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Strong Security Elements for IoT Manufacturing

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GlobalSign’s Vice President of IoT Identity Solutions, Lancen LaChance, presented a session on Strong Security Elements for IoT Manufacturing at the Internet of Things Expo in New York.

Lancen will run through some ideas and perspectives around incorporating strong information security elements into your IoT devices during the manufacturing process. Within this context we'll look at how we are examining the risks associated with IoT Products, Then we'll discuss some of the approaches for implementing these technologies in the manufacturing cycle. And finally we'll cover some example IoT use cases which are well aligned with the application of these technologies

As we look at the evolving IoT space, one bet we're willing to make is that the privacy and security of IoT products will continue to become more distinguishing features and differentiators. In this vein, Lancen address' how products can be built to achieve these goals through security by design, leveraging past technology successes, as well as the nuances and requirements of implementing within the manufacturing process

If you didn’t get a chance to make it to the conference and see Lancen live, we wanted to share the recorded presentation with you.

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