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20 Essential Apps for Students in London

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20 of the most crucial mobile apps for students' survival in London. From city, bus and tube maps to house cleaning and handyman repairs - this handy little guide shows how to tackle all confusion. Organisation is the key to success.

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20 Essential Apps for Students in London

  1. 1. 20 Essential Apps for Students in London
  2. 2. GPS and Offline Maps Sight and Tourist Attractions Travel Directions Step by Step Cafes, Bars & Restaurants +Reviews Amenities London City Map Free Available for: iOS
  3. 3. Your University App Maps Events Schedules Exams University App N/A Available for: N/A
  4. 4. Places to Go Photos and Reviews Weekly Recommendations Places to Stay Gogobot Free Available for: iOS, Android
  5. 5. Student Discounts Share Personal Discoveries Keyword, Category & Location Search Favourites NUS Extra Free Available for: iOS, Android
  6. 6. Simple to Use Officially Licensed Features Oyster PAYG services Stations Route Planner Live Departure Status & Information Tube Map Free Available for: All OS
  7. 7. All London Bus Stops & Routes Live Information Search via Postcode, Street, Route Number or Bus Stop Code Local “Deals of the Day” Alarms Bus London Free Available for: All OS
  8. 8. Request a Ride On Demand Service Choose a Vehicle Various Payment Methods Progress Check Uber App Free Available for: iOS, Android, Windows
  9. 9. Grand and Small Events Must-sees Recommendations Personal Calendar Maps Events Guide Free Available for: iOS, Android
  10. 10. Workout App Personal Trainer Program Tips and Videos Custom Audio Tracks Achievements FitStar Free/Paid Available for: iOS
  11. 11. Write Notes Any Length Clip Web Articles Take Pictures Presentations Evernote Free Available for: All OS
  12. 12. Keep Track of Exam Dates To Do List Share on Facebook Exam Tips Motivation Exam Countdown Free Available for: iOS
  13. 13. Get Organised Track Logistics, Guests, Budget Create Seating Charts Track Your Progress Shopping List Party Planner £3.32 Available for: iOS
  14. 14. Descriptions and Deals Cleaning, Rubbish Removal, Moving, Handyman Home Repairs Manage Appointments - Book, Edit, Cancel Chat and Image Upload Calendar and History Domestic Services Free Available for: iOS
  15. 15. View Account Balances Make Payments Manage Your Cards Metro Bank Free Available for: iOS, Android, Windows
  16. 16. Finds the Nearest ATM to You Accurate Locations Advices ATM Hunter Free Available for: iOS, Android, Windows
  17. 17. Find Hotspots On- and Offline Global Filter by Location Type (Bar, Library…) Daily Updates Bookmarks Wi-Fi Finder Free Available for: iOS, Android
  18. 18. Over 90 Languages Translate with Handwriting, Voice, Camera and Keyboard Words and Phrases Translation Add Favourites Google Translate Free Available for: All OS
  19. 19. Slang Words and Phrases Save Your Favourites Share on Social Media British Slang Free Available for: iOS, Android
  20. 20. Minute-by-minute Forecast Exact Location Forecast Storm Alerts Weather Animations Weather Free Available for: All OS
  21. 21. Analyses Your Sleep Wakes You in the Lightest Sleep Phase Monitors Your Movement Statistics and Graphs of your Sleep Sleep Cycle £0.99 Available for: iOS, Android, Blackberry
  22. 22. ● http://www.visitlondon.com/ ● http://londonist.com/ ● http://www.thestudentroom.co. uk/wiki/20_Must- Have_Apps_for_Students_In_London “University's like this little world, a bubble of time separate from everything before and everything after.” ― Mhairi McFarlane, You Had Me At Hello