growth along with a personal career growth. Personal Information Name Hassan Father’s Name Mohamed Osman zeyada Date of Birth 12th Dec 1986 Gender & Marital Status Male, Single Nationality Sudanese Place of Birth Doha-Qatar Visa Type Residence (Transferable) Languages known Arabic, English Hobbies Swimming, Football, Reading, Drawing, Traveling..etc Email id Hassan_zeyada@hotmail.com HASSAN MOHAMED ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS ENGINEER
  2. 2. Educational Qualification  B.E (Electrical & Electronics) Karunya University (INDIA) A well known private university among the top 10 universities in India. Skill Set & Areas of Interest Languages Known C, C++, java Software Exposure MATLAB, PSPICE, AUTOCAD, EXPRESS PCB Areas of Special Interest Power System Analysis, Digital Electronics, Electrical Machines, Transmission & Distribution, Substations, HVAC system. Personal skills  Have a positive outlook towards life with self-confidence for continuous improvement.  Effective communicator at all levels and good learner and hard working.  Ability to work in a team or individual.  Proficient in IT skills and familiar with database systems  Capable of handling stress and achieving results at the end. Projects, Training & In-plant experiences Type Topic Company Name Certificate PLC,SCADA,VFD,HMI,DCS 3 Month course training Axis Global Institute Of Industrial Training In Plant Training PCB Designing and Fabrication College of North Atlantic Qatar Electronics Course Solar energy training & workshop Nirvana foundation, Bangalore
  3. 3. Final Semester Project POWER MONITORING SYSTEM USING ZIGBEE NETWORK Karunya University Professional conference organiser  Organized a Cultural event for the University as committee leader.  Milipol 18-24th October 2014, 18th worldwide exhibition of internal state security.  Army conference 4-10th March 2013.  Ministry of Interior conference 8-18th September 2013.  Squash Championship 9th November to 2nd December 2014.  Qatar handball world cup Media assistant organization 15th January to 5th February 2015  Navy conference 8th April 14th April 2014.  IATA conference 18th September 26th September 2014.  Provide technical services to the company of the electrical units and handling facilities as well ascoordinating engineering work to solve major problems on quality and design in electrical circuits.  Interested in working for a company that recognizes me and rewards my performance and ambition.  Understands the value of working in a team.  Passionate about solving practical problems. Declaration I hereby declare that the above given information is true to best of my knowledge and belief. Yours faithfully, DATE: 07-May-15 PLACE: Doha -Qatar (HASSAN MOHAMED) Goals