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Nominee #3: Build and Buy Green Hawaii

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Nominee for the U.S. Green Building Council's 2019 Malcolm Lewis IMPACT! Award.

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Nominee #3: Build and Buy Green Hawaii

  1. 1. Kauai Island Utility Cooperative leads the state in renewable energy penetration at 55%. KIUC hosted tours of photovoltaics, Tesla batteries, algae fuel and feed R&D.
  2. 2. LEED Consultant and Facility Operator led tours of LEED Platinum Kanikoʻo Senior Affordable Housing.
  3. 3. The president of the National Tropical Botanical Garden and architect led tours of the first LEED Gold certified building on Kauai, the hurricane-resilient Juliet Rice Wichman Botanical Research Center.
  4. 4. The group stood in solidarity with the global climate strike preceding the United Nations climate meetings.
  5. 5. The volunteer conference planning committee includes architects, facility manager, state energy office staff, real estate manager, innovation manager, landscape architect, and product representative.
  6. 6. We prioritized local food and drink.
  7. 7. addaddas We planned the conference to minimize waste as well as to recycle and compost products we used. Cans and glass for recycling Apple cores and banana peels to compost locally
  8. 8. The conference built bridges between communities and disciplines. Keynote Speaker, Mary Ann Lazarus meets Kauai County Energy and Sustainability Manager, Ben Sullivan. Mary Ann Lazarus inspired all with a keynote speech on Resilient Design in a Transformative Age.
  9. 9. The conference provides opportunities to connect with professionals, share knowledge, and create bonds.
  10. 10. The architect and sustainability consultant led tours of LEED Platinum Kolopua Workforce Housing.
  11. 11. A lesson in resilience and ancestral resource management practices, caretakers led a tour describing the recovery efforts after the 2018 floods at Limahuli Gardens, a National Tropical Botanical Garden.
  12. 12. The participants gave back to the host community with a service project at Limahuli Gardens.