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10 faces of innovation presentation

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10 Faces of Innovation for EDUC 801 Drexel University

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10 faces of innovation presentation

  1. 1. Hi! I am Greg, Just an Average Guy… • A Dad; • A Husband; • A Higher Education Administrator; • And a Doctoral Student.
  2. 2. But on the inside I am a web of creative connections that manifest into innovative solutions at work, play, and parenting.
  3. 3. Understanding My Persona of How the 10 Faces of Innovation & Manifest in My Life by Greg Wurth
  4. 4. The Anthropologist Starts with the beginners mind. • Don’t judge, just observe; • Look for the real system; • Discover barriers and challenges through collecting observations; • Use science as a guide, but draw from own conclusions; • See things as if they are seeing it for the first time; • Very curious. How it relates to me… • I seek first to understand. • I observe the current system prior to implementing change. • I trust gut feeling and use science as a guide. • I believe, if we learned something, then it was growth.
  5. 5. The Experimenter The curious mind/Prototyper… • Passion for hard work; • Prototypes everything; • Makes ideas tangible; • Constantly tweaking ideas; • Learns by failing; • Obsessively works on prototypes; • Very curious. How it relates to me… • I love to build proof of concepts; • Love tweaking process for improvements; • I am not obsessive with projects; • I lam not passionate for hard work (not lazy); • Don’t like to fail.
  6. 6. The Cross-Pollinator Bringing ideas together… • Find Clever Solutions; • Avid learners who see how ideas can translate across disciplines; • They love new experiences so they can apply to other areas; • Love to read and apply to new contexts; • Believe that you don’t have to re-invent to innovate. • Very curious. How it relates to me… • I am an avid reader of non- fiction; • Love to connect ideas from area to area; • Constantly learn from others; • Avid learner.
  7. 7. The Hurdler Charged by the Challenge… • Efficient; • Love doing things that have never been done before; • Navigates Organizational Structure; • Will win through persistence; How it relates to me… • I am great at circumventing organizational structure. • I love doing something that has never been done before. • However, I will tire if the road blocks are too extreme.
  8. 8. The Collaborator Bringing ideas and people together… • Brings people and ideas together; • Understands diversity of culture and ideas breeds better outcomes; • Teaches and learns constantly from others; • Promotes meetings/gatherings; • Values team over individual • Connects people with like minded interests/goals; • Very curious. How it relates to me… • Communication is breath of improvement; • Connection and synergy create better efficiency; • Constantly learn/teach from others; • Very inquisitive of who people are and what they like.
  9. 9. The Director Facilitating innovation… • Put others in the spotlight; • Love new projects; • The coach; • Build teams to accomplish tasks; • Aim for the best; • Possess various tools at their disposal; • Brainstorming; How it relates to me… • I put others in the spotlight; • I have a vast tool box to accomplish tasks; • However, I do not enjoy brainstorming, nor do I over emphasize the best. • My philosophy is lets make it better today than it was yesterday. Better over best.
  10. 10. The Experience Architect Creating the extraordinary environments… • Look to build great experiences; • Think of the user experience (Design Thinking); • Look for trigger points that create better experiences; • Understand the customers’ journey; • Very creative. How it relates to me… • I think of our customer all the time; • Need to be more focused on trigger points; • Need to think of environments (now in charge of events).
  11. 11. The Set Designer Arranging artifacts to build culture & Innovation… • Understand how people behave in spaces; • Recognize the power of synergy with environment; • Understand the importance of creating the feeling; • Understand the importance of the details; • Capture how space can communicate. How it relates to me… • I am a Org Culturist at Heart; • Very focused on the details of the experience; • Need to become more aware of the details (connecting spaces); • Need to see how are spaces dictate interactions.
  12. 12. The Caregiver Understanding people and connecting customer service with the human element… • Product experts facilitating the right product fit for the right customer; • Exceeding expectations; • Understands the need for interaction and exchange; • Builds loyalty to products and services. How it relates to me… • I understand expectations and how to satisfy needs that people don’t know they have. • Great at anticipating wants. • Need to become better at listening and developing interactions.
  13. 13. The Storyteller Communicating the values and mission through tales… • Understands the right story at the right time can communicate powerful values; • Instills the human element (heroes) into organizational goals, and culture; • Stories are transformational that include vision, strife, connections; • Connects people to pasts, futures, strife, challenges, emotion, and more. How it relates to me… • I am wish I could tell a story; • I understand it it the most powerful form of communicating; • But it is not me, I get too wrapped up in the data; • Need to develop this skill.
  14. 14. Leading with Innovation Customer Experience Caregiver Set Designer Experience Architect Employee Experience Cross Pollinator Anthropologist Collaborator Organizational Experience Hurdler Director Story Teller The Experimenter
  15. 15. Allow for divergent thinking We can create new experiences and organizations that far exceed anyone's expectations. We have to search for the why…. Experiment with the how, and drive for the win!