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Nexus project showcase - Xcrania

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From Nexus project showcase. Presented by Craig McFarlane, Xcrania, at HINZ 2014, 11 November 2014, 1.45pm, Plenary Room

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Nexus project showcase - Xcrania

  1. 1. Xcrania was developed after a review of IT infrastructure showed generally poor, inconsistent and insecure systems.
  2. 2. For the end user, everything just looks and feels the same as Windows, only faster and more secure.
  3. 3. Hardware & Software • Desktop PC devices and screens • Faster internet • Office software systems, including Microsoft Word & Excel • Microsoft Outlook for email • Printing services
  4. 4. Patient Management Your Patient Management System, plus completely managed access to other practice solutions such as Healthlink, MIMS and BPAC Primary Suite
  5. 5. Secure Data Network A fast, secure data network, specifically designed for use with xcraniaTM
  6. 6. Ongoing upgrades & maintenance • Ongoing upgrades and maintenance of all IT equipment and software • Scaleable and fully managed server infrastructure
  7. 7. New Zealand based data-centres • Personal help desk support • A New Zealand based help desk for live support of all the services provided
  8. 8. Security and Anti- Virus protection 24 / 7 monitoring and security Antivirus protection Data backups
  9. 9. • Security of records. • Better access to records in large practices. • An easier transition to online medical access and services. • Better access to mobile care.
  10. 10. • Peace of mind • Consistent and controlled costs • System resilience • High level of security of data • Meets obligations for RNZCGP Accreditation – Information Management
  11. 11. • Facilitates delivery of shared patient health data in a secure manner. • Future proofing with no effort. • Platform meets the minimum hardware and software requirements for Medtech Evolution
  12. 12. Xcrania reduces that risks to the whole system coming from the fragility of primary sector IT. It also offers: • High levels of security and availability of clinical data. • Sound and future-proofed platform for clinical IT applications. • Support for improved integration between primary and secondary sectors. • Facilitation of the delivery of shared patient health care across multi disciplinary clinical teams.