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Solbridge - Presentation

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Solbridge - Presentation

  1. 1. BBA 2+2 Bachelor of Business Administration
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Introducing University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City Introducing SolBridge – International School of Business Introducing BBA 2+2 Program (Bachelor of Business Administration) Why choose Solbridge? International students studying overseas: - How to apply? - Future Careers and opportunities
  3. 3. University of Economics HCMC (UEH) Established in 1976, The UEH’s primary objective is providing policy makers, administrators and experts in economics and business administration. In addition, UEH is also a center for scientific research which focuses on economic discovery, analysis and consulting in the process of development of Vietnam as well as contribution to economic theories.
  4. 4. University of Economics HCMC (UEH) Cooperation with domestic and foreign universities is always highly concerned so that UEH could gradually integrate into the international academic and scientific network, meeting nationally economic development demands.
  5. 5. Discover SolBridge – International School of Business •1954 Woosong Middle School & Woosong Commercial High School •1963 Woosong Technical College & Woosong Information College •1995 Woosong University
  6. 6. Our Vision Asian Center of Excellence in Global Business Education Our Mission Educating the Next Generation of Asian Thought Leaders
  7. 7. Accreditation • One of TOP 5% Business schools around the world • The youngest school to receive AACSB Accreditation • Is certified by the International Education Quality Assurance Systems
  8. 8. Location
  9. 9. Our name • Sol” in Korean means pine tree. • SolBridge means "Pine Tree Bridge"
  10. 10. BBA 2+2 PROGRAM BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION The program is offered under the Cooperation between UEH and SolBridge –Woosong University. Upon completing the first phase at UEH, students will continue the second phase at SolBridge. Students who successfully complete the course shall be conferred as Bachelor of Business Administration by Woosong University
  11. 11. Major o International Business o International Marketing o International Finance Requirement o Graduated High School o IELTS 5.0
  12. 12. BBA 2+2 PROGRAM BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION  1st year at UEH 1. Principles of Economics 2. Information Systems 3. Business Communication 4. Mathematics for Business 5. Statistics for Business 6. Principles of Management 7. Principles of Marketing 8. Principles of Accounting  2nd year at UEH 1. Fundamentals of Finance 2. Managerial Economics 3. Applied Econometrics 4. Organisational Behaviour 5. Consumer Behaviour 6. Corporate Finance 7. Marketing Research 8. Managerial Accounting 200 hours English learning On completion the 1st phrase, you will need IELTS 6.0
  13. 13. BBA 2+2 PROGRAM BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 2 last years at SolBridge you can choose 1 of 3 majors • International Marketing • International Finance • International Business
  14. 14. Why joint the Program? • Tuition fees less in VN-based phase • Substantial savings on living costs • Gradual transition to a Western system • Gain EXACTLY SAME qualifications as studied in Korean • Experienced staff at both universities • Systematic support right through out programmes
  15. 15. Why choose SolBridge?  All classes taught in English  Located in Daejon, Republic of Korea  80% of faculty are international professors  70% international students from 30+ countries  Ultramodern world class facility  Safe and friendly environment  Internship and placement opportunities in multinational companies  Opportunities in continue education in USA, Europe…  Scholarships available
  16. 16. Why choose SolBridge?  Our G.A.C.C.S promise – provide students with • Global Perspective • Asian expertise • Creative Management Foundation • Cross Culture Competence • Social Responsibility
  17. 17. An International Faculty SolBridge is proud to bring together an international body of faculty members capable of delivering a world class education focused on Asia. All courses are taught in English and delivered in an interactive, Western style that encourages students to develop their critical and analytical thinking skills
  18. 18. An International Faculty
  19. 19. The Facility
  20. 20. How to Apply 1. Application Form 2. High School Degree 3. High School Record 4. English proficiency: IELTS 5.0(minimum) Send to SolBridge Program - University of Economics HCMC 279 Nguyen Tri Phuong, District 10, HCMC
  21. 21. SolBridge Business Network • Review the SolBridge curriculum to ensure relevancy to current and expected future needs of business leaders in Asia • Meet with SolBridge students to share their executive experience and to advise them on preparation for the successful careers in business • Provide internships to students which are relevant to their career choice and offering placement opportunities to SolBridge graduates
  22. 22. Friends of SolBridge These companies actively contribute to SolBridge through our Platinum Lectures series, internships and job placements
  23. 23. Vietnamese Students at Solbridge
  24. 24. Vietnamese Students at Solbridge
  25. 25. Contact SolBridge Program University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City 279 Nguyễn Tri Phương Street, District 10, HCMC Phone: (08) 39 575 212 Email: info@solbridge.edu.vn Website: solbridge.edu.vn
  26. 26. Thank you for your attention!