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The lessons from the Great Easz Japan earthquake five years after the disaster, Shinichi TAKEDA

  1. KAHOKU SHIMPO PUBLISHING CO. The Lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake: Five Years after the Disaster Shinichi TAKEDA Head of Disaster Risk Reduction-Education Section Kahoku Shimpo Publishing Co. 1
  2. KAHOKU SHIMPO PUBLISHING CO. ◎The Outline of Kahoku Shimpo • Location: Sendai (the disaster-affected area) • Number of Publications: morning ver. 450,000; evening 70,000 • Numbers of Workers: 450 • Damage from the Disaster: - Office was danger to collapse - 15 newspaper stands were hit by tsunami - 27 workers became the victims - 2 branch offices were either swept by tsunami or flooded - System for publication was shut down A Crisis to collect data, to write articles, to transport, and to deliver ↓ ★Somehow found a way to publish, and deliver ★Functioned as the only media which can give the accurate information 2
  3. KAHOKU SHIMPO PUBLISHING CO. ◎The Most Significant Task: Lose of the Memory ・People are about to lose the memory of the disaster, Lack of the interests ・80% says they’re losing the memory ・People in the disaster-affected area do not pay enough attention ・The necessity of support in the disaster-affected area ・The Crisis to losing the memory ↓ ★The essence: 20,000 victims ★Avoid the terrible incident ★Prepare for disasters for the victims ★Media: teaching and enlightenment 3
  4. KAHOKU SHIMPO PUBLISHING CO. ◎1)The Archive ・Constructed in 2013 ・Collaborating with the International Research Institute for Disaster Science at Tohoku Uni. ・Pictures: more than 30,000 ・Articles: more than 70,000 ・Open to the Pubic on the Internet http://kahoku- archive.shinrokuden.irides.t ohoku.ac.jp/kahokuweb/;js essionid=9B06AC7B889E3B FF163186F31DD83DDE?0 4
  5. KAHOKU SHIMPO PUBLISHING CO. ◎2) Serial Publication ・Title: Wagakoto ・Share the experience of the disaster ・Published 6 months ・Examine the details of the disaster ・Restore the record ・Trans. English by Harvard Uni. ・Open to the Public in 2015 5 http://www.kahoku.co.jp /special/spe1151/
  6. KAHOKU SHIMPO PUBLISHING CO. ◎3) Musubi Juku has been held since May 2012 ・For neighborhood association, schools, or companies ・Discuss a plan to reduce risk ・Share the details ・Held in Chili and Indonesia Result: keep our memories of disaster ↓ ★the Oath to “Protect the life and the locals” ★Duty for Kahoku: transmission& enlightenment ★Strength to inform by establishing new office 6
  7. KAHOKU SHIMPO PUBLISHING CO. ◎The Importance to Collaborate ・The limitation to take as an individual ・transmission and enlightenment: important to collaborate ・Established an organization in April, 2015 ・Roundtable Discussion to Reduce the Disaster Risk in Miyagi ・Participants: uni, administration, corporations, information mediums ・Signed in 66 org. & 120 ppl ・regular meeting: every month share info. ・Executive office: Kahoku Shimpo & Tohoku Uni. ↓ ★The Key: Collaboration of the media and the academia ★Kahoku Shimpo: Demonstrate the capability to coordinate 7
  8. KAHOKU SHIMPO PUBLISHING CO. Thank You for the Participation! 8