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Resume, IT PM

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Resume, IT PM

  1. 1. Nov 2014 – today IT Project Manager, MariTime, Meridian, FIMSI and ICS projects MariTime systemis used to manage sailors timesheets, pay, leave, training, and qualifications, ship crewing and trip planning capacity Meridian is a Technical document management Systemfor all ship-based and land-based documents (Drawing, Specification, Configuration Control Request, video, …) FIMSI (Fleet Information Management systemintegration) was funded to developed a prototype of an improved COP (Common Operation Picture) to assist us in the User requirement gathering. The final version was distributed to all of CCG and DFO for the Marine Safety and Security and also for Command and Control. This COP has grown to become the core Geographical tool of the new CCG ICS IMS. ICS IMS (Incident Command System – Information Management System), this systemassists CCG and its partners in managing planned events,training and unplanned Incidents. Some of the main aspects are Command structure, communications and logistic support,Resource tracking and financial reporting  To accomplish these projects, Mr Chartier used a large team of Technical Analysts,Business Analysts,tech writers and programmers from the public sectorand consultants alike.;  These projects were spread over multi-years, multi-technologies, multiple hardware platforms, with a wide range of clients and end-users.  The work covered Requirement gathering, Writing Statement of Requirements and Statement of Work, Running prototypes,Demos, Briefings to Steering Committees, Communiqués to users,bid evaluations, Proof-of-performance testing, risk, cost and schedule management, All project`s documentations from project charter to close-out reports with monthly and yearly progress reports Contact: Pat Liston, IT Projects Manager 613-818-0164