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Automotive Sales Persona Matching

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We introduce car buyer persona matching as a method to substantially increase sales conversion in the dealership

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Automotive Sales Persona Matching

  1. 1. Increase dealer sales conversion rates FUTURELAB Car Buyer Persona Matching
  2. 2. FUTURELAB Lost dealership sales. Why? Dealerships lose sales opportunities because of misalignment. A visit to a dealership becomes a sales opportunity that must not be missed. But substantial sales are lost due to a mismatch between the sales and buyer personalities. When your salesperson just isn’t the right person to talk to the buyer, you lose the deal. How many sales are you losing in each dealership: 1 car a month? 1 car a week? Can you afford that loss?
  3. 3. FUTURELAB Stop that loss now: 1 Which of these seems more like you? Following your heart Thinking it through DIY car service Having it serviced Sticking to rules Breaking rules Hate tech Love tech Family guy Lone wolf 2 Define the Persona:Ask simple questions *: + + = + + = 2 Match the salesperson! to to * The exact questions will depend on what Personae are found during the Discovery step. We can identify the Persona by asking just a few (3 max) really easy personal questions. The questions can be presented in a form of a visual game or a “personality test” which can be deployed via multiple channels, e.g. as a lead to the test-drive conditions on a website. In-store the receptionist or greeter can approach a walk-in with a tablet to let the customer choose in 5 seconds, upon which they can bring the right sales person (or inform the only available sales about the persona for them to act upon). We also test the sales person for their persona characteristics to match them correctly.
  4. 4. FUTURELAB FUTURELAB Let’s talk customer – contact us for a call or a cup of coffee: Stefan Kolle Managing Director sko@futurelab.net +32 473 88 89 96 We make Customer-Centricity happen. Profitably. Marina Natanova Head of Research mna@futurelab.net +32 473 88 89 96 Interested? Inspired? Curious? Questions?