gst gstlawindia puneet agrawal services goods goods and services tax athena law associates supply of services supply of goods composition levy input tax credit supply valuation under gst constitutional amendment filing of returns under composition levy payment of tax under composition scheme registration under composition scheme composition scheme input service distributor zero rated supply valuation of e-way bill cgst igst registration under gst transaction value constitution(101st amendment) act 2016 special valuations margin scheme pure agent value of supply of services section 15 of gst eligibility to claim itc conditions for claiming itc case studies related to itc utilization of itc credit linked subsidy scheme service tax on renting leasing exemption under gst for builders/housing society tax treatment under gst forms under gst invoicing reverse charge mechanism distinct person taxable person gst on services gst on goods intra state supply inter state supply gst levy how to find discrepency in scn how to reply to scn writ petition appeal under gst adjudication of matters under gst show cause notice concept of input tax credit restrictions in taking input tax credit reversal and transfer of input tax credit utilization of input tax credit gst under cross border work contract event organization under gst cross border air travel under gst hotel accomodation under gst case studies under gst levy of gst on supply deemed export under gst deemed export types of audit auditing under gst refund of tax paid under gst need of gst benefit of gst basic of gst concept of gst definations under gst calculation of tax under gst ewaybill e-waybill e-way bill utility portal provisions to generate e-way bill constitutional validity real estate under gst work contracts real estate foreign trade poilcy import under gst export under gst claim refund of itc-igst tax treatment of inter-unit transactions valuation of job work valuation of stock transfer steps paramountconsideration flow migration transition schedule of enrollment existing taxpayer enrolment process penalties prosecution offences and penalties mens rea residual penalty compounding of offences cognizance offences general aid and abetment electronic commerce operator e commerce collection tax deducted at source assessment audit under gst assessment under gst demand and recovery first return dealers return filing process filing returns dual gst overview inter-state exemption sgst background basic concept levy intra-state administration under gst time of supply consideration deemed supply reverse charge meaning continuous supply constitution amendment act residuary rule conveyance site location recipient supplier installed general rule place of supply immovable property assmebled rules section 19 of mgl cancellation of registration aggregate turnover revocation of cancellation registration certificate compounding dealers assumptions advantages of getting registered amendment of registration compulsory registration works contracts negative list goodsandservices itc claiming credit restrictions input service input tax not available no input tax allowed conditions manner of taking credit reversal registered taxable person customs value goods and services determination method declared value gst valuation rules analysis detailed analysis amendments in schedule
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