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Cyber Scotland Connect: Getting into Cybersecurity (Deck 1)

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Getting into Cybersecurity: Advice, tips and tricks from an experienced recruitment consultant.
Slides by: Stefanie Corlay
Website: https://cyberscotlandconnect.com/

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Cyber Scotland Connect: Getting into Cybersecurity (Deck 1)

  1. 1. Getting into Cybersecurity Stefanie Corlay Recruitment Consultant Stanton House
  2. 2. • 4 years in Recruitment • 2 years in IT, Telco, R&D across Europe. • 2 years in Financial Services, FinTech across the Scottish market at Stanton House. • 3 years on Security roles. MY BACKGROUND
  3. 3. What are the most in demand jobs in Security? • IS Manager • 3rd party IS Manager/ Lead Assurance Review/ Audit Manager • Lead IT Security • Network Security Specialist • IT/ Operational Risk Manager • Cloud security Architect • GDPR everything • Incident & Threat Management GETTING INTO CYBERSECURITY
  4. 4. Trends within the Technology progress (IoT, Cloud storage, mobile) has created new vulnerabilities • Data (data analytics, data protection, data architecture, IAM) • AI • Cloud Security and IoT – Cloud Based services • Social Engineering Emerging Trends of talent demand: • Security Generalists • IT Security • Vendor Security: Supplier Assurance Security industry GETTING INTO CYBERSECURITY
  5. 5. Ever changing and fast- pace industry Variety of areas, roles, skillsets Worldwide security skills shortage of 1.8 million by 2022 Value of a Cybersecurity Career GETTING INTO CYBERSECURITY
  6. 6. But don’t be complacent… It’s a very competitive environment GETTING INTO CYBERSECURITY
  7. 7. • Secure your digital footprint • Produce an exceptional CV • Effective interviewing • Become an expert networker – develop soft skills How do you become the perfect candidate? GETTING INTO CYBERSECURITY
  8. 8. Social Media LinkedIn Are you proud and aware of your digital profile? Protect your digital footprint GETTING INTO CYBERSECURITY
  9. 9. Build your network Learn from others Create an exceptional profile A focus on LinkedIn GETTING INTO CYBERSECURITY
  10. 10. What do leading employers expect from your CV? Do the basics brilliantly • Use a clear layout • Attention to detail • Keep track of where you submit your CV & always follow up Beyond your Academic life: • Placement/ work experience • Additional courses or Certifications • Demonstrate an interest GETTING INTO CYBERSECURITY
  11. 11. That you have researched the company and interviewer(s) Professionalism and punctuality Engaging, inquisitive and able to ask insightful questions What do leading employers expect from an interview? GETTING INTO CYBERSECURITY
  12. 12. Networking Mentoring Develop a competitive edge GETTING INTO CYBERSECURITY Networking & Insight Maximise your effort
  13. 13. Hiring managers • 66% Communications skills • 59% analytical skills KEY REQUIREMENTS Colleagues • 66% Cloud computing + security • 60% Governance and risk management • 40% compliance skills Global Information Security Workforce Study GETTING INTO CYBERSECURITY
  14. 14. Stefanie Corlay Recruitment Consultant Stanton House THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!