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Customised marker research

Insights which are feelings, life impacts, roles you can play in the markets of interest comes only though a local knowledge of the business landscape, consumers and legislative base.
Let us be your
EARS in any European country you might be interested!

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Customised marker research

  1. 1. THE MARKET RESEARCHTHAT LOOKSAT THE DNAOF LOCAL BUSINESS LANDSCAPECustomised market 2012research service proposalsales@goldenbergresearch.com
  2. 2. Countries we work inThe big picture winsover formality Russia Poland Belarus Czech Republic Slovakia Established business network Albania Associated research partners Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria § 313+ million consumers Macedonia § Combined GDP of US$4,098bn in current terms (2011) Croatia § Combined GDP growth at a CAGR of 10.2% over the Serbia period of 2006-2011 Slovenia § Changing consumer behavior Romania § Challenging business environment Moldova § Growing segmentation Bulgaria § Profound experience in marketing, research, Estonia consultancy, social media analytics and advisory services Latvia § Wide and powerful business network within core Lithuania industries and public sector. Turkey
  3. 3. Companies we work with Advertising We advice on innovation, strategy and the creative process and help agencies fully understand their clients business models and competitors regionally.If you wait until there Consumer goodsis another case study Our people are experts in a majority of consumer goods sectors thus we are able toin your industry, you advice on effective decisions through insightful analysis of their markets, competitors,will be too late channels and customers. HORECA We support innovation and the strategic planning process by helping operators understand their value chain. We support innovation and the strategic planning process. Agriculture Our clients include agricultural organisations, processors and traders of commodities all over the World. Industrial We provide strategic and tactic insights for clients operating in industrial and manufacturing sectors to help them develop successful strategies through a better understanding of their markets, customers and competitors. Retailing Retailers (both in-store and online) and wholesalers cooperate with us to identify future opportunities and to seize sustainable growth through understanding competition and changing consumer landscape. Trade associations Thought the local presence we re able to deliver up to date business trends, provide insights on local legislative and business environment as well as assist on the trade contact establishment.
  4. 4. Market analysis Local knowledge Business network In depth knowledge and Desk Research reliable contactsForcing you to explain Publicly available data Store checkssomething when you analysis and A first hand assessment of interpretation marketing mixdon’t necessarily havethe right vocabulary Industry specializationand tools to explain Trade Interviews Dialogue with key players, globalyour preference and regional research inputs Extensive discussions and data collectionautomatically shifts from local industry playersyou towards the mostconservative and theleast sophisticated Company analysischoice. Global and local company strategy, data and accounts Data validation Cross-referencing of data Regional Insight Market Analysis Data substantiated market trends and opportunities assessed Opportunity Informed Partner sourcing Identification Business Recommendations Decisions Presentation Market entry of results facilitation
  5. 5. Work principles Our professionals are devoted demonstrate a cutting edge performance and client support based on innovative and effective consulting business practiceDetermination winsover chance 1. Focus on the client, continuous communication and feedback, through aGiven the chance, we rigorous project kick-off, we ensure we build upon our client’s existingknow how to knowledge base and hypotheses.demonstrate our 2. We provide valuable advise to address specific needs of the clientexpertise and 3. Our results and processes are completely transparentprofessionalism; butwe do not idly wait for 4. We always answer the “so what?” questionsuch an 5. Its best to do one thing really, really well.opportunity, because 6. Unbiased examination of the competitive environmentthe best chances are 7. World-class primary and secondary research skillscreated by our own 8. Theres always more information out there.determination to 9. The need for information crosses all borders.succeed 10. Collective knowledge wins against ad-hoc work 11. Good is an enemy of great
  6. 6. Business scope Multiple Country Insights for market comparison and evaluation We provide intelligence for strategic decisions to enter the market with theLet us be your highest business potentialLEGS Market Overview Market overview gives a general picture on a specific industry and allowsEYES the client to get first insights within the market, its main actors, financialARMS & information and other issues relevant to the company’s business toEARS in the region optimize their sales strategies In-depth Research The projects range from market sizing, market share depiction, market player analysis, customer research, channel analysis, supply chain analysis market risks and opportunities to tailor-made requests Competitive Intelligence Competitor comparison and bench-marking is a method to depict the strength and weakness of companies who want to better understand their competitors in target or home markets. Sourcing Partner Identification Sourcing partner identification supports companies with spotting of the right partners for production and/ or purchasing within a specific country or region. Arranging meetings with potential trading partners. Trade show representation.