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Four alkaline water benefits you never knew

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Alkaline water is ionized water where pH is increased which helps in neutralizing the acid in the body and thus prevents various ailments.

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Four alkaline water benefits you never knew

  1. 1. Four Alkaline Water benefits You Never Knew Alkaline water is the new trend as a step towards a healthy life and wellness. It not just maintains the pH level in the body but also neutralizes the acidic level which normal water is unable to do. Alkaline water is ionized water where pH is increased which helps in neutralizing the acid in the body and thus prevents various ailments. Our body secretes juices which are acidic in nature and alkaline water helps when the body is not getting food which balances the pH. It is suggested to eat food which is 70 % alkaline and 30 % acidic to maintain this balance but when we avoid maintaining this balance, the pH level is disturbed. To cope with this healthy life balance, alkaline water comes to rescue. There are numerous benefits of drinking alkaline water apart from just maintaining the pH balance. To know how it actually helps your health and benefits your body, keep reading ahead. Here is a list of the problems where alkaline water helps you. 1- Osteoporosis and healthy bones Studies suggest that the lesser is the bone resorption and more mineral density, the healthier are the bone and their strength. And alkaline water is said to reduce bone resorption. 2- Acid reflux When the acidic content in the stomach splash back up the food pipe, acid reflux happens and if this continues to happen for a long time it can cause damage and a disease called Gastroesophageal Reflux. Alkaline water helps you reduce this acidity. 3- Diabetes and Blood pressure It was found by scientists in Shanghai, that after drinking alkaline water for 3-6 months people with high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high blood lipids had measured lower in all these factors. It was also found in research that blood viscosity was reduced in 100 adults when pH electrolyte water was taken along with exercise. 4- Detoxification and cleansing Alkaline water eliminates the build-up of mucus on the colon wall and thus helps in absorbing nutrients by improving the system. Similarly, it helps in flushing out toxins from the body that have accumulated over time inside the body. Using a good quality alkaline water filter helps you in getting fresh water regularly without much effort. These days many water filter manufacturers produce alkaline mineral water using filters which uses natural layers to filter water and provide naturally clean, refined and healthy.