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WeHOST - Intro Pack

International Training, Facilitating and Hosting Conference (from 7th to 11th December 2011, Viana do Castelo - Portugal).


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WeHOST - Intro Pack

  1. 1. wehost  .....................   Intro pack
  2. 2. is the International Training, Facilitating & Hosting Conference.....................  
  3. 3. This is not a traditional conference!* weHOST is the perfect journey for those working – or wondering about the possibility of working – as facilitators, trainers and hosts, and looking for a major inspirational leap to move ahead in this direction. * And we only are accepting non-conventional participants!   We will be learning and practicing cutting-edge social technologies (Art of Hosting, World Café, Open Space Technology, Appreciative Inquiry, etc.); building a network of peers interested in the same field; looking for opportunities where to learn and innovate in the delivery.....................   of learning experiences; and exploring our own Self, talents and gifts in pro of the quest towards playing this roles in society, professionally or as a practitioner.
  4. 4. What will we be doing? training facilitating Exploring three essential underlying processes.....................   hosting
  5. 5. has three main intentions 1.  To equip you with a complete set of innovative ways of facilitating, hosting and training individuals, teams, organizations and processes. 2.  To challenge your current ways of dealing with learning and move you to a stage from which transformational learning is possible. 3.  To enable you discover and develop the talents you have to make a difference in the world by playing a leading role in bringing people together......................  
  6. 6. ⚈  learn and experience first hand avant-garde socialWhat can I expect? ⚈  practice technologies, the roles of trainer, facilitator and host getting immediate feedback, ⚈  practice the role of a speaker/listener and adjusting behaviors on-the-place, ⚈  design a learning experience considering a vast diversity of variables, ⚈  challenge the way you currently speak in public, ⚈  let your true Self emerge when on stage, ⚈  identify the most powerful sources from which you can operate as a facilitator/trainer/host, ⚈  receive direct and personal coaching on your capabilities in such roles and, ⚈  start planning a career – as professional or practitioner.....................   – in this field.
  7. 7. How can I attend ? 1.  Fill out the application Applicati ons’ dead line form which is available at the 15 th Octo ber 2011 weHOST Facebook Page. 2.  Receive your confirmation Cancellation Conditions e-mail within 5 days after filling If for any reason it is necessary to your application form. The cancel your attendance to the confirmation e-mail contains conference, the following will apply: logistical details and bank account •  Cancellations more than four weeks before the conference: loss of 30% of data. the payment made. 3.  Transfer the fee of the •  Cancellations between two and four weeks of the conference: loss of 70% conference to the bank account of the payment made. you have received......................   •  Cancellations within two weeks of the conference: full loss of payment made. ! We recommend you take out travel insurance covering medical expenses, personal accident, cancellation and personal property.
  8. 8. There are only 50 places!* The fee of the conference is 225 Euros. * First approved and confirmed, first served!   This includes: Accommodation for the nights of the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of December. Meals for all days starting with dinner on the 7th and finishing with breakfast Early fee of 198 Euros for approved applicants that transfer before 31st October 2011! on the 11th of December. Learning materials. And, of course, the most incredible learning experience Members of the weLEAD program have ever in company of an awesome group of funky people! a reduced fee of 178 Euros! (This only includes applicants from AIESEC in Ukraine, AIESEC in Greece and AIESEC in India, after being approved by their MC)......................  
  9. 9. Our host city: Viana do castelo King Afonso III of Portugal founded the town in 1253 in the name of Viana. In the 16th century, its port gained great importance as one of the main ports from which Portuguese explorers set sail, due to the discoveries. The most remarkable.....................   buildings in the town are from this era. Its traditional folklore is among the richest in the country.
  10. 10. These are your next steps: 1.  Join our Facebook page at http://fb.me/weHostConference 2.  Fill the application form at the Facebook page. You will find the link on the left column under the logo. We are re ady there is o for the conferenc nly one m e, that is m ega detai issing* l.....................   *you
  11. 11. is brought to you by Dey dos http://fb.me/Page.DeyDos www.DeyDos.com in partnership with AIESEC in Portugal See you soon in Portugal!* * We cannot wait! Can you?  .....................