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Peg board-progress workshop

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Peg board-progress workshop

  1. 1. PEG-BOARD User Analysis & Requirements Gregory J. L. Tourte School of Geographical Science The University of Bristol United Kingdom g.j.l.tourte@bristol.ac.uk JISC MRD Programme Progress Workshop — 2010–05–17 G.J.L. Tourte PEG–BOARD — User Analysis
  2. 2. Introduction Data management and curration of Palæoclimate data produced by BRIDGE research group In collaboration with University of Bath (UKOLN), University of Leeds (Earth Science) & University of Southampton (Archæology) Data centered around climate model runs and outputs from HPC facilities (institutional and national) This includes model’s binaries, initial conditions, forcings, model outputs, graphical analysis Very diverse user base, not only palæoclimate researchers, but geologists, biologists, archæologists, media,. . . G.J.L. Tourte PEG–BOARD — User Analysis
  3. 3. Methodology Pre-existing infrastructure Knowledge of existing code Day-to-day maintenance and evolution of user needs User interviews (informal, using users’ support requests) User survey (still on-going) using modified DAF to include external users G.J.L. Tourte PEG–BOARD — User Analysis
  4. 4. Stakeholder Analysis Worked jointly with HPC group with University wide storage project Devided users into roles (Swann, 2008) G.J.L. Tourte PEG–BOARD — User Analysis
  5. 5. Stakeholder Analysis – Part 2 G.J.L. Tourte PEG–BOARD — User Analysis
  6. 6. Task Based Analysis Role based model did not fit with reality Users have more than one role Interactions between roles and users can be complex Tasks analysis approach more appropriate (Based on Treloar, ANDS, 2009) G.J.L. Tourte PEG–BOARD — User Analysis
  7. 7. Task Based Analysis – Part 2 Theoreticians Internal to BRIDGE +Create +Describe Conceptualise Discover Store +Register Experiment +Store Access Describe Discover Programmers (resources) +Create +Describe Exploit Create +Register +Store Identify (Experiment) Data Consumers Data Providers +Create +Describe Create Describe Store +Register +Store Data Centres Register Evaluate Receive Store Describe G.J.L. Tourte PEG–BOARD — User Analysis
  8. 8. The End. . . Any Questions? G.J.L. Tourte PEG–BOARD — User Analysis