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  1. Adopting Formula One Downforce Principles to Fill Your Sales Pipeline & Win Business Faster
  2. • Ginger Clay • 20+ years in Marketing • 5 years working inside your business • What Qualifies me? • What does IgniteRM do? • Ignite180: Strategy & Execution • Integrated Campaigns • Marketing Mavericks • Persona Messaging • Web Audit & Best Practices • Social Media Turn-key Welcome
  3. In the beginning…
  4. The 60’s & 70’s
  5. The 80’s
  6. The 90’s
  7. The 2000’s
  8. Today
  9. The Buyer’s Mindset Do I have a problem? How can I do it better? I heard that product “X” can do “y”. I think I need to make a change. Price? Solutions? Vendor? Which vendor can deliver? Can I trust them? 60% 67% is done digitally (SiriusDecisions)
  10. Shifts in the marketing landscape • Nearly half of all B2B researchers are millennials • LOB Managers are influencing purchasing decisions or making them • 71% of B2B research begins with a generic search • Mobile usage is getting more play in the research phase of a buying decision • More and more buyers are watching video • Takes 7-12 engagements before buyer’s engage with you
  11. The Gap TOP MIDDLE BOTTOM Do I have a problem? How can I do it better? I heard that product “X” can do “y.” I am going to make a change. Price? Solutions? Vendor?
  12. What’s happening? • 8-9 Billion devices are connected to the internet • Most are computers, phones and tablets • Educated Buyer • Expectations are increasing • “One-size” no longer can fit all • Capx to Opex • Want information to be personal • Want information to be relevant • Want information to be timely • Social Engagements to Learn • Perception is Reality • Social Noise
  13. Rise of the Self-Educated Buyer
  14. Buyer Behavior
  15. The Role of Marketing Today
  16. What does Racing and Marketing have in common? 1. Begins with the knowledge of the road 2. Driver matters 3. Design reduces timing 4. Wing flow varies 5. Downforce is key 1. Target / Pain Points 2. Different skills required 3. Right time/ Right Place/ Top of Mind 4. One size does not fit all 5. Marketing leverages the downforce concept to attract buyers during the decision making process
  17. Common Disconnect 1. Marketing is viewed as and IS a cost center 2. Marketing is a compilation of events 3. Hired a lower level marketing assistant type person who can execute, but lacks strategy/vision 4. Lack a comprehensive plan that includes a way to communicate to existing customers, sell deeper and keep them sticky 5. No processes to track performance
  18. Why can I not create downforce? 1. Your not found 2. You would not know if you were found 3. You don’t know what your visitors do online 4. You don’t know who your online visitors are 5. You don’t value marketing enough to invest in the tools to be in the know 6. You are found, but not relevant enough to engage visitors 7. You don’t offer compelling relevant information that would make someone want to continue to stay on your page
  19. 5 Ways to Attract (and be found) 1. Be Attractive 2. Know Your Customer 3. Be Relevant 4. Connect 5. Be Found
  20. Be Attractive.  Web Presentation: Do you look innovative?  Message: Do you have a compelling story?  Value Prop: Does it speak to the customers pain points and buying drivers?  Key Differentiators: Can you back it up?
  21. Know Your Customer. CIO Being pushed closer to customer demands yet required to engage in strategic initiatives designed to provide value to the internal organization and end-user CHALLENGES  Priorities have shifted from operations to the customer, from efficiency to customer loyalty, from cost control to increasing sales  Compliance: I have PCI data all over the place. How do I secure that data? • Bottlenecks: My team is too busy fighting fires. How do I determine where my bottlenecks are? • Staffing: Just when I invest into and train a good IT Director, he/she is lured away by the competition • Cloud issue: I have a bunch of servers sitting on my network. They all stand alone. How do I consolidate those and possibly move to the cloud? • What are their top 3 priorities? How do you fill the gap? • How do you help them mitigate that risk? • Where do they find information? • What content do they read? • Who are the influencers? • What are the key drivers? • What are the common objections?
  22. 1. Talk about your customers problems 2. Keep it popcorn sized 3. Pay attention to aesthetics 4. Stop talking at and talk with 5. Stop pushing. Start pulling. Be Relevant.
  23. Are you willing to connect? Why be social?
  24. What is social media designed to do? • Attract people who are like you & have similar interests • Have a conversation • Sell How are you doing?
  25. What does social media NOT do? •SELL • Be a billboard • Talk about YOU • Be a platform for manufacturer-centric content • Not have purpose • Be Unprofessional • Be a superficial marketing push
  26. Social Disclaimer 27
  27. How do I generate leads using social media? Answer: You don’t. You generate interest. You foster trust. You establish credibility. You connect. You Inform. You give the visitor what they want: more value. 28
  28. “Marketers use social media to sell stuff. Buyers, however, do not. Buyers are on social to find value.”
  29. Value Content Entertaining Content Offers CTA Events About You 70% 20% 10% 70:20:10 Ratio
  30. Value Content  Blog: How to Welcome the 21st Century Connected Parent into Your Classroom  Blog: 3 Cost Effective Reasons to Read this Before You Buy Your Next Phone System  eBook: Evaluating Simpler Infrastructure Alternatives  Guides: Parents have choices. 6-Steps to increase ADA.  Checklist: Security Checklist / BYOD Checklist/ Campus Safety  Report: 4 Critical Elements of an IT Roadmap & 1 Bonus Industry Finding  Guide: Increasing enrollment through Digital(Media Rich) Classrooms
  31. Instead of Being Social, Connect. • How do visitors consume information? 70% • Align with the customer decision journey. • Create patterns, not repeat messages. • Create a brand. What does your brand stand for? • Be known for something.
  32. LinkedIn Strategy • Tier 1 Contacts • Sales Networking for Leads • Social Listening • Brand Visibility • Branding through Content • Content strategy through strategic placement of ads
  33. Get Ranked & Get Found • 5.9 billion searches a day • People searching on Google are actually looking for something • 10 results on a each page • Google’s 1st page captures 89% of traffic • Most users will not look beyond the 1st page • Of the 89% of traffic, the 1st 2-listings capture 42% of the visits
  34. Where should an organization like mine begin? 1. Be Attractive 2. Know Your Customer 3. Be Relevant 4. Connect during every stage of the decision making process 5. Be Found
  35. Break?
  36. What will keep my business from leveraging downforce?
  37. 1. Sales & Marketing misAlignment 1. Misaligned strategy 2. Misaligned thinking 3. Misaligned goals 4. Misaligned compensation
  38. The Value of Teamwork 39 “Talent wins game, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” - Michael Jordan
  39. Biggest Sales & Marketing Disagreements • Role of Marketing vs. Sales • What is a lead? • When does it become a “sales qualified” lead? • How do we track it as it moves through the sales pipeline? • Which “results” do we measure?
  40. ---MARKETING FOUNDATION--- • Downloads/Offers • Events • Search Engine • Blogs • Social Media • Web Landing Pages • Case Studies • Events • Networking • Campaigns • Comparing • Evaluating • Referral Book • Testimonials • Project Portfolio CUSTOMER ADVOCACY AWARENESS CONSIDERATION DECISION • Message & Branding • Aligning Sales & Marketing • Web Redesign • Social Media • SEO • Content Schedule • Collateral • Proposal Redesign • Marketing Intel • Cold Calls • Tele-Marketing • Prospecting • Qualifying • B: Budget? • A: Authority? • N: Need? • T: Timeline? SALES ALIGNMENT MARKETING ALIGNMENT
  41. How do you tell a cloud prospect from an on premise prospect? Qualifying a Cloud Prospect
  42. Which Solution is Right For Your Customer? Cloud Based PBX • Fully managed solution • Local & nationwide long distance included • Perfect for connecting multiple locations • Anytime, anywhere access • Predictable monthly operating expense • Rich business app integration • Full BYOD mobility support • Incredible, reliable service • Fantastic call quality & reliability On Premise IP-PBX • Easy to administer and use • Low operating costs and maintenance • Perfect for large locations • Powerful collaboration applications • Capital expense • Rich business app integration • Full BYOD mobility support • Incredible, reliable service • Fantastic call quality & reliability
  43. • Background on the prospect is “the” key • Start up or well established? • How do they deploy technology today? • Are they growing rapidly? • Is mobility important? • Do they desire to stay technology current? • What are their business challenges? • Is OpEx important to them? Qualifying a Cloud Prospect
  44. “There has got to be a shift from 2005-style marketing to attraction marketing driven by data, knowledge and ultimately content.”
  45. 2. Not measuring the transition from a MQL to an SQL. 1. Online Performance 2. Social 3. Email 4. Events 5. Win/Loss Huh?
  46. What should I measure? 1. Online Performance • How many overall visits to the site? • How many visits from different devices? • Bounce rate? • Time on site? • Where do visitors come from? • Referral? (Social) • Direct? (www….) • Keyword? (SEO, PPC) • Email?
  47. What should I measure? 1. Social • Followers • Activity • Click-throughs • Trending content
  48. What should I measure? 1. Email & Events • Opens • Click-throughs • Bounce • Undelivered • Click-Through • Registered vs. Attended
  49. What should I measure? 1. Win/Loss Opportunities • How many leads move from MQL to SQL? • How many MQL/SQL close with success? Failure? • Why did they close? • What is the % of win-to- lose? • What are the sources of closed opportunities?
  50. How can you leverage downforce to attract and drive demand? • The landscape is changing • Must align with the buyer’s decision making process • Must be attractive • Know your target • Relevant & Connect • Be found • Influence change by aligning and marketing • Measure, rinse, repeat
  51. “There are no shortcuts in evolution.” --Louis Brandeis
  52. Downloads & Contact Details Email: LinkedIn: Ginger Clay Twitter: @GingerClayCom OR @IgniteRM

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  1. THINGS TO ADD FOR NEXT ROUND: Having a clear call to action/next steps for the partner is going to be important.  It’s a lot of information to digest and guiding them to next steps will be very helpful.    Provide a more tangible/pictorial path for which strategies of marketing build on one another over time. Provide a step-by-step “getting started” AND “moving to the next level” playbook. This will address both the beginner (w/o marketing) and the beginner+ (has some tactical marketing items in play but nothing cohesive that drives MQL) Better explain MQL and SQL Change the car color to orange
  2. Marketing was once …
  3. Today’s modern marketer: Takes the old techniques of the mad-men era and combines them with the modern, online digital marketing techniques needed to understand a buyer’s behavior, connect in a way that matters to the client and provide enough hooks to keep the visitor ENGAGED.
  4. SiriusDecisions’ Demand Creation Strategies advisory service.
  5. Nearly half… Back in 2012, there was a pretty even mix. In 2014, millennials increased of 70%. LOB’s #1 source for search is the internet. Mobile: 42% of researchers use a mobile device during the B2B purchasing process. 70% B2B buyers watch videos through out their buying journey
  6. Ginger
  7. Marketers need to constantly and automatically evolve their programs based on how their buyers react to their marketing messages.  Behavioral marketing is no longer an option — it’s table stakes.
  8. Do you think that if only ½ of 1% (3.5 Mil) people are online doing a unique search every 20 days—that someone could be looking for a better way to communicate?
  9. This is where marketing comes into play. We now have the opp. To know WHAT- WHEN- WHO is online
  10. A modern Formula One car has almost as much in common with a jet fighter as it does with an ordinary road car. Downforce-- which helps the car take corners at great speeds, and Aerodynamics play a major role in minimizing the drag and turbulence that slows down the pace of the car.   Thousands of dollars in research goes into designing the Formula One aerodynamics Shaving seconds off the race and giving the F-1 driver the ultimate advantage. The same care and effort is being poured into figuring out: What you like When you look Where you look What you buy What used to be a conversation between your top sales person and the buyer, is now… A Google search conducted that takes place in just seconds Eliminating the buyer’s need to initially consult a sales person when considering a phone purchase. Finding these “buyers” when they are ready and interested in making a technology change is something your sales person can no longer do.   design and agility of your marketing and sales model is key to finding and driving demand for new business 3 Things affect this cars ability to win: 1. Downforce 2. Drag 3. Drafting Downforce is created by the air moving over the top of the car and pushing it down toward the track surface. Drag is the resisting force the vehicle experiences from air pushing against it and the additional weight that downforce creates. Draft- Drivers lessens the amount of drag that they experience on the race track—When driver B tucks his nose under Driver A to improve airflow over both cars Helps you to stay on course, increase speed and win the game. So, what does DF and Marketing have in common? Downforce is the most important of all D’s…The idea is to get most of the air to flow over the top of the car to maximize downforce Marketing is your downforce. It has to get the most visibility, awareness and credibility for your services to drive demand.
  11. There are some non-believers in here. “We just don’t get found” “No one is coming to our website” “Our marketing team is doing the same thing and nothing changes” “I don’t’ believe buyers are making choices on line because no one comes to my website”
  12. You need to constantly and automatically evolve your program based on how their buyers react to your marketing messages.  Behavioral marketing is no longer an option — it’s table stakes.
  13. Ok Ginger, what am I going to do that is so different than what I do today?
  14. Tagline [Click] Value prop [Click]
  15. Use the 3E filter
  16. \
  17. Facebook may not be good for your business Leads do not result because you have a collection of social media sites. A social media strategy is not important. How use social media to push out great content/connect with your community/and educate is what matters most. Take a deep breath and suspend those social media sites you do not use.
  18. \
  19. 70% of B2B buyers are watching videos throughout buying journey.
  20. All that means is “get ranked on Google”
  21. …to gain the downforce advantage in my marketing, but…Where should an org like mine begin?
  22. 1997 Playoffs: Michael Jordan managed to scored 38 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals with severe flu, but he could not have done it without the help of his team.
  23. Top of Funnel - Awareness Field Intel for Marketing Create Individual Awareness in Market Middle of Funnel – Consideration Positive Company and Individual Reputation Viewed as Customer Focused in Market Active in Helping Marketing Tell Story Bottom of Funnel – Decision Customer Need Focused Articulate Value Proposition Patience to Close
  24. Answer: You don’t. You lead with a cloud solution.
  25. Huh?