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Agile Journey

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An Agile story of successes and failures

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Agile Journey

  1. 1. expectations time discovery learn improve real world new culture We told our story. Feedbacks: “This is not agile. Agile is … bla bla” This is my Culture. Agile or not Agile it works for us :-) Agile at Scale, Agile Buzzwords, the “TRUE Agile” is ... Real life is hard but we can do it I understood the theory. Really nice! This is not correct… you are not Agile… (again!) Starting from here we build our business! Values, Principles, Culture, Tools and Individuals are all ingredients for our success. Now we are aware! Now we are satisfied! Now we are ready to improve continuously! I hate Agile! We are in production! It was hard but we’ve learnt a lot! Restart from Basics. Values, Principles, XP, Improvement Now it’s clear! Agile is a mindset, my mindset, our mindset! Hey guy, I found my way! I’m happy and it works (for us) WOW! The first conference We are going in production. Not all moments are easy as were during the project Thanks to retrospectives we are able to improve! CC 4.0 License - Giulio Roggero