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Consulting Projects in Sunbend Computer Services Corporation

  1. Gregory Byron Bogenschutz Consulting Projects in Sunbend Computer Services Corporation
  2. Gregory Byron Bogenschutz, PMP • Motivated, Skilled, Certified Senior Project Manager • Providing Project Management and Leadership expertise for Software Application Development Projects, Infrastructure Development Projects, Integration Projects, Database Design and Conversion Projects, Software Quality Assurance Projects, Usability Analysis Projects, and Risk Management Projects. Experienced with using many technologies with multiple methodologies in several industries
  3. • National Marrow Donor Program Projects – NMDP Recipient Legacy Migration – • Sybase to ORACLE Observational database (legacy to current database) • Included clean up of data • Used to provide more data for clinical studies. – TED (Transplant Essential Data) Legacy Migration – • The TED Legacy Database contains information on recipients since 1995. This project included the validation and transfer of data into the observational database. • This additional data combined with the information in the observational database provides more data to support statistical analysis especially for more rare diseases. Software Application Development Projects (Agile)
  4. • Target Corporation Advertising and Stores Development - Common Price Change System – Target Stores, Marshall Fields, Mervyns, and JB Hudson – Using SQL Server and C++ – PLU Gen – Managing store specific (Price / Locater / Unit) data controlled centrally working with legacy and newly implemented POS systems – RF Applications – Application using RF Technology to communicate from store shelves to database. – Item Maintenance – Bridge to Super Target Stores – Assisted with the Target Scorecard project, which was used to provide performance evaluations for Target Stores personnel. The scorecard system was tested for web performance using Mercury LoadRunner to simulate multiple users on the system. – A cost benefit analysis was performed on the Forecasting and Scheduling part of an application. Software Application Development Projects (Agile)
  5. • National Marrow Donor Program Software Development Projects to Audit or Monitor record keeping of clinical studies – FormsNet RDSafe (Phase 1 and Phase 2) – FormsNet 10-CBA Monitoring – FormsNet3 Monitoring • Ameriprise Financial Compensation Stability Automation – May Release – Combination of Six Sigma engineering, off shore technical, and Service Delivery business teams. Responsibilities included coordinating effort of a very large team with multiple sets of coordinated activities. – R Assignments – Correct problem where incorrect information was being passed down to advisor facing applications. Software Application Development Projects (SDLC)
  6. • US Bank Private Client Group – Cost center rebuild project to update system to accommodate the identification of prospective clients for additional services – Reporting from marketing analytics development • US Bank Human Resources - Employee Tracking System – Identify changes in employee status resulting from an acquisition of banks. – Developed a severance pay plan system for determining severance calculated from job grade, number of years and eligibility for plan. • Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic Life Sciences Systems (MCLSS) Projects – Project management tools, templates, and processes were developed to improve communication to sponsors, team members, and between projects that have dependencies. Documentation tools included status reporting, resource management, project definition, project portfolio management, technical review processes, metrics definition, project collaboration, change control, risk management, defect tracking, and delivery of process and tools to project managers and team members. Software Application Development Projects (SDLC)
  7. • Wells Fargo requirements to improve the efficiency and flexibility in delivery of debit card services to customers replacing the use of expensive vendor services. • Wells Fargo Life Insurance - Client Management System – Project plan and execution of plan for the acquisition and conversion from a legacy client management system to a “state-of-the-art” client management system. • Ameriprise Financial – DOORS (Requirements Management System) Implementation – processMax (Process Engine for managing Project Processes) – Mass emailer system for Corporate Communications – Technology Due Care Reviews 3rd party systems • Physical Site Reviews • Vulnerability Threat Assessment Reviews • Application Governance Reviews Software Application Development Projects (SDLC)
  8. • Best Buy Mainframe Elimination Program Integrated Archival and Retrieval System (IDARS) Infrastructure, Software Acquisition, and Software Development – Move Best Buy’s Report Distribution System from the mainframe to a WINTEL and UNIX. – Report Distribution System has 2,782 reports with 97,642 versions. There are 55 application systems that the reports belong to. The project plan included two major releases and called out responsibilities for 22 team members. – To save Best Buy approximately 3.5 million dollars per year in printing costs alone – Would provide Business Intelligence on purchases by customers • United Health Group Senior and Retiree Services Sales Incentive Management System (SIMS) – Sales commission system • Used by all markets in Senior and Retiree Services to administer commission payments. The SIMS • Accurate and timely commission data to payroll and accounts payable that calculate commissions based on the Sales Incentive Plan. • Provides the flexibility to meet requirements that are unique to a market or region. SIMS decreases the time and cost necessary to review, adjust, approve, and pay commissions. The SIMS application provides review, exception, and management reporting. Software Application Development Projects (SDLC)
  9. • Minnesota Corn Processors Advanced Planning System Manugistics and Webconnect – Modified RUP approach. – JAD sessions with key users and subject matter experts to determine customer requirements. Developed Use Cases for necessary capabilities of the Advanced Planning System. – Developed readiness assessment document and scope document to be used to drive proposal and project plan. • (Drugstore on-line application for local drugstores) – Coached the project manager on project management tools and processes. – Assisted in research of HIPAA requirements for data privacy and data security or individual medical history. – Facilitated the evaluation of financial applications. – Assisted in the development of customer service requirements for the web page including the evaluation of KANA as the artificial intelligence customer support database. Software Application Development Projects (SDLC)
  10. • Customer Satisfaction Survey/Project Management Initiative – Documented results from customer satisfaction survey. – Led brainstorming sessions with other project managers. – With other project managers, developed recommendation for the forming of a Project Office. – Assisted in the development of deliverables that were to be used by the Project Office for project development templates. – Assisted in the development of the Project Delivery Framework (a project framework based on the Rational Unified Process). The Project Delivery Framework was a process document for the use of project templates for project communication and documentation. – Assisted in the development of the Project Office Portal Software Application Development Projects (SDLC)
  11. • Client: SUPERVALU Pharmacy Benefits Eligibility Application – Features • SQL Server database • an import facility to bring data from several formats into the database • a reporting capability and an export facility to product changed records in a specified format electronically to the insurance provider. • Thermo-King - Supply Management – Part Cost System and Part Forecast System linked information from several mainframes. • Business Process Re-engineering • Application Development requirements • Project plan • Medtronic – – Medical history tracking database – Certification tracking system for corporate ISO-9000 certification Software Application Development Projects (SDLC)
  12. • Pfizer, Pharmacia, The Upjohn Company – Legal Systems – Determined requirements, developed project plan for and developed a legal support system database to provide document searches • Winnebago Software - Library automation system for use in public school systems – Project plan for a library automation system for use in public school systems. – Executed plan leading team of consultants to mentor and assist in the gaining of object-oriented programming. – Conducted customer interviews, analyzed user needs, assigned and tracked application design development, and implementation. – Programming was done in Visual C++ • Wilson Learning - Web page user interface for skills assessments. Software Application Development Projects (SDLC)
  13. • Hoffman Engineering, Trane, St. Jude Medical, Data Card Group, Control Data – Education tracking system for public schools – Engineering change tracking system – Quality assurance tracking system – Advertising management system. – Sales tracking system Software Application Development Projects (SDLC)
  14. Business Process Engineering Business Requirements Analysis Project Management Quality Assurance Leadership Innovation • These are some skills that well contribute to the success of the software application development process. Contributions to your success