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Internship	Summary			 	 	 	 	 	 							24
When receiving my Bachelors of Arts degree in Integrated Strategic
Communications from the University of Kentucky, I plan for a successful career and
future. These past few years as an UK student have prepared me and challenged
me into an adult who is assure enough to pursue my career goals and aspirations.
After graduation I plan and hope to pursue a full time job working for the NBA
Indiana Pacers Basketball team. There I would work within the pubic relations and
marketing department. Through my JAT 399 internship, I made many connections
and have learned many skills and I believe working for the Pacers could bring many
connections and can be the start of my professional career. The opportunities that
both JAT and ISC at UK have brought me have been remarkable and memorable.
The time and commitment I have spent at UK as an Integrated Strategic
Communications major has thoroughly prepared me to be in the work force and my
professional life with confidence. I believe that I will find a job that I will be proud of
soon after graduation and work with my connections to become more successful. In
the next five years, I hope to have some more experience on my resume and be
working in public relations and graphic design in a city at a large company.
Combining my education and personal skills from the work force will take me far
professionally and I look forward to beginning my life journey.
Haley.wright@uky.edu ● (859)-312-7985
University of Kentucky, Integrated Strategic Communications Expected May 2016
• Majors: ISC Public Relations GPA: 3.96
• Minor: Digital Media and Design
Wright Home Designs, Lexington, KY 2015- present
• Managed Social Media and designed traditional media for public
• Holds finances organized on QuickBooks
• Ran minutes for Home Owner association meetings
HoldTime.Net, Lexington, KY
Intern/Part Time August 2010 - present
• Calling customers to keep update of status of payment
• Add/Remove billing into QuickBooks
• Edit and mix sound clips for voice messaging
• Manage Social media accounts, keep customers interactive
Magnolia Place Town Homes, Danville, KY
2006 - 2010
• Assisted managing property
• Assisted application process for future tenants
• Designed advertisements for the town homes
• Helped clean the property, and made sure rules were followed within the Town homes
Marie Claire Magazine, Lexington, KY
Intern 2014
• Sales Rep, sold magazines subscriptions to customers
• Set up an event on UK campus to promote the magazine & increase knowledge
• Communicated with other Campus sales reps on Marie Claire website to interact and compare events
that were successful
Delta Delta Delta Sorority, Lexington, KY
Recruitment Officer August 2015
• Peer-elected by 130+ chapter members to handle skits and dances UK recruitment
• Actively ensured members were informed and organized during recruitment
Current Address:
1922 Nicholasville Road
Lexington, KY, 40503
Permanent Address:
1125 Nicholasville Road
Nicholasville, KY 40356
●Microsoft Excel, Word, & PowerPoint ●Web Designer ●Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash ● Sales Ability
Nancy Dunaway
Director of Operations
1030 Monarch Street
Lexington, KY 40513
Gerald Belcher
President /Financial Director
2212 Robinspring Court,
Lexington, KY 40513
Jim Gammage
VP of Sales for Central Division
9787 Equestrian Way
Zionsville, IN 46077
March	28,	2016	
Pacers	Sports	and	Entertainment	
To	Whom	It	May	Concern:	
My	name	is	Haley	Wright	and	I	am	a	recent	graduate	from	the	University	of	Kentucky	
with	a	degree	in	Integrated	Strategic	Communications	in	the	College	of	Communications	
with	a	minor	in	Digital	Media	and	Design.	I’m	contacting	you	today	regarding	the	
available	position	as	a	Corporate	Partnership	Coordinator	that	you	are	currently	
seeking	that	I	recently	reviewed	and	am	extremely	interested	in.	
The	skills	that	I	have	refined	at	the	University	of	Kentucky	would	greatly	benefit	the	
company	as	my	welcoming	and	bubbly	personality.	My	most	beneficial	attribute	to	
bring	to	the	company	is	my	personable	and	open	attitude	toward	the	workplace	and	
those	who	surround	me.	An	additional	benefit	that	I	would	be	able	to	bring	toward	the	
workplace	in	particular	is	that	I	have	been	working	with	strategic	communication	and	
marketing	plans	for	the	past	four	years	and	have	successfully	executed	a	number	of	
I	believe	that	my	young	age	and	passion	for	customer	relations	and	business	will	benefit	
me	in	this	job.	Not	only	do	I	love	dealing	with	people,	I	have	great	experience	in	the	
graphic	design	aspect.	Dealing	with	customers	and	business	always	comes	along	with	
making	and	designing	your	own	traditional/non-traditional	media,	which	I	could	do	
myself	instead	of	having	to	hire	a	graphic	designer.	My	dedication	and	organizational	
skills	will	show	in	an	opportunity	like	this	because	I	will	be	truly	committed.	
I	believe	that	my	attributes	will	be	the	company’s	benefit	and	hope	that	we	will	soon	
have	a	chance	to	work	together	in	bettering	the	marketing	techniques	used	at	Pacers	
Sports	and	Entertainment.	I	hope	that	we	can	arrange	a	time	to	meet	for	an	interview	in	
the	near	future.	Possibly	even	shadow	you	for	a	full	workday	that	I	way	I	could	get	to	
know	the	work	place.	I	will	work	for	you	to	the	best	of	my	ability	and	do	all	in	my	power	
to	bring	new	skills	to	the	table	and	improve	marketing	and	customer	relations	through	
my	personality	and	ability	to	quickly	adjust.	
I	have	attached	my	resume	and	can	be	contacted	via	email	at	
haleykirstenwright@gmail.com	or	telephone	at	859.312.7985.	
Haley	Wright
Press Release
Media Contact:
Haley Wright
HoldTime.Net Respects Clients’ Holiday Traditions
HoldTime.Net builds Social Responsibility with Companies Wishes
In the year 2000, HoldTime.Net realized many of their clients had different views on
religion. For the company to demonstrate respect, HoldTime started to offer companies a
choice (Christmas or Holiday) for they’re on hold message systems. This gives the client a
choice of using the standard “Merry Christmas” or the more inclusive “Happy Holidays”,
since everyone celebrates the holidays with different traditions. The Christmas script includes
Christmas music and messages, such as “While you wait, we’d like to take the opportunity to
wish you a very Merry Christmas and happy new year!” The holiday script includes holiday
music along with messages that emphasize, “May your holiday season and new year be filled
with much happiness!” Each year after Halloween is over, HoldTime emails an application to
all current customers. The clients select which script they prefer and return the completed
form via email or fax. The option to select gave HoldTime more insight into our client’s
preference and clients have indicated appreciation for the ability to choose. Historically the
southern region company’s prefers the Christmas script and the Northern region prefers the
Holiday script. This holiday season, HoldTime is offering non-profit organizations
discounted rates so they can build their organization and grow while supporting non-profits
efforts to market in a cost-effective way. HoldTime.Net believes that churches, small local
businesses and local charities are an important part of our communities and wants to help
them thrive.
Kentucky	Kernel	
	 Walking	into	one	of	the	tallest	buildings	in	downtown	Lexington	you	see	a	huge	
crowd	waiting	outside	the	door	waiting	to	take	the	elevator	to	the	15th	floor,	there	were	
security	guards	at	every	corner.	Guards	letting	only	10-15	people	in	at	one	time,	people	
started	to	become	impatient.	As	soon	as	the	guards	let	you	in	you	take	the	elevator	to	
the	15th	floor	and	it	takes	you	to	a	dark	club	scene	floor	with	a	bar	to	the	right	and	
another	bar	on	the	other	side	of	the	floor.	Lights	flickering	everywhere	giving	it	a	more	
concert	feel.	In	the	middle	of	the	floor	there	was	a	stage	with	a	DJ	table	towards	the	
back	with	girls	and	boys	crowded	all	around	it	ready	to	see	Gorilla	Zoe.	Before	Gorilla	
Zoe	performed,	Cameron	Hardin,	local	DJ	here	in	Lexington	was	the	opener	of	the	
concert.	He	started	playing	at	10:30pm	and	ended	right	before	Gorilla	Zoe	was	
supposed	to	perform	around	12am.	The	famous	rapper	Gorilla	Zoe	wearing	a	UK	jersey	
with	basketball	player	Andrew	Harrison’s	jersey	number	5	performed	16	songs	Friday	
night.	Wearing	a	couple	big	gold	chains	and	jeans	and	sneakers,	Gorilla	Zoe	was	dressed	
comfortable	to	say	the	least.	
	 Cameron	Magoon,	senior,	marketing	and	finance	major	here	at	the	University	of	
Kentucky	who	is	also	apart	of	the	Fraternity	Delta	Tau	Delta	worked	with	Frank	Leggio	
who	is	a	senior	at	UK	as	well	got	Gorilla	Zoe	to	come	perform	here	in	Lexington.	Magoon	
explained	how	Gorilla	Zoe	was	around	$5000	to	get	to	come	perform.	Frank	Leggio	is	
the	one	who	booked	the	performance	at	the	Chase	Bank	building	downtown	on	the	15th	
floor.	The	Chase	bank	has	a	venue	on	the	15th	floor	called	“Tower	on	Main	Event	Centre”	
that	is	purposely	for	parties	and	rehearsal	dinners	by	appointment	only.	Cameron	
Magoon	reached	out	to	every	sorority	and	other	UK	students	on	campus	telling	them	
about	the	concert.	The	tickets	were	$15	per	person	and	there	were	VIP	passes	for	
people	to	buy	as	well.	Magoon	says	there	were	around	500	tickets	sold	which	means	the	
fraternity	made	roughly	around	$7500	on	tickets	itself.	I	proceeded	to	ask	Magoon	
about	what	made	him	and	Leggio	get	a	hold	of	Gorilla	Zoe.	Magoon	explained	“	We	are	
an	SEC	school,	we	never	get	concerts	from	artists	like	other	SEC	schools	do.	So	we	
thought	getting	a	rapper	to	come	to	our	school	would	be	a	new	thing	to	try	out	and	see	
how	it	goes”.
	 After	the	concert	people	stayed	around	trying	to	get	as	many	pictures	as	they	
could	with	Gorilla	Zoe.	I	asked	a	girl	Alex	Shepherd,	junior,	marketing	major	here	at	the	
University	of	Kentucky	who	was	waiting	to	take	a	picture	if	she	thought	the	concert	was	
what	she	thought	it	was	going	to	be	like.	“Being	from	Atlanta	I	have	seen	many	concerts.	
I	thought	the	concert	turned	out	pretty	well	for	a	fraternity	to	get	it	together!	I	was	
surprised!	I	wish	I	had	got	the	chance	to	see	more	of	him	but	so	many	people	were	
trying	to	get	in	that	I	missed	the	first	half	of	the	concert”	says	Shepherd.	She	then	
explained	how	her	favorite	part	of	the	concert	was	when	Gorilla	Zoe	led	the	C-A-T-S	
chant	towards	the	end	of	the	night.	Gorilla	Zoe	then	tweeted	“Shout	out	to	#UK	
#wildcats	#bigbluenation”	after	the	concert.	Magoon	said	Gorilla	Zoe	was	a	success	and	
there	will	be	more	to	come	from	the	Delta	Tau	Delta	fraternity.
Presented by Presence Public Relations
About the Company
L.L. Bean, Inc. has been a trusted source of reliable outdoor apparel and
equipment. Founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean, the company
began as one-man operation. Holding on to L.L. Bean’s belief with keeping
customers satisfied as a guiding principle, the company grew to a global
organization, with annual sales of $1.56 billion. The company headquarters
are in Freeport, Maine, just down the road from the original store where it
all began.
L.L. Bean reintroduced everyday free shipping to the US and Canada with
no minimum purchase and no end date in 2011. This keeps the tradition
that Leon Leonwood started in 1912 by offering all L.L. Bean products in
his catalog “postpaid”.
L.L. Bean Signature line features a modern fit and updated style and includes
classic items from the company’s archives, such as the 1933 Chamois Shirt, the
Matinicus Rock Sweater and Bean’s Zipper Duffle. The Signature line is the most
popular line in the company.
The Classic Bean Boot
It is the signature interpretation of a Maine tradition. L.L. Bean has paired the
waterproof L.L. Bean boot bottom with a distinctive black upper made from full-
grain leather. Lace-up eight eyelets, triple-stitched made in Maine. Fit is generous
to allow for thick socks in cold weather.
Outdoors Apparel
L.L. Bean product expertise is reinforced by a group of 1,300 independent field
testers (adults and kids) who help assure product quality and performance. The
company uses a combination of expertise and testing to enhance existing products
even though many are already considered “best in class” based on customer
feedback. McCormick explains we use our own products so that we have a better
idea of how they are performing. This practice helps us identify better with our
customers experiences and needs.
Home Furnishings/Decor
L.L. Bean has a wide variety of home furnishings to offer. The home products are
located in the main L.L. Bean store in Maine. The store showcases L.L.Bean's
popular Home products, which include bedding, rugs, furniture, towels, cookware,
food and decorating accessories. The store also offers handcrafted, vintage, one-of-
a-kind items.
Company Expectations and Values
Business might differ from the way business was in 1912, but the philosophy
of the company has not changed. L.L. Bean president Chris McCormick
remains firm in his commitment to providing superior service and excellent
products. Each product is guaranteed to provide 100% satisfaction. In an
increasingly competitive industry, L.L. Bean still stands out as the
benchmark for customer service. Here at L.L. Bean employees are trained to
take the time each individual customer requires to feel valued whether
through mail, phone, email social media or in the stores. Every channel has
been built on the L.L. Bean values of honesty, quality, dependability and a
guarantee of 100% satisfaction. To make sure these values are met, L.L.
Bean’s customer satisfaction department operates out of three customer
contact centers in Maine, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
People to Know
Chris McCormick
President and chief executive officer of L.L. Bean mail order, online and
retail company based in Freeport, Maine. Joined the company in 1983 as an
advertising manager and became president of the company in 2001.
Ken Kacere
Senior Vice President and General Manager of Retail of L.L. Bean after taking on
16 years with Bass & Co.
Chris Wilson
Senior Vice President of Direct Channel for L.L. Bean, Inc. Mr. Wilson has had a
lot of experience with L.L. Bean. Prior to L.L. Bean he worked with E Bags and
was with L.L. Bean for 17 years before that working in Japans Branch office.
L.L.’s Golden Rule
"Sell good merchandise at a reasonable profit, treat your customers like
human beings and they will always come back for more." - Leon
Media Contact:
For Immediate Release
Carolyn Beem
L.L. Bean Inc.
L.L. Bean Newsroom Department
L.L. Bean Builds with Habitat for Humanity
Continual Company and Community Growth with Inspiring Service
Freeport,	ME	–	Wednesday,	August	26,	2015	–	L. L. Bean proudly
announces its partnership with Habitat for Humanity. On September 5, 2015
L.L. Bean President and CEO, Chris McCormick will be cutting the ribbon at
10am sharp to begin an exciting event. L.L. Bean faculty members, local
college students and community members will be partaking in building a home
for a local family in need. This invitation is further extended to student
organizations that are interested in giving back to the Lexington, Kentucky
L.L. Bean’s President and CEO, Chris McCormick says, “we are beyond
thrilled to dive into our adventure with Habitat for Humanity. I personally am
eager to meet our family and do all we can to make their future home
everything they need and more.”
Energy at L.L. Bean has been buzzing since the project timeline was proposed.
In the efforts of relieving a family’s distress for a comfortable living situation,
L.L. Bean is aiming to build an environmentally sound home. Also, L.L. Bean
proudly announces the home will be build in accordance with the Leadership in
Energy & Environmental Designs (LEED) standards. Not only will this offer a
way to decrease electric, heating and water bills, but also set the standard for
surrounding homes.
L.L. Bean would like to offer you VIP access to our build. Due to the continual
process that is house build, your access will go on for several weeks; this
provides admittance to the various stages of the build. Along with your long-
term access, you are also welcome to one-on-one interviews with our CEO,
Chris McCormick. A member of Presence PR will easily set up photo
opportunities, interview and Q and A session times for any media wishing to do
Senior Vice President of Direct Channel at L.L. Bean, Chris Wilson says, “we
see this build as an opportunity for service and social responsibility for L.L.
Bean. With L.L. Bean sponsoring this build, college students and community
members will freely benefit from the acts of service. Our faculty will have a
chance to connect with the community of Lexington and participate in an act of
selfless giving that is bigger than we know.”
L.L. Bean prides itself on building products that are made to last and
prioritizing our customer service. L.L. Bean plans to continue this work ethic
and demonstrate our values to consumers in this build.
Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian ministry that builds
with people in need regardless of race or religion. Habitat welcomes volunteers
and supporters from all backgrounds.
Habitat has more than 1,400 local affiliates in the United States and more than
70 national organizations around the world. Together, we have helped more
than 1 million families, representing 5 million people and improving their living
conditions since the founding in 1976.
Brand:	JCPenney	Campaign	
Recommended	Communication	Technique	#1:	Advertising	
All	types	of	strategic	communications	can	help	a	business	grow.	Whether	it	is	a	website	
or	a	mobile	app	that	spreads	the	word,	as	long	as	you	get	the	message	out	to	the	public,	
people	will	start	to	talk	about	the	brand.	One	of	the	strategic	communications	that	
would	help	JCPenney	out	with	its	image	is	advertising.	This	method	is	best	for	creating	
and	maintaining	an	image.	It	is	critical	for	JCPenney	to	be	remembered	by	the	
consumers	and	to	becoming	a	brand	that	everyone	would	want	to	shop	at.		This	method	
will	also	help	point	out	the	unique	clothing	lines	and	brand	names	JCPenney	sells	and	
some	consumers	may	not	know	of.	This	is	why	advertising	will	help	because	JCPenney	
is	suffering	from	an	image	problem	and	being	forgotten	about	by	consumers.		
Recommended	Communication	Technique	#2:	Event	Marketing	
Event	marketing	is	very	important	to	the	marketing	success	of	JCPenney	and	the	best	
strategy	would	include	an	integrated	approach	using	a	themed	event	to	attract	
customers	to	come	and	check	it	out.	This	would	allow	name	brand	lines	that	JCPenney	
sells	to	promote	their	best	products	in	their	line.	There	are	many	different	types	of	
event	marketing,	but	JCPenney	would	do	best	with	a	theme	event	that	involved	the	
customers	to	where	they	can	get	great	ideas	and	participate	in	games	at	the	event.	Since	
Derby	is	coming	up	soon,	a	great	example	of	a	theme	event	JCPenney	could	have	is	“Off	
To	The	Races”	themed.	This	could	also	lead	to	social	media	if	the	event	is	a	success.	
Word	will	spread	of	how	fun	the	event	was	and	how	popular	it	is.	#JCPOffToTheRaces	
would	be	a	hash	tag	people	could	tweet	if	they	came	to	the	event.	This	event	will	attract	
customers	because	well-known	fashion	icons	would	come	and	wear	some	of	the	
clothing	JCPenney	sells	that	people	could	wear	or	have	as	accessories	to	the	derby.	
Synthesis	of	Promotional	Techniques:	
These	two	promotional	techniques	will	benefit	JCPenney	and	their	image	and	will	
hopefully	give	people	a	new	outlook	for	the	brand	and	JCPenney	will	gain	their	loyal	
customers	back	that	they	lost.	The	print	advertising	will	really	capture	the	target	
markets	(45-52	age	women)	attention	because	unlike	now,	it	will	show	the	variety	of	
clothing	for	all	ages	at	a	good	price.	People	that	age	like	to	look	at	magazines	and	read,	
so	they	will	enjoy	the	print	advertisement	in	a	magazine	or	newspaper.	The	themed	“Off	
To	The	Races”	event	will	show	customers	the	flexibility	the	brand	has	and	will	give	
customers	an	incentive	on	keep	going	back	to	JCPenney	when	a	big	event	like	Derby	
comes	up.
EXECUTION	#1:	Print	Advertising	
Print	advertising	can	catch	any	woman’s	attention	when	relaxing	on	the	couch	looking	
through	a	magazine.	This	ad	will	influence	women	to	shop	at	JCPenney	for	the	
spring/summer	or	events	like	Derby	that	is	coming	up.		
Magazine	Print	Ad:
EXECUTION	#2:	Event	Marketing	
People	build	through	five	lenses:	emotion,	reason,	knowledge,	personality	and	
experience.	These	are	hard	to	address	through	logos,	signage	and	just	looking	at	social	
media.	To	truly	build	a	positive	brand	impression,	it	requires	the	building	of	trust	and	
relationships.	With	JCPenney	having	an	event	like	this,	it	gives	customers	a	chance	to	
see	how	JCPenney	is	improving	their	brand	and	really	trying	to	reach	out	to	their	
JCP	Off	To	The	Races	Event	Flyer:
JAT	399	Summary	
Over	the	past	couple	of	months	I	have	completed	many	duties	during	my	
internship.	These	duties	included,	answering	the	phone,	working	with	collections,	
developing	marketing	plan	and	manage	social	media	accounts.	Some	tasks	I	
encountered	that	were	beyond	of	what	I	expected	was	getting	inventory	together	for	
promotional	use	and	planning	a	newsletter	that	was	made	&	designed	by	my	self.		
During	this	internship	I	learned	the	program	Audacity	that	is	editing	software	
that	we	use	to	edit	our	voice	talent	and	music.	.	I	first	learned	Audacity	at	HoldTime.Net,	
but	then	I	learned	it	in	my	website	design	class	this	semester	as	well,	so	I	really	got	to	
work	on	my	editing	skills	that	I	believe	will	help	me	in	the	long	run.	Another	software	
that	I	learned	was	QuickBooks.	This	software	is	used	for	billing,	which	is	a	pretty	
popular	program	used	in	big	and	small	companies.	During	this	semester	I	also	managed	
three	social	media	platforms	(Facebook,	Pinterest,	Google	business)	in	a	business	
professional	style.	Managing	a	business	social	media	is	completely	different	than	having	
your	own	personal	social	media	accounts,	therefore	it	really	helped	me	managing	the	
business	social	media	accounts	because	I	learned	how	to	talk	and	advertise	in	a	
business	style.		
This	internship	has	given	me	so	much	knowledge	about	how	not	only	the	
business	world	works	but	how	to	talk	to	customers	in	a	proper	way,	how	to	market	a	
business,	and	what	it	takes	to	keep	marketing	the	business	everyday	(social	media	
updates,	marketing	pieces,	promotional	giveaways).	Some	strengths	of	my	internship	
experience	are	being	able	to	freely	do	what	I	want	with	tasks	I	am	given	as	well	as	being	
able	to	wear	comfortable	clothes.	Some	weaknesses	had	to	build	social	media	platforms	
and	marketing	pieces	from	scratch	because	they	haven’t	updated	any	of	their	marketing	
tools	in	a	while.	These	weaknesses	can	easily	be	corrected,	it	just	takes	time	to	make	
marketing	and	promotional	pieces	for	a	business	and	use	it	in	a	creative	way.	Before	
joining	this	internship,	I	wish	I	knew	that	the	business	would	need	many	marketing	
pieces	because	then	I	could	have	prepared	myself	of	thinking	of	new	and	different	
things	I	could	help	the	business	out	with.	I	am	not	sure	if	I	would	recommend	this	
internship	to	a	student	with	career	interests	similar	to	mine.	This	business	would	do	
great	with	an	actual	marketing	major	or	an	advertising	major.	A	student	could	do	a	lot	
with	this	business	and	add	potential	promotional	and	marketing	things	that	the	
business	could	grow	from.


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MSBDC Stakeholder Newsletter - October 2015MSBDC Stakeholder Newsletter - October 2015
MSBDC Stakeholder Newsletter - October 2015Dana Cawthon
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Brochure MD spreads von
Brochure MD spreadsBrochure MD spreads
Brochure MD spreadsLaine Davis
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Cameron anderson pb project1 von
Cameron anderson pb project1Cameron anderson pb project1
Cameron anderson pb project1CameronAnderson19
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Brochure IL spreads von
Brochure IL spreadsBrochure IL spreads
Brochure IL spreadsLaine Davis
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ING Testimonials von
ING TestimonialsING Testimonials
ING TestimonialsPhilip Lambing, MBA
275 views10 Folien

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