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Brokerage - The Next 10 Years

  1. Brokerage - The Next 10 Years by Bobby Bryant
  2. About Me CEO/CO-Founder of DOSS, an Amazon and Google-backed digital real estate super app designed to better centralize, democratize, and humanize BIG DATA for the largest asset class in the world. Our development empowers users to speak, text, or type any question about any property in the country to get accurate, easy, and instant answers as they search, service, and transact all things home in the palm of your hands.
  3. What will the future of look like? Brokerages Historically Agent Centric Future - Agent & Consumer Centric Why? Agents Are Changing…
  4. What is the future of offices? Brokerage The Pros & Cons of Virtual Offices Historically Offices are Bulky & for Agents Future - Offices are Smaller & Built for the Community
  5. What do Agents want from their ? Brokerage Culture & Sense of Belonging Support & Training Leads
  6. What should Consumers expect from ? Brokerages Great Service(Flexible) and Flexible Pricing Options Accountability Competent Agent(s)
  7. Action Items Create your own rules, within the rules! Decide for Agents, and provide what they need… What does your community need? Decide, what do you believe, and create it…