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Grovo - Sotheby's International Realty Case Study

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Learn how Grovo partnered with Sotheby's International to help them distribute training to their agents.

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Grovo - Sotheby's International Realty Case Study

  1. 1. contact@grovo.com | (212) 924-2579 Who C A S E S T U DY: Prominent Properties Sotheby’s International Realty Solution Why Prominent Properties Sotheby’s International Realty (“PPSIR”) is a luxury real estate residential brokerage serving Northern and Central New Jersey. The brokerage employs both full-time admin- istrative employees as well as REALTORS® as independent con- tractors. Determined to combat the digital stress and discomfort of its workforce, PPSIR distributed a grouping of Grovo licenses to each of its 11 offices. To mitigate information overload from having to learn too many new tools at once, PPSIR creates custom learning tracks for individual employees to focus on the content most rele- vant to their roles. Common assignments include training in: • Digital marketing Up to 90% of buyers now start their search online, and in order to capture these leads, real estate agents must keep up with a con- tinually expanding list of web tools. PPSIR is concerned that its associates lose sales if they are unable to effectively communicate with leads via email or social media. Associates also risk missing opportunities if they lack training in how to cultivate an online presence to generate new leads. With real estate agents always on the go, PPSIR recognizes that its associates need to be proficient with mobile apps to respond to immediate needs from buyers. “Grovo has decreased the time spent on operations by 20% so our associates can focus on creat- ing leads and closing deals” “A must-have solution for any real estate brokerage looking to gain a competitive edge” Michael Oppler Vice President of Career Development Prominent Properties Sotheby’s international Realty • Email management • Facebook • LinkedIn • Web security As well as lessons on tracking expenses with Quickbooks and Ex- pensify, which are popular among PPSIR’s many independent contractors.
  2. 2. contact@grovo.com | (212) 924-2579 Results Top 3 Reasons to use Grovo “Grovo gets it right with organi- zation. At the site level, it’s very easy to find what you need. And at the lesson level, all of the ma- terial is presented clearly and without any fluff. A one-minute Grovo lesson teaches the same amount of content as a typical five minute lesson.” “Our experience with Grovo has been smooth sailing, but it’s liberating to know that there is constant support when we need it. The customer service team is superb.” “Grovo has useful content for every one of our employees. The library has the right mix of beginner and advanced con- tent, making it far and away the best solution for helping people become more proficient on the web.” “Grovo absolutely understands the urgency facing companies, in that “time is money.” Instead of spending countless hours search- ing Google, employees now have everything they need on Grovo.” Michael Oppler Vice President of Career Development Prominent Properties Sotheby’s international Realty Grovo helped PPSIR create training that not only aided in clos- ing the skills gap, but also dramatically increased awareness and adoption of cloud technology across the brokerage. The skills ac- quired in digital marketing, online advertising, and social media helped brokers source and close more deals.