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Grey Food Trends 2/2014

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Grey Food Trends 2/2014

  1. 1. 02/14 NEWS FROM APRIL – JUNE Food Trends
  2. 2. GREY Food Trends 02/14 This quarter’s issue of the GREY Food Trends is dedicated to “Conscious Eating”. In times when eating threatens to become a side issue because people have increasingly less time to eat properly, brands are beginning to react. We found examples of digging out and romanticising ancient recipes thus celebrating the preparation of food. Other brands committed to reducing the waste of food and minimising packaging. Furthermo- re we saw technical solutions to educate consumers about the provenance of food or handheld devices that give confidence about food safety. All in all the trends encourage people to approach their food with fresh eyes in order to enjoy it more consciously. Enjoy your read! Page 01
  3. 3. GREY Food Trends 02/14 Drop off your food waste, get a discount on fresh food 03 Mobile app tries to fight food waste 04 Electronic nose smells inedible food 05 Gym & health club photo-bombs food lovers 06 Food Porn Index uncovers unhealthy eating habits 07 Have a coffee, share a cup 08 The holy barbecue bible 09 Meat boxes conquer US neighbourhoods 10 Turn your kitchen into a farm 11 The cocktail against cocktails 12 Saving the world by eating insects 13 Tattoo for favourite recipe on your arm 14 Alpro brings people back to the stove 15 How to open your own restaurant at home 16 The reinvention of the ice lolly 17 The ingenious tea robot 18 Choose from a wide range of … water 19 Cheers to a glass of sunscreen 20 Cheat on beef with chicken 21 Wake up to the smell of bacon 22 Contents Page 02
  4. 4. GREY Food Trends 02/14 During Vienna Design Week in October 2013 the Austrian desi- gner Vera Wiedermann introduced the BIOMAT concept which allows diners to exchange their biodegradable food waste for discounted menu items at participating restaurants. Depending on the weight and the energy value customers get discount vouchers for the respective restaurant after bringing in their food waste. For every donated kilogramme of waste, the customer receives one euro off the original price. Once the waste has broken down the restaurant recycles the biodegradable items into biogas that can be used for cooking. If introduced in other countries and ci- ties, the BIOMAT concept could be an incredible step forward for conservationism. Drop off your food waste, get a discount on fresh food RELEVANT TRENDS Food Dialogue, Sustainable Food Page 03 SOURCE: Trendhunter http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/exchange-food-waste BRAND: Moa Eating Products http://www.moa-eatingproducts.com/pages/restaurant
  5. 5. GREY Food Trends 02/14 Every day, 6.5 million pounds of food are thrown away in New York City and around 30 per cent of food is wasted in the United States in total. The mobile app PareUp was designed and launched in the US in May 2014 in order to cut down on food waste. The free app allows New Yorkers to purchase food from restaurants, coffee shops and grocery stores which is going to be thrown away at the end of the day anyway. Participating traders can send an alert to users, who can then pick up the discounted food, thus reducing waste. Mobile app tries to fight food waste SOURCE: Trendwatching http://trendwatchingpremium.com/2014/06/mobile-app-helps-eliminate-food-waste/ BRAND: Pareup http://www.pareup.com/#pareup RELEVANT TRENDS Food Dialogue, Sustainable Food Page 04
  6. 6. GREY Food Trends 02/14 In order to reduce cases of food poisoning and waste the Lithua- nia-based startup Peres introduced a new system that checks if food is still healthy to eat using a portable sensor and smartpho- ne. The device acts as an electronic nose, using sensors that detect temperature, humidity, ammonia levels and the presence of vola- tile organic compounds released when food starts to decompose. Users simply place the handheld device next to the food and press a button. It then sends the results to a smartphone, using colour- coded graphics to show how fresh the food is. The device was available to pre-order via Indiegogo from USD 120 until 31st May. When it hits the market, its retail price will be around USD 150. Electronic nose smells inedible food SOURCE: Springwise http://www.springwise.com/sensor-food-safe-eat/ BRAND: Getperes www.getperes.com RELEVANT TRENDS Food Dialogue, Transparent Food Page 05
  7. 7. GREY Food Trends 02/14 In order to encourage food lovers to exercise more often, Fitness First Hong Kong launched the social media campaign #BurnThis- Meal in April 2014. Since posting food-related photos on Ins- tagram has become a huge trend in the online world, the brand tracked down users who regularly shared food photos on the platform, and replied to posts with tailored workout vouchers based on the food’s approximated calorie content. The vouchers for workouts such as yoga and boxing classes could be converted at any Fitness First health club in Hong Kong. Gym & health club photo-bombs food lovers SOURCE: Trendwatching http://trendwatchingpremium.com/2014/06/health-clubs-social-media-campaign-targets-foodies/ RELEVANT TRENDS Food Dialogue, Transparent Food Page 06
  8. 8. GREY Food Trends 02/14 People tend not to think about the food they eat, especially when they’re stressed, so grabbing a quick, unhealthy snack between meetings or even skipping a meal are common occurrences. In or- der to draw people’s attention to their dietary habits, the Califor- nian health food group Bolthouse Farms launched the Food Porn Index, an interactive platform, in February 2014. The site tracks down food mentions on Twitter and Instagram. Its grid format splits the most popular items into healthy and unhealthy foods. The exact number of mentions for each food type is recorded via hashtag.  SOURCE: Trendwatching http://trendwatchingpremium.com/2014/05/interactive-site-tracks-foodporn-mentions-in-real-time/ BRAND: Food Porn Index http://www.joulies.com RELEVANT TRENDS Food Dialogue Food Porn Index uncovers unhealthy eating habits Page 07
  9. 9. GREY Food Trends 02/14 Approximately 7 million paper coffee cups are thrown away every day by New Yorkers. As a result there have been plenty of efforts to get coffee lovers to either recycle or avoid using them. Lately a new scheme called Good To Go aims to introduce a cup rental system for New York’s cafés and bistros. The project works by storing a number of reusable, durable coffee cups at coffee ven- dors around the city, so that customers can take the cup to their offices, but are able to drop it off again afterwards. After use the cups are sanitised and redistributed around the city again. At the moment, Brooklyn Roasting Company customers get a discount if they hand in a Good To Go cup. If successful the project could be rolled out to the whole city. Have a coffee, share a cup. SOURCE: Springwise http://www.springwise.com/coffee-cup-sharing-ny-aims-cut-paper-waste/ BRAND:Good to Go Cup http://www.goodtogocup.com/ RELEVANT TRENDS Sustainable Food Page 08
  10. 10. GREY Food Trends 02/14 In order to demonstrate that the kitchen supply brand Tramonti- na sells all tools required for a barbecue, the Brazil-based creati- ve agency JWT designed The Barbecue Bible. The book includes pages that provide everything needed to host a successful barbe- cue. It is subdivided into chapters that guide readers through the process of preparing, cooking and serving the barbecue. Chapter I, for example, includes a sheet of coal that can be smashed up and used as fuel, as well as a page of tinderpaper to get the fire going. Originally designed as a marketing piece for Tramontina, the company is planning to sell a simplified version of the book in Brazilian bookstores. The holy barbecue bible SOURCE: Springwise, Isnglobal http://www.springwise.com/books-pages-create-perfect-barbecue/ https://www.lsnglobal.com/seed/article/15699/by-the-book-an-innovative-recipe-for-brazilian-cooking BRAND: JWT www.jwt.com RELEVANT TRENDS Food Dialogue, Competence Food Page 09
  11. 11. GREY Food Trends 02/14 The San Francisco-based company AgLocal wants to give consu- mers the chance to support sustainable, local farming. Therefore AgLocal delivers meat packages from customers’ local farms and also provides them with further information about the meat they eat. Since AgLocal only works with family farms that raise animals more naturally and sustainably than corporate ones, the enterprise curates its boxes depending on the stock available from local ranches. Moreover the boxes also contain different recipe ideas. Members can choose from four different types of boxes, and prices vary between USD 85 and USD 150. SOURCE: Springwise http://www.springwise.com/locally-farmed-meat-boxes-helps-consumers-connect-food-eat/ BRAND: Noble Foods www.aglocal.com RELEVANT TRENDS Transparent Food Meat boxes conquer US neighbourhoods Page 10
  12. 12. GREY Food Trends 02/14 Who doesn’t wish for freshly harvested vegetables to prepare salad or meals? US-based Grove Labs developed the Grove Home Farming Appliance which enables homeowners to grow fresh, organic food right in their kitchen. The modular appliance is a kitchen cabinet which features an integrated aquaponics system which can easily be controlled by smartphone. Via an app, gro- wers can adjust variables including temperature, moisture and pH levels, and order additional plants. Each cabinet can be custo- mised to suit individual kitchens, with prices starting at USD 500. Turn your kitchen into a farm SOURCE: Trendwatching http://trendwatchingpremium.com/2014/05/aquaponic-cabinet-allows-people-to-grow-fresh-food-from-their-kitchen/ BRAND: Grovelabs http://grovelabs.io/ RELEVANT TRENDS Fresh Food, My Food Page 11
  13. 13. GREY Food Trends 02/14 The innovative Canadian beverage company Ficks & Co invented a range of natural cocktail fortifiers that contain nutrients which help to prevent the negative effects of drinking alcohol. Ficks comes in three different flavours - lemon, lime and ginger - and contains its own cocktail of milk thistle, amino acids, vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants. In order to benefit from its han- gover-beating effects users only need to add a half ounce of the fortifier to their drink. On their website the company also provi- des cocktail recipes that go along well with the fortifier. Each 8oz bottle of Ficks costs USD 14.99. The cocktail against cocktails RELEVANT TRENDS Super Food SOURCE: Springwise http://www.springwise.com/cocktail-ingredient-prevent-hangover/ BRAND: Ficksdrink www.ficksdrink.com Page 12
  14. 14. GREY Food Trends 02/14 Due to increasing meat consumption, almost one-fifth of all greenhouse gases is caused by the global meat industry. In or- der to wean consumers off farmed animal produce the US-based startup Six Foods has created a brand of chips made from cric- kets. The name of the gluten-free, natural, low fat crisps is Chirps and they are created from a mix of ground beans, rice and cricket powder. Compared to 22g in beef, 200 calories of cricket meat provide 31g of protein. Moreover, 100 times less greenhouse gas is emitted and it only requires 1/2000th of the amount of water to farm. Six Foods is currently taking pre-orders for its first batch, priced at USD 15.99 for three 5oz bags. SOURCE: Springwise http://www.springwise.com/healthy-mass-market-chips-insects-solve-world-food-crisis/ BRAND: Six Foods http://www.sixfoods.com/#product Saving the world by eating insects RELEVANT TRENDS Sustainable Food, Super Food Page 13
  15. 15. GREY Food Trends 02/14 Since traditional cookbooks are increasingly being replaced by tablets and smartphones, the Italian designer duo I Tradizionali has invented handy temporary tattoos featuring a variety of Itali- an recipes like Grandmother’s Artichokes and Sundried Tomatoes and anchovy spaghetti. If applied on the arm the tattoo allows the chef to keep his eyes on the food without having to consult a book or tablet. A shopping list of all necessary ingredients for the meal can also be found on the back of each tattoo. After cooking, the tattoo can easily be washed of. A set of I Tradizionali tattoos in English or Italian can be purchased for EUR 10. SOURCE: Springwise http://www.springwise.com/temporary-recipe-tattoos-cooking-instructions-handy-chefs/ BRAND: Itradizionali http://www.itradizionali.com/ Tattoo for favourite recipe on your arm RELEVANT TRENDS Food Dialogue, Competence Food Page 14
  16. 16. GREY Food Trends 02/14 We’ve all been there: grabbing a fast snack on the street or mee- ting friends in a restaurant for dinner often appears to be a simple and relaxed solution. In order to encourage people to cook at home more frequently the Dutch food brand Alpro launched the #alpronista campaign in March 2014. After registering online to join the Alpro commu- nity, customers were sent a free food package by mail. The pack- ages contained all necessary ingredients for a three-course meal for around three friends. By using the hashtag #alpronista people could share photos of their meals across Alpro’s social media plat- forms. SOURCE: Trendwatching http://trendwatchingpremium.com/2014/06/food-brands-social-media-campaign-encourages-people-to-cook-more/ BRAND: Alpro http://www.alpro.com/alpronista Alpro brings people back to the stove RELEVANT TRENDS Food Dialogue Page 15
  17. 17. GREY Food Trends 02/14 Originally founded in Argentina and now taking New York by storm, the Cookapp gives amateur chefs the chance to flaunt their culinary skills in a more professional capacity. After signing up via Facebook, filling out an application and undergoing extensive safety checks, amateur chefs are able to create a pop-up restau- rant right in their front room. Anyone can sign up on Facebook to become a diner. In order to cover the host’s costs, participants are encouraged to offer a donation for the meal and are also able to rate the diner experience. At the moment 95 percent of reviews give four to five stars. SOURCE: Springwise http://www.springwise.com/app-enables-amateur-chefs-turn-apartment-restaurant-night/ BRAND: Cookapp www.cookapp.com How to open your own restaurant at home RELEVANT TRENDS Food Dialogue Page 16
  18. 18. GREY Food Trends 02/14 The German product designer David Marx has reinvented the familiar ice lolly. Even though the project “Kyl21” was a time- and cost-consuming process, the healthier and better-looking ice cream is now going to be mass-produced. It’s healthier because it contains no cream and better-looking thanks to its geometric, futuristic shape. Employing molecular cuisine, Marx produces the ice cream by using liquid nitrogen at minus 200°C. Contrary to traditional and slower procedures, this process only takes a coup- le of seconds so that the ice does not need any additional stabili- sers such as fat, sugar or air to become creamy. The ice cream can be purchased in selected outlets. BRAND: KyL21 http://www.kyl21.com/ The reinvention of the ice lolly RELEVANT TRENDS Aesthetic Food, Competence Food Page 17
  19. 19. GREY Food Trends 02/14 Craft Brewer is the name of the device which brings infusion machines to the next level. Invented by the US-based company BKON, the machine offers the choice of over 200 recipes for automatically-created flavoured coffees, teas and cocktails. By using the company’s patented “Reverse Atmospheric Infusion”, the system creates a pressurised vacuum environment that ex- tracts the optimal flavour from tea leaves, ground coffee, and any other ingredient. Each brew only takes one minute to create, and the chamber self-cleans after each creation. At the moment the machine is in use at selected bars and cafés in New York, Seattle, Los Angeles and Chicago. SOURCE: Springwise http://www.springwise.com/robot-perfect-infused-coffee-tea-cocktail/ BRAND: Bkonbew www.bkonbrew.com The ingenious tea robot RELEVANT TRENDS Super Food, Competence Food Page 18
  20. 20. GREY Food Trends 02/14 According to latest research findings the water consumption of Chileans has increased during the last decade. In 2013 people drank approximately 22 litres per week; ten years ago it was only 7 litres. In April 2014 Chile’s first ever water bar named 8 Ver- tientes opened its doors in Santiago. The bar stocks a range of premium mineral waters from over 20 different countries. Moreo- ver, specialised sommeliers are available to give tasting and food- pairing advice to customers. SOURCE: Trendwatching http://trendwatchingpremium.com/2014/06/premium-water-bar-opens-in-chile/ BRAND: 8Vertientes https://www.facebook.com/8vertientes Choose from a wide range of … water RELEVANT TRENDS Food Dialogue Page 19
  21. 21. GREY Food Trends 02/14 US-based company Osmosis Skincare has now created Harmoni- zed H2O that is supposed to provide the same level of protection as regular sunscreen in one mouthful. By mixing 2ml of the drink with around 60ml of water, the product offers protection equiva- lent to factor 30 sunblock. The liquid is excreted by the skin, and its molecules vibrate to reflect up to 97 per cent of UVA and UVB rays. In order to work properly the solution needs to be taken at regular intervals. If approved by the US Food and Drug Admini- stration (FDA) Harmonized H2O could replace traditional suns- creen. At the moment 100ml bottles of the product are available for USD 30. SOURCE: Springwise http://www.springwise.com/drinkable-sunscreen-protects-skin-swallowing/ BRAND: Osmosis Skin Care www.osmosisskincare.com Cheers to a glass of sunscreen RELEVANT TRENDS Super Food Page 20
  22. 22. GREY Food Trends 02/14 In order to create an outstanding experience for their customers, Burger King New Zealand thought up something special when they introduced their new Tendercrisp Chicken burger in April 2014. The fast food chain took over an existing motel in Auck- land and outfitted the rooms with Burger King booths. Afterwards people were encouraged to book a room for themselves and their friends and ‘cheat’ on the Whopper with the new burger. Once they’d checked in, guests were able to share photos of their expe- rience on social network sites using the hashtag #MotelBK. SOURCE: Trendwatching http://trendwatchingpremium.com/2014/05/fast-food-chain-opens-motel-to-promote-new-burger/ BRAND:Burgerking http://www.burgerking.co.nz/ Cheat on beef with chicken RELEVANT TRENDS Food Dialogue Page 21
  23. 23. GREY Food Trends 02/14 For all those who love to eat, think and dream about crispy ba- con, US-based food brand Oscar Mayer developed the Wake Up and Smell the Bacon mobile app and dongle in March 2014. Once plugged into a cellphone’s headphone jack, the dongle emits the scent of bacon every time the alarm goes off. Unfortunately only a limited number of the promotional items were produced and all people could do was try to win one by entering a quiz on the Oscar Mayer website. SOURCE: Trendwatching http://trendwatchingpremium.com/2014/05/mobile-alarm-emits-the-scent-of-bacon/ BRAND: Unsungbacon http://www.unsungbacon.com/ Wake up to the smell of bacon RELEVANT TRENDS Food Dialogue Page 22
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