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Badgercare webinar grns2

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Winning the battle for expanding BadgerCare (Medicaid) in Wisconsin

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Badgercare webinar grns2

  1. 1. Winning the BadgerCare Fight Making health care more secure and returning control to consumers 1
  2. 2. We must never go back! Before the Affordable Care Act Low income individuals had to go without guaranteed access to affordable health coverage
  3. 3. BadgerCare for low income Wisconsinites • The Affordable Care Act gives billions in federal dollars to WI to fill in the holes in BadgerCare. • HOWEVER: The Supreme Court gave states the ability to reject this additional federal money. • Governor Walker rejected the federal funds. • Walker’s approach costs Wisconsin $149 million more in the current state budget and forces 77,000 off BadgerCare2.
  4. 4. • The good news is that because of the Affordable Care Act people forced off of BadgerCare will have access to the new health insurance marketplaces. • The bad news is that it will be hard for very low income people to afford because the law assumed that this group would end up on BadgerCare. • The additional good news is that Wisconsin can take the enhanced BadgerCare money at any time. • This will happen, the only question is how long people have to go without health coverage.
  5. 5. Dates to Know • March 15th is the deadline to sign up for private coverage or BadgerCare for it to start April 1st • March 31st - ~83,000, mostly parents, will be kicked off of BadgerCare. They will have 60 days to access private coverage on Healthcare.gov • After April 1st anyone who qualifies for BadgerCare under the poverty line can access it
  6. 6. Before You Assume This is A Partisan Issue… Conservative Governors of the following states who support accepting federal funds • • • • • • New Jersey Arizona Florida Iowa Michigan Nevada •New Mexico •North Dakota •Ohio •Pennsylvania •Utah
  7. 7. Groups that Have Called for BadgerCare Funds • • • • • • Government groups such as Wisconsin Counties Association Membership groups like AARP Advocacy groups such as Disability Rights Wisconsin Religious organizations like Wisconsin Catholic Conference Medical Systems led by Wisconsin Hospital Association Health Professions, especially Wisconsin Medical Society And over 250 more! •
  8. 8. Oneida Lincoln Marathon Door Dunn Portage Outagamie Eau Claire Wood Clark Manitowoc La Crosse Winnebago Milwaukee Richland Iowa Jefferson Dane Rock
  9. 9. • Our Plan Work to make this issue a priority in the November election. • It is already popular (Over 57% support across party lines), and well covered. Newer polling supports this. • • • It is already seen as a Yes/No question: “Will you support taking the money?” It’s local: Promote the financial and human impact on each county. If the pressure mounts, the state could take the money before the election, which is a victory for those who need the health coverage!
  10. 10. What You Can Do • Help us get the word out by sharing the petition, organizing events, etc. We can track who you recruit and have a local group form to promote BadgerCare. We can help you grow your group or start a new one. • Help us reach out to organizations to encourage them to endorse accepting the federal funds for BadgerCare • Explain that people are able to newly access BC, but people are also about to be kicked off at the end of March Prepare an action/event for the following dates… Leading up to March 15 (Deadline to sign up for BC to start April 1) March 31st/April1st – when thousands will be kicked off • • •
  11. 11. Ideas for Action • Reach out to county supervisors in your area if they haven’t passed a resolution. See who might be interested. • Email me to schedule a local conference call to update your friends and figure out a local strategy together • Share our petition and more, we’ll help connect you to people close by who want to work on this. • Email me to organize a local event in your area to educate people about this issue and remind them to enroll in health coverage while they still can! • Join our Social Media Team – agree to share on Facebook/Twitter the most important new updates as they happen.
  12. 12. Questions? • Kevin Kane Lead Organizer Citizen Action of Wisconsin 414 550 8280 (cell) kevin.kane@citizenactionwi.org facebook.com/CitizenActionWI CitizenActionWI.org More info: Healthcare.gov Kaiser Family Foundation – www.kff.org
  13. 13. Would have had BadgerCare Individual...$15,282 Family of 4…$31,322 $0 Will Have BadgerCare $0 Will have ACA Tax Credits Must buy more expensive private coverage Individual…$11,490…………….$15,282 Family of 4.. $23,550……..……..$31,322 Will have ACA Tax Credits
  14. 14. Remy’s Story “I own a small café. Over 20 years ago I beat cancer, but ever since then no insurance company would sell me a policy because my cancer is a preexisting condition. While being a cancer survivor no longer bars me from private coverage, it has left eligible for BadgerCare, and I’ve been denied from accessing it until April” --Remy, Pepin, Wisconsin