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Intermarché Fronton Retail Lighting Project of GE Lighting

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As consumer behaviors change, we see that trends more heavily focused on a local marketplace are driving how and where customers shop. A trademark of the informed consumer, patrons are increasingly interested in knowing both about the origins of their products, and the quality of customer care a company offers—something every brand must consider.
Seeing this change in their very own marketplace, Intermarché has sought to add clarity to their supermarkets by showcasing their carefully curated products in a uniquely state-of-the-art way. By turning towards modern innovations to find a lighting solution that meets their customers’ needs, the company has once again illuminated what consumers view as a quality shopping experience.

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Intermarché Fronton Retail Lighting Project of GE Lighting

  1. 1. Bright illumination, successful shopping experience. Intermarché Fronton France INDOOR retail solutions
  2. 2. Challenge. Intermarché’s expectation was to have a top quality and long life lighting solution which offers considerable energy savings and also improves the customers’ shopping experience. GE solution. GE’s LED Infusion™ lighting solution allows Intermarché to have bright illumination for a successful shopping experience paired with extremely low consumption per luminaire, when compared to traditional lighting solutions. Key Benefits. Decorative, modular lighting Low energy consumption Long lasting performance Reduced maintenance Bright lighting quality Intermarché Fronton France
  3. 3. GE solution provides. Decorative modular lighting Reduced maintenance Intermarché Fronton France GE Infusion™ Downlight Low energy consumption Long-term colour consistency Flexible & innovative, easy-to-upgrade twist-fit design Infusion™ M3000 Series Luminaire type Interior lighting solutions Main characteristics New installation Light source LED Infusion ™ Module Lumens 3000 Wattage 29.5 W Service life (hours) 50 000 CRI 80 CCT 4000 Voltage 230
  4. 4. Patricia Cazalens, Cubitspot’s General Sales Manager Bright illumination, successful shopping experience. “Intermarché gave us two basic premises: on the one hand, the lighting had to not give any problems and it also had to have top quality and long, useful life; on the other hand, it was essential for the new luminaires to offer considerable energy savings.”
  5. 5. www.gelighting.com