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A Service Design presentation made for UX SALON Tel Aviv.
Services are everywhere, from how you plan a trip to how you take your first child home. We have unsatisfactory experiences when we use banks, buses, health services and insurance companies. They don't make us feel happier or richer. Why are they not designed as well as the products we love to use?
Today there are a growing number of professionals who are dedicated to making great customer experience (CX). Service design is critical to customer experience, but what is it exactly and what is the relationship between service design and CX? And how does the field of user experience (UX) factor into this picture?
We've entered a new business era calls the age of the customer — a time when focus on the customer matters more than any other strategic imperative. Service design provides a tool set and framework that enable companies to truly understand their customers and engage with them in meaningful ways — ultimately driving profits, cost savings, and competitive differentiation.
This session will examine the potential of Service Design for design innovation and intervention in the big issues facing us, such as transport, sustainability, government, finance, communications and healthcare.

About us:
We are Hadas and Nura, Service Designers.
Over the past couple of years, we have been involved in Service Design with the intention of raising awareness and developing this field in Israel.
Through Service Design, we have found a way to integrate our diverse capabilities, along with the knowledge that we have collected, the professional experience we have accumulated and especially with our desire to do something meaningful and valuable in the environment in which we live.

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