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Persuasive Punch

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How to make your messages seductive, convincing and irrestistible

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Persuasive Punch

  1. 1. Persuasive Punch! How to make your messages seductive, convincing and irresistible Copyright © The Aha! Advantage 2014
  2. 2. A S ppealing:Different, valuable and personalized motional:Warm, arousing and plot-driven imple:One central truth, easy to grasp and picture nexpected:Surprising, intriguing and seductive redible:Trusted, transparent and verifiable E C U Persuasive punch is what makes messages seductive, convincing and irresistible 2Copyright © The Aha! Advantage 2014 For a message to pack a persuasive punch it must pass the SAUCE® test
  3. 3. S A E C U Is your message... Simple: One central truth, easy to grasp and picture Copyright © The Aha! Advantage 2014 3 Clarity Visibility One central truth Difficult to understand CLARITY Easy to grasp Difficult to picture Easy to picture VISIBILITY ONE CENTRAL TRUTH One central truthCompeting messages
  4. 4. S A E C U Copyright © The Aha! Advantage 2014 4 Perceived Value Self Interest Differentiation Generalized benefits Specific benefits Low perceived value Highly differentiatedUndifferentiated DIFFERENTIATION PERCEIVED VALUE High perceived value SELF INTEREST Is your message... Appealing: Different, valuable and personalized
  5. 5. S A E C U Copyright © The Aha! Advantage 2014 5 Intrigue Self- Persuasion Surprise Attention grabbingUnremarkable SURPRISE Lacks interest INTRIGUE Sustains interest Hard sell Self-generated conclusions SELF-PERSUASION Is your message... Unexpected: Surprising, intriguing and seductive
  6. 6. S A E C U Copyright © The Aha! Advantage 2014 6 Transparency Credentials Trust Unproven Verifiable Secretive TrustworthySuspicious Trust TRANSPARENCY Transparent CREDENTIALS Is your message... Credible: Transparent, credentialed and verifiable
  7. 7. S A E C U Copyright © The Aha! Advantage 2014 7 Emotional Arousal Storyline Affective Warmth Facts and figures Plot-driven Low arousal WarmCold AFFECTIVE WARMTH EMOTIONAL AROUSAL High arousal STORYLINE Is your message... Emotional: Warm, arousing and plot-driven
  8. 8. 8 SAUCE® shows you where your messages lack persuasive punch Copyright © The Aha! Advantage 2014 Simple Appealing CredibleUnexpected Emotional SAUCE® Radar Chart Persuasive Punch Gauge 15 - 18 19 - 27 28 - 36 42 - 45 37 - 41 off-putting irritating unconvincing promising compelling
  9. 9. 9Copyright © The Aha! Advantage 2014 Do your sales and marketing messages pack a persuasive punch?
  10. 10. 10 Over 80% of marketing and sales communications fail the SAUCE® test Copyright © The Aha! Advantage 2014 Just 14% of messages pass the SAUCE test Persuasive 14% Unconvincing 74% Off-Putting 12% Simple Appealing CredibleUnexpected Emotional SAUCE radar chart SAUCE® analysis of marketing and sales messages in a selection of BusinessWeek, Forbes, Fortune and Harvard Business Review.
  11. 11. Copyright © The Aha! Advantage 2014 The science behind SAUCE® 11  The SAUCE® criteria are built on a foundation of scientific research.  Recent discoveries in the psychology of influence, and cognitive neuroscience means we can now measure persuasive impact with scientific precision.  The SAUCE® model has been developed by Harry Mills, an acclaimed expert on persuasion. Harry is the Harvard Manage/Mentor on influence. Harry is also the author of eleven books on influence, negotiation and sales including Artful Persuasion: How to Command Attention, Change Minds and Influence People.
  12. 12. Contact If you would like to license SAUCE® or are looking for help to add persuasive punch to your sales and marketing messages, contact: Harry Mills CEO, The Aha! Advantage Phone: +64 4 499 6770 Mobile: +64 21 452 256 Email: harry.mills@ahaadvantage.com Website: www.ahaadvantage.com 12Copyright © The Aha! Advantage 2014