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Atlassian Overview


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Atlassian Overview

  1. 1. 6 offices worldwide 2,000+ Atlassians
  2. 2. 3 We believe behind every great 
 human achievement, there is a team. 
 Our mission is to unleash the potential in every team. 3
  3. 3. Our experience: Software teams driving innovation Player statistics & analytics platform through NHL.com Order pizza through web, phone, watch, TV, voice. UPS plans routes with 
 real-time traffic data
  4. 4. SOFTWARE SUPPORT Success with software teams leads the way for all teams HR LEGAL FINANCE IT MARKETING
  5. 5. Today teams face increasing complexity Which email? Huh? I sent that to you already Is this thing done? That file is outdated I think Luanne is on that Multi-device
 workflows Distributed
 workforce Information
 overload Speed of
  7. 7. What we do for teams Tasks &
 projects Pages &
 files Messages,
 & calls Requests 
 & SLAs Code &
  8. 8. What Atlassian does for teams SOFTWARE IT BUSINESS
  9. 9. Plan & track Adopt agile best practices. Plan projects, manage dependencies and track team progress. Build & ship Collaborate on code with inline comments and pull requests. Manage and share your Git and Mercurial repositories. Collaborate & document Keep teams connected with chat. Collaborate on product requirements, roadmaps and technical documentation. Automate & deploy Embrace continuous delivery. Automate builds, tests and releases in a single workflow. Atlassian for software teams Everything your team needs to build & deliver great software, fast
  10. 10. Service Management Manage incidents, problems, changes, and service requests. Give your IT team the tools they need to be fast and responsive. Make help easy Give people an easy way to ask for help and let them self-serve for simple issues. Document Knowledge Manage your support documents as well as your IT policies & procedures in one central and collaborative place. Bring the team together Connect agents with experts to solve problems faster. Centralize team communication so you never miss an update. Atlassian for IT teams Simple & smart service for happier customers
  11. 11. Atlassian for business teams Organize, discuss and do work across all your teams Organize for success The path from inspiration to realization of your business initiatives requires organized teamwork. Always keep your team informed every step of the way. Manage approvals Don't get slowed down by finding an approver. Organize and standardize your approval process so you can uncover blockers and speed the flow from 'idea' to 'done'. Create, share & discuss Collaborate with your team on the work needed to keep your projects moving forward - meeting notes, project plans, office files, and more - all in one place. Stop email chains Don't bury important communication in email silos. Connect teams to share ideas, plans and more.
  12. 12. Customers of all sizes in every industry
  13. 13. Tesla drives the auto industry into the future. Atlassian helps Tesla work more efficiently in the name of energy efficiency.
  14. 14. #1 in the UK, Daily Telegraph reaches 3M readers a day. The Daily Telegraph uses Atlassian to keep the presses – and other media channels – running.
  15. 15. Built & refined, for teams Using the insights of 
 50,000 customers, we design products that help teams work better together Easy to use & adopt We invest in making products that are easy to access, easy to use, and immediately put
 to work Versatile & adaptable Our products are designed to be useful in a broad range of workflows and projects Integrated & open Our products are designed to work well together, and with critical third-party platforms/ applications Atlassian products are focused on helping teams organize, discuss, and complete work
  16. 16. Atlassian is not your traditional enterprise software company The old way The Atlassian way Z z Do-it-yourself software Fits any budget Predictable pricing Bottom up Day cycles E-commerce business model Hard to try & deploy Expensive to buy Heavy discounting Top down Month cycles Offline business model
  17. 17. Products
 projects Pages &
 files Messages,
 & calls Requests 
 & SLAs Code &
 reviews UNIQUE
  19. 19. Customer deployment options Cloud WE HOST Server YOU HOST Hosted in the cloud Instant setup Monthly or annual subscription Host on your hardware Extreme customization Perpetual license Data Center YOU HOST High availability Performance at scale Annual term license Data Center is not available for HipChat
  20. 20. for Business Teams Project planning Progress tracking The JIRA family Track, report, & discuss for IT Teams Incident & request tracking Self-service SLAs and reports for Software Teams Sprint & release planning Agile boards Development reports
  21. 21. The #1 Agile development solution for tracking, managing & reporting on software projects
  22. 22. Product managers: Planning projects, sprints, and timelines for the next big release Dev managers: Managing scope, timelines, and resources for an on-time release Developers: Tracking issues, bugs, and any work item related to the project at hand Use Cases
  23. 23. A Service Desk your employees and IT team will love to use COLUMN TITLE
  24. 24. Use cases Agents Agents get the tools they need for fast responsive service including an intuitive interface, dynamic queues, visual SLAs, and knowledge Employees Employees get an easy way to ask for help and self-serve for any issue Managers Managers get real-time reports to track the team’s progress and stay on top of critical issues
  25. 25. Any business team, any project
  26. 26. Marketing: Manage review cycles for marketing campaigns HR: Manage candidate tracking and employee onboarding Finance: Managing purchasing and procurement processes Use cases
  27. 27. The simplest place to create, organize and discuss work with your team
  28. 28. Product requirements and documentation for software teams Project documents and file collaboration for business teams Use cases Technical projects and knowledge base for IT teams
  29. 29. Use cases Connect employees with experts to tap into tribal knowledge throughout the company Streamline meeting preparation, note taking and follow-up on action items Share and collaborate pages and files
  30. 30. Real-time team messaging, video and audio communications
  31. 31. Know who’s available to chat at all times Get system notifications fed into HipChat to keep your team up to date Chat with your team from everywhere Use cases
  32. 32. The best way to keep customers and employees informed during downtime
  33. 33. IT Teams: Keep users informed and build trust during an incident by displaying real- time status info at the top of your page Support Teams: Reduce the flood of duplicate support tickets during an incident. Show the current status of each piece of your service. DevOps Teams: Subscribed users will receive status updates so you can focus on fixing the issue at hand rather than answering “what’s the status of this?” questions. Use Cases
  34. 34. The Git solution for professional teams. Code management and collaboration.
  35. 35. Code reviews and quality Code collaboration and hosting for development teams. Use cases
  36. 36. Products for teams
  37. 37. Products for teams
  38. 38. Products for teams
  39. 39. Products for teams
  40. 40. Quickly find, try and buy over 3,000 add-ons for Atlassian products
  41. 41. 3,000+
  42. 42. Thank you!
  43. 43. Flexible Out-of-the-box personalization to fit your team and process. Extensible 800+ plug-and-play add-ons and rich APIs. Visibility The single source of truth for projects and team activity. Integrations Work with all of your existing developer tools. Scalable Designed for teams of 10 or 10,000+ and everyone between. The JIRA family Track, report, & discuss
  44. 44. Core Capabilities Releasing Ship with confidence and sanity knowing the information you have is always current. Tracking Prioritize and discuss your team's work in full context with complete visibility. Agile Planning Create user stories and issues, plan sprints, and distribute tasks across your software team. Reporting Improve team performance based on real-time, visual data you can use. Integration Show information from source code repositories & build systems to get the whole picture.
  45. 45. Core Capabilities Self-service portal Give people an easy way to ask for help or self-serve Service management Incident, problem, change and request management. Everything your IT team needs out of the box. Dev & IT Link your tickets to your development backlog in JIRA for fast resolution across teams Agent Collaboration Bring agents and experts together to solve problems faster. Never miss an update with mobile alerts Share Knowledge Put information at your agent’s fingertips for speedy issue resolution Take Service outside of IT Easily spin up a basic service desk for teams like HR, finance, and legal to service their customers
  46. 46. Core Capabilities Collaborate Be in the know with @mentions to keep team members informed Organize information Central location for project info such as comments, files and due dates Business templates Use out-of-the-box templates or customize them to match how your business teams work. Track history Get visibility into what your team members are working on, what the status is and when it will be done Measure results Reports and dashboards provide insight into how your business team is doing
  47. 47. Core Capabilities Create and share anything Meeting notes, product requirements, file lists, project plans and more. Versioned and stored Track every version and change securely and simply. People to people Share, discuss and collect feedback with comments, @mentions, and likes. JIRA integration Connect to JIRA to link track worked to related documents and project plans. Extend with add-ons Hundreds of add-ons for themes, diagramming, charts and workflows in the Atlassian Marketplace. Built for teams Give every team, project, or department its own space to organize work.
  48. 48. Core Capabilities Never lose track of a conversation Connect with your team, wherever you are. Persistent and searchable chat history makes sure you are never out of touch Drag and drop file sharing Grab files from your desktop, DropBox, email or anywhere. HipChat shows a preview of the file to everyone in the room Integrate over 100+ tools Gain transparency for your entire team by bringing notifications into your conversations from Github, JIRA, Zendesk, and more Run it on everything HipChat synchronizes across desktop, mobile, and web apps. Conversations are never lost when you switch devices Communicate better Through group chat, video calls, screen shares, and more, HipChat helps you communicate better Serious fun Get your groove back with custom emoticons and bots, animated GIFs, Instagram feeds, and Twitter notifications. Work doesn't always have to feel like work
  49. 49. Core Capabilities Granular incident communication Give customers one place to view active & past incidents and scheduled maintenance. Components let you showcase real-time status for each piece of your service. Subscriptions Subscriptions via e-mail, SMS, or webhook proactively notify users of status updates in real-time. Automation with integrations Integrate monitoring, alerting, and ChatOps tools to automate your incident communication workflow. Performance metrics Add performance metrics to you status page to showcase your uptime and transparency Private Pages Private pages keep employees informed of internal service statuses and feature authentication via IP restrictions, SAML 2.0, & Google Auth. Page customization Brand your page with a logo or cover image, custom URL, and custom CSS/HTML.
  50. 50. Core Capabilities Collaborative Encourage, enforce and facilitate discussions and ensure code quality with reviews via Pull Requests. Integrations Integrate with the tools you know and love via APIs and webhooks, or take advantage of the hundreds of add-ons available in the Atlassian Marketplace. Secure Enterprise-grade security with fine-grained permissions and merge checks, all the way down to the branch level. Flexibility Deployment flexibility for those who wish to work in the cloud or behind their firewall. Scalability A tool that grows as you grow. For those working behind the firewall, start with a single server and move to a multi-node data center deployment.
  51. 51. FOR CUSTOMERS FOR DEVELOPERS Thousands of add-ons Choose from add-ons for any of your products to help your team go faster and be better Simple procurement Add-ons become part of your single Atlassian invoice, with simple monthly or annual renewals Cloud or Server Whatever your choice of Atlassian product, our add-on developers have you covered 47,000 instant customers Quickly get your add-on to market and in front of millions of Atlassian users and thousands of teams Sales support tools Transaction systems, licensing and provisioning, renewals automation - all out of the box Developer platform Overviews and API references, Marketplace GTM assistance, dashboards and API feeds of evaluations and sales Core Capabilities
  52. 52. Get visibility across all teams and projects Portfolio for JIRA
  53. 53. Product managers: Building realistic roadmaps and playing with what-if scenarios Project Managers: Planning milestones, managing dependencies and tracking progress. Use CasesPortfolio for JIRA Dev managers: Managing scope, timelines, and resources for an on-time release
  54. 54. Core Capabilities Adapt Make fast prioritization and tradeoff decisions and instantly see the impact in the plan so you can answer the 'what-if' questions. Manage Manage team availabilities and skill sets so you can avoid bottlenecks and ensure the right people are available when needed. Forecast Optimize your schedule in real- time, and instantly forecast realistic release dates so you know when you can deliver. Track Set business goals and track progress to make sure you execute on your strategy and everyone is aligned to the same priorities. Report Have one single source of truth with aggregated visibility across teams so you can keep everyone on the same page. Portfolio for JIRA Plan Create a plan from your existing data in JIRA Software and roll-up epics into initiatives for a cross- team, cross project view.