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Gillian Whitney - Using Facebook Notes

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Gillian Whitney - Using Facebook Notes

  1. 1. www.launch4life.com 1 Facebook “Notes” Notes Notes are for when you want a lengthy content piece on your Facebook Page.
  2. 2. • Use as a Blog * • Use to summarize a Blog • Use as an extended bio of you/business • Use to introduce a new product/service • Inform on important news or information • Announce contests or promotions * Caution - FB could remove Notes App some day 2www.launch4life.com Why Use Notes on your FB Page
  3. 3. Creating a Note: Step #1 Go to your FB Page and scroll down beneath Home Tab to Manage Tabs (circled below) 3www.launch4life.com
  4. 4. Creating a Note: Step #2 In the “Manage Tabs” window click the “add or remove tabs” 4www.launch4life.com
  5. 5. Creating a Note: Step #3 Click the Add App button 5www.launch4life.com
  6. 6. Creating a Note: Step #4 Voila!!! Now you have the “Notes” tab on the left 6www.launch4life.com
  7. 7. Creating a Note: Step #5 Click the Notes on the left and then click “Add Note” 7www.launch4life.com
  8. 8. Creating a Note: Step #6 Using this editor, add a header photo, edit the title, write the text and insert photos. Hover over the lines icon which will pop up to the left of your cursor to access formatting elements for the body of the note. Suggest you link to a website, a blog, or Contact info. 8www.launch4life.com
  9. 9. Creating a Note: Step #7 Finished Note will show up: • As a Post on your timeline • In your Notes section • In Newsfeed of people who have liked your Page • People can comment or share • You can edit or delete (live demo on webinar recording) 9www.launch4life.com
  10. 10. Creating a Note: Step #8 A To extend reach send a Facebook Message or an Email with a short introduction. Copy the link and write a brief introduction: 10www.launch4life.com
  11. 11. Creating a Note: Step #8 B Extend reach with a Post on other social media platforms: ie linkedin (live demo on webinar recording) 11www.launch4life.com
  12. 12. Things to “Note” • Notes cannot be used in an Ad. Create a post with a link to Note. • Use Cover Photo for Header Photo • Have content backup elsewhere Need inspiration: Check out other People’s notes by going to www.facebook.com/notes Or Google a “Keyword” +www.facebook.com/notes Great Example: https://www.facebook.com/3rdbattali on34thinfantry/notes www.launch4life.com 12
  13. 13. Things to “Note” Great Example: https://www.facebook.com/Direction- Home-Akron-Canton-Area-Agency-on- Aging-Disabilities- 109282000996/notes www.launch4life.com 13
  14. 14. • Pick a topic and try writing a Note. • Spread reach with the “link” via Email or FB Messenger • Post on other social media you use. Spread the word. Have fun!!! 14www.launch4life.com Note Take-Aways