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Social media and mobile presentation 2011

  1. Foursquare & Gowalla- new kinds of social networks built from the ground up with a mobile user in mind
  2. Square- ability to process credit card transactions, changing the way people conduct personal commerce
  3. Shazam - new way of discovering new music, making the process mobile
  4. Despite its popularity, Android still remains less secure & manageable than its competitors & requires:
  5. specialized business-hardened versions from device vendors (e.g., Motorola, HTC)
  6. SW add-ons (Sybase, McAfee, MobileIron, Zenprise)

Hinweis der Redaktion

  1. For better or worse, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks have become legitimate channels for customer feedback and support. Text-analysis technology, particularly sentiment analysis, monitors tweets, Facebook posts, blogs, and other forms of social network feedback. Tools: Respond (Attensity)
  2. ING, PNC, American Express