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  1. 1. FURQAN ALI KHAN Cell # 00923027426944, 00923340638348 Mumtaz Manzil, House #106/A-8m, Email; furqanalikhan29@gmail.com Street No 2 Muslim Colony Old Shuja Skype; star333.shine1 Abad Road Multan Pakistan. Objective I offer my services as an effective and efficient manager to meet organization goals. Professional Experience Dairy professional with more than 10 years of experience in UHT processing and aseptic filling. Currently, leading a dynamic team to manage the overall operation of UH plant , UHT Processing, Aseptic storage, Tetra Filling and Packing. Striving to pursue a challenging career in a prestigious organization to utilize my capabilities to move to the next level in my career by gaining a position with greater responsibility and where my experience, formal education and technical expertise will have a direct influence on company growth and customer satisfaction. Education MBA with 3.22 GP from IMS (Institute of Management Sciences) B.Z.U Multan in 2015. B.Tech Hons Chemical Engineering from Baha-ud-DinZakariya University Multan in 2011. D.A.E Chemical from Govt College Of Technology Multan in 2003. Matric with science from B.I.S.E Multan in 2000. Production Supervisor in Nestle Pakistan Ltd(2011-Present) • Managing a team of operators shift and responsible for staff welfare and performance, production improvements, reporting, and documentation of variations to quality standards. • Ensuring that all aspects of an operation or process meet specified regulations. • To lead in case of any emergency for fire fighting. • Planning the maintenance according to production in time. • To aware workers about safety & hygienic conditions. • To ensure the performance of machines as per target and performance indicators. • To ensure the smooth & trouble free running of plant and machines. • Assessing the availability of raw materials , safety and environmental impact of the plant. • Managing the cost and time constraints of DMAIC projects. • To create develop think among workers to maintain finish goods & raw materials. • Performing in TPM continuous improvement as autonomous maintenance coordinator. • Achieve Shift Detailed Production Plan targets in terms of schedule, output, quality, hygiene and cost and consumer complaints. Lead implementation of NQMS and SHE objectives and procedures. Achievements as Production Supervisor
  2. 2. • Performed DMAIC project on Domino printer to save 0.5 million Pkr per anum. • Performed 5S DMAIC project in Tetra Filling section. • Implementation of Six Sigma problem solving tools like GSTD (Go See, Think, Do), Why Why analysis, Fish Bone Diagram (4M), OPL (one point lesson) to enhance continuous improvement. • Took different initiatives about low production cost. • Reduce hazards to improve safety discipline. • Improve CIP effectiveness regarding product specification. TPM Coordinator 02 years ( Jan2009 - Dec2011) Worked as plant TPM Coordinator for the implementation of TPM in the plant by working with the TPM Executive Committee, pillars and local committee. Coordinate and integrate the factory TPM strategy to build capability and drive consistent TPM deployment in order to enable the factory to improve the factory performance in a sustainable way. Job responsibilities: • Actively support the teams in the TPM activities on the shop floor. • Drive the TPM implementation by supporting the plant manager and pillar leaders in the factory. • Lead the Promotion Campaign for TPM in the factory. • Coach the pillar members on shop floor. • Participate in defining and executing the factory TPM master plan. • Assessment of the implementation progress in the plant. • Coordinate TPM trainings at different levels. • Promote and support cross-fertilization of ideas, knowledge, standards and improvements.. • Integration of the pillars. • Coordination with master pillar leaders and other TPM coordinators. • Compliance to Nestle TPM Reference Guide. • Lead the group of TPM facilitators and ensure their development. Tetra Pak Operator 02 years ( Feb2007 - Dec2008) Worked as Tetra Pak Operator at A-3 Speed, TBA-22, TBA-19, TBA-8 and Tray Shrinker. • Prevent & Corrective maintenance of Tetra Pak filling Machines. • TPMS of tetra pack filling. • Cost Controlling & Minimizing the Service Charges. • Responsible for maintaining efficiency, Smooth & Safe Production in all aspects. • Having hands on experience following filling, processing & packaging machines. TBA-19, A-3 Speed, TBA-22, TBA-19, TBA-8 and Tray Shrinker. Trainee Supervisor In AL-HILAL Industries Multan One year worked as industrial trainee 21Sep,2004 to 21Sep2005.
  3. 3. • Hydrogenation Section • Filtration Operation (Plate and Frame)• Filling and Packing Technical Skills 5 S and Hygiene QMS (Quality Monitoring Scheme) (ISO-9001) HACCP (Hazards Analysis Critical Control Point) B.B.C (Behavior Base Compliance) Safety, Health & Environment (OHSAS-18001) GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practices) CI (Continuous Improvement) LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out) Strengths Time Management Skills Good Initiator Work under pressure Know yourself Brand Yourself Practice what I preach Change Management Skills Problem Solving Skills GEMBA Go See, Think, Do DMAIC (Define Measure, Analysis, Improve, Control) One Point Lesson Loss Tree Analysis Why Why Analysis Fish Bone (4M) Technique Break down Analysis Standard Routine Standard Operating Procedure Personal Data Father Name Ejaz Ali D.O.B 13 Feb, 1985 N.I.C# 36302-1291619-7 Computer Literacy MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) SAM (Stoppages Analysis Module); Labor Hrs, Asset Intensity etc)