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Cellular Detoxing Drops Presentation

  1. Detox is Essential – Pollution is everywhere You: • try to Eat right • take Supplements • try to get enough Rest • try to Keep active But, there is more. You must: Detox every cell of your body every day!
  2. We live in a World that is getting more and more polluted and we must be aware of this fact and do something about it. First we need to cleanse our own bodies.
  3. • Over 90% of all chemicals used in industry in the US alone are considered to be harmful to our wellbeing • 2 Million Tons of harmful chemicals are disbursed into the surroundings we live in and approximately 1/3 of these are known carcinogens • Our upper air flows are continually distributing harmful toxins all over the earth, so there really is no place to hide • Know this fact: Harmful Toxins in our environment are increasing
  4. Our Bodies are wonderfully made, but need to be maintained. The best maintenance of our bodies must begin with cleansing at the cellular level – all tissue and fat cells cleaned at the same time
  5. You are in High Toxic Risk if: • On an Airplane • In most Cities or Urban areas • Drink non purified water • Eat foods that are grown with Pesticides • You have harmful materials in dental fillings • Fish from contaminated oceans and rivers • You have had X-rays, Scans, MRI’s and more • You watch video displays – TV, Computers, Cell Phones • Antibiotics, vaccines, and other inoculations • You live in the path of a Nuclear disaster Which ones of these affect you and your family?
  6. Toxins begin in our Family • Every baby is born with Toxins from their mother’s milk • The same Toxins are passed on to their children as well The Solution is to Cleanse by Detoxing and stop this Toxic transfer to our offspring
  7. Inflammation in our bodies is a silent killer and Toxins of all kinds are the primary suspects. It is time to cleanse our bodies.
  8. Whether you know it or not, Toxins are causing: • Loss of Memory • Vision problems • Poor Energy • Mental and Nervous Disorders • Sleep Disorders • Irritated Skin • Eating Disorders • Unexplained Aches and Pains • Hot and Cold Fluctuations • Loss of Flexibility • More – do your research on the effects of Toxins in your body
  9. We have an ANSWER to rid your body of Toxins, so you can: • Restore your Health and return to a far better quality of life, and • Live Longer because Toxins will cause problems that shortens our lives
  10. The earth has given us the ANSWER to DETOXING our BODIES: • It is a highly enhanced ZEOLITE mineral – a rock! • ZEOLITE is molten rock that flowed into and cooled in an ocean or lake • ZEOLITE traps and transports Toxins from our Bodies within hours because Toxins are Positive and ZEOLITES are Negatively Charged – Toxins cannot remain in our Cells!
  11. ZEOLITES have been used for hundreds of years • Absorbs Chemicals and radioactive materials including Chernobyl, Fukushima, 3 Mile Island • Ancient cultures have used ZEOLITES in medicines for centuries • Filters water, cleans air, and used in fertilizer to improve crops
  12. KEY DESCRIMINATORS – What makes our ZEOLITE the BEST? • Made into water soluble molecules called HYDROLYZED CLINIOPTILOLITE • It is not a ground powder that is mixed in water • Attracts and eliminates arsenates, benzenes, nitrosamines and Cyanides, including heavy metals – mercury, cadmium, lead • It is patented as the only soluble ZEOLITE with proven science
  13. You can drive these out of your body: • Heavy Metals • Chlorine • Solvent Chemicals • Pesticides and Herbicides • Complex Bio-Toxins • And More
  14. Our Cell Membranes need Help as well and Hydrolyzed ZEOLITE can do it: • Cells walls are cleaned so Toxins in the Cell scan be eliminated and • Nutrition can get into the Cells
  15. When you are Detoxed, you should see important improvements
  16. Return to Normal Sleep when your Cells are Cleansed • Brain sleep patterns normalize when cells are Detoxed • Sleep disruption is diminished • Entire night sleep with natural dreams
  17. Now, let’s explain why our Product is the best: • Hydrolyzed ZEOLITE is water soluble, not mixed in water; and • VITAMIN C is added so it can be drawn into each cell like a magnet. Every cell of our body has C Receptors and they attract the VITAMIN C that is attached to the Hydrolyzed ZEOLITE. Then, • Hydrolyzed ZEOLITE can get into the cells and clean them out, so our bodies can function like they are to supposed to do, and we achieve optimal health.
  18. The ANSWER to a Cleansed Body is here! Hydrolyzed ZEOLITE with Vitamin C No need to try it, or ask for a free sample, JUST ORDER IT and be on your way to restoration of your body by fully detoxing every cell of your body. To Order, call Tom 949-639-9492 or email him at and you will be contacted and assist you with placement of your Order.